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Diamond Glitter Business Cards

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How to order Diamond Glitter Business Cards

To order Diamond Glitter Business Cards, first, choose your preferred type of glittery finish that catches your eye and matches your brand. Next, you can either design your business card online using customizable templates or upload your own unique design directly. Finally, review your design, confirm your order details, and place your order. The process is streamlined and user-friendly, making it easy to add a touch of sparkle to your networking tools.

How to make Diamond Glitter Business Cards

To make Diamond Glitter Business Cards, begin by using an online designer tool. You can choose to start from scratch for a fully unique creation or use a pre-existing template as a foundation. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and then use your preferred software to add your personal touch. This process allows for the integration of the glittery effect in your design, ensuring your business cards stand out with an elegant shimmer reflecting your professional image.

diamond glitter business cards

Diamond Glitter at 4OVER4.COM is the world's only printable glitter paper. With both a striking visual appearance and textural surface, Diamond Glitter will dazzle and delight. The proprietary production process eliminates glitter flake shedding and cracking - because as much as everyone loves the look of glitter, no one wants it on their clothes, skin, and hair. Create a stunning glitter sheen with traditional glitter feel. Dazzling images, legible text, and brilliant shine makes Diamond Glitter ideal for customers wanting extra attention drawn to their products

Turn heads and spark conversations with Diamond Glitter business cards. They have a glittery, diamond-like sparkle that is sure to impress. We print these cards on high-quality white paper with diamond glitter cover that allows your printed art or text to glitter and shine.

Our Diamond Glitter Business Cards:

•  100% Shed Free Glitter Surface
•  100% Ink Adhesion
•  100% Crack-Free Folding Capabilities
•  Photo Quality Printing
•  Print any Glitter Color You Want!
•  Custom Projects such as Belly Bands, Catalog Covers, Display Wraps, Custom Packaging, Brochures, Annual Reports

•  17-Point Diamond Glitter on the front, smooth white uncoated back
•  100% Shed Free Glitter Surface
•  Full-color printing on one or both sides
•  Optional 1/8" or 3/8" Rounded Corners
•  Low minimum of 50 units
•  Ready in 0 to 5 days.
•  Environmentally Friendly: Diamond Glitter uses water based, environmentally friendly glues allowing the glitter particles to release from the base paper. These glues enable almost 90% pulp recovery!

Why Choose Diamond Glitter Business Cards?

Glittery business cards are ideal for several reasons:

Eye-catching: Unlike traditional business cards, the sparkling effect of glitter cards catches the light and draws attention to your brand.

Memorable: The unique design ensures your business stands out in a crowded market.

Professional: These cards are fun and flashy but are also high-quality and professional-looking. Our glitter cards don't flake or crack. So you don't have to worry about glitter particles on clothes, skin, or hair. 

Customizable: You can customize these cards to fit your brand and style.

The above reasons make diamond business cards popular for these industries and use cases:

  • Beauty and fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Wedding and event planning
  • Luxury goods
  • Creative industries

Design Options

You can utilize the following options for sparkle business cards that are unique-looking and appealing: 

Typography: Choosing a cursive or handwriting font will complement your playful, stylish, and creative design.  

Shapes: Select the rounded corner option to detour from the usual rectangular-looking cards. 

Thickness: The 17pt thick paper only offers the diamond glitter on the front with uncoated white at the back. However, you can opt for the 32pt ultra-thick diamond glitter paper to get the glitter on both sides.

Customizable Design Templates for Sparkle Business Cards

Choosing from our free library of professional business card templates is free and quick. Our online designer tool features a drag-and-drop editor that grants you access to millions of stock photos, trims, fonts, and more. 

In addition, you can import your logo or any other custom image to conclude your design. 

Font and Layout Options for Glitter Background for Business Cards

Glitter cards are available in these sizes (inches): 

  • 2 x 3.5
  • 2 x 2
  • 1.5 x 3.5
  • Custom size

So you can choose a font and layout that complements your design.

Important Tips for Printing Custom Glitter Business Cards at 4OVER4

The below tips will help you buy high-quality and attractive sparkle business cards from 4OVER4

Use high-quality images: Design with high-quality images for a sharp and vibrant card. Low-quality images will produce lackluster cards. 

Check the proof: 4OVER4 provides digital proof of your glitter business cards before printing. Review your proof to confirm layout, spelling, spacing, and design accuracy.

Pricing and Ordering

Ordering is simple. Select the customizations you want to apply, upload your artwork or customize from thousands of templates, and then input your delivery address or pick-up method to finalize. 

Also, our price calculator displays your expense so that you’re always within budget.

Showcase style and professionalism with Diamond Glitter cards. Order today!


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Robert T.

Dec 23 2020

These diamond glitter business cards deliver elegance and class perfectly.
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Dec 23 2020

They are great quality.
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W. Waldron

Dec 23 2020

So attractive and unforgettable. What more would a business need?

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