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Ultra Thick Metallic Pearl Postcards

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How to Order Ultra-Thick Metallic Pearl Postcards

To order Ultra-Thick Metallic Pearl Postcards, start by choosing your preferred postcard specifications, such as size and finish. Next, design your postcards online using a template or upload your custom design directly to the printing platform. Finally, review your design, confirm the order details, and place your order. This process combines ease of use with the ability to customize, ensuring your postcards will stand out.

How to Make Ultra-Thick Metallic Pearl Postcards

To make Ultra-Thick Metallic Pearl Postcards, begin by using an online designer tool. You can start from scratch or select an existing template to customize. Alternatively, download a blank template and use your preferred software to edit and design your postcard. This approach allows for personalization and creativity, ensuring your postcards are exactly as you envisioned, with the unique finish provided by the metallic pearl effect on ultra-thick stock.

You might think that in this era where everything is going digital that sending actual postcards through mail is old news but you are mistaken. Now more than ever people are appreciating companies that are sending them actual mail. This is where postcards come in. Ultra-thick metallic postcards are 26pt postcards that are thicker than usual and have a metallic feel to them which is made possible by metallic printing. Metallic postcard printing is a process in which silver foil is applied to a postcard then regular CMYK colors are printed on top. Metallic finish postcards have a shimmer to them that makes them irresistible and captivating.

If you’re looking to add a touch of prestige to your mail without breaking the bank and are looking for a printer that will exceed your expectations in quality and service then your search is over. 4OVER4’s ultra-thick metallic postcards with 26pt thickness are highly effective marketing tools particularly if you’re looking for sturdy postcards. We have a variety of sizes to choose from and custom sizes are available for order as well. These postcards are best for:

  • Small businesses owners
  • Designers 
  • Campaign managers 
  • Church organizations
  • Hoteliers and restaurateurs

Everything that glitters is not gold but our premium metallic pearl ice postcards are sure to dazzle and impress your recipients.

Our pearl metallic postcards advantages

The luminous surface of pearl metallic postcards is designed to show through your printed images, enriching any design. This innovation ensures that your readers and viewers will have a unique experience engaging with your brand, with an eye-catching shimmer highlighting your company, product, or event.

Advantages of pearl metallic postcards 4OVER4:

  • Increase the visibility of your message with our 26pt postcards that make them sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Cost-effective as you can get full color printing on one or both sides
  • Give a personal touch and use our matching stock available for business cards, hangtags, and invitations.
  • Get a taste of real versatility with a choice of over a dozen standard postcard sizes or pick any custom size you want. Use metallic postcard printing for invitations, marketing messages, announcements, and business cards. 
  • Get matching metallic pearl envelopes available for the invitation sister products.
  • Low minimum of 50 units. 
  • Ready in 0 to 5 days.

What size postcard to choose for business

There are many sizes of metallic postcards online. You can have your metallic postcard printing done in any size of your choice. Some of the sizes include:

  • 2.5” x 2.5” postcards: This is a small-size postcard that is suitable when there is not much information to be said. It can bear a simple but concise message like “Congratulations on your graduation”.
  • 4.25” x 6.25” postcards: These are average postcards that shouldn’t be crammed up with a lot of details. They are suitable when announcing a sale or a small change in business.
  • 6” x 11” postcards: These are oversized postcards that can be mailed and therefore used when a business wants to announce a list of services they offer. They are mostly used to create awareness about a business.
  • Other sizes of postcards include; 3” x 3”, 3” x 4”, 4”x 4”, 4”x 6”, 5”x 5”, 5”x 7”, 6”x 6”, 6”x 8”.

How to prepare custom designs for metal printing

Metal printing is artwork and just like any art, it needs to be well thought through. You can use 4OVER4 design templates to design your postcards before coming up with the final look. You can prepare your custom designs by deciding on the color you want, where you want your logo and business information placed, ink to be used since there is metallic ink printing of variable data postcards, and the message you want to put across. With 4OVER4 you are sure to get options for your printing and delivery needs. If you’ve been looking for the signs to upgrade your marketing collateral, you’re in the right place.

Available Paper Types

There is only one type of paper available which is 26pt Metallic Pearl Ice.

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Connie C.

Dec 23 2020

These make it so easy to say so much with a few words because the quality covers the rest.
user avatar

Scott M.

Dec 23 2020

Postcards that mesmerize. They are very durable.
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Chad S. Young

Dec 23 2020

They exceed peoples expectations and feelings.

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