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30mil Frosted Plastic Cards

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How to Order 30mil Frosted Plastic Cards

To order 30mil Frosted Plastic Cards, first, you need to select the preferred size and quantity of your cards. Then, you can either design your cards online using a range of tools and templates or upload your own design directly to the printing platform. Once your design is finalized, simply place your order, choose your shipping option, and complete the payment process to confirm your order.

How to Make 30mil Frosted Plastic Cards

Making 30mil Frosted Plastic Cards starts with designing your cards. You have two primary options: use an online designer tool to create your design from scratch or begin with an existing template to make the process easier. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and then use your preferred software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, to edit and finalize your design. Once your design is ready, ensure it matches the printing company's requirements before submitting it for printing.

30mil frosted plastic cards

Enhance Business with Robust 30mil Frosted Plastic Cards 

Frosted plastic cards are sturdy and tear-resistant. You can use it for a more extended period as the moisture or dirt cannot damage the plastic cards and safely keep it in your wallet without worrying about handing wrinkled cards. 4OVER4.COM is the best platform for ordering online printed marketing collateral.

Uses of Frosted Plastic Cards

Do you think frosted cards can only be in the form of plastic business cards? You are mistaken if you think so. Apart from frosted plastic business cards, you may use it as gift cards, credit cards, magnetic strip added hotel key cards, opaque white loyalty cards, and more. Some businesses use frosted plastic to highlight how valued and appreciated their business is to prospective clients. Whereas, a few companies use it for selective marketing campaigns. 

Why Should You Choose Our Service?

If you want your brand’s name to be in your prospects and customers’ memory for a longer time, choose superior quality, thick 30mil plastic cards with a frosted finish from 4OVER4. We offer spot UV coating or foil stamping on frosted plastic cards with over 20 foil colors available for you. You may also choose to emboss numbering in optional silver or gold tipping with our outstanding services. With optional 5th color white, you can create amazing 2-sided visuals which is only made possible with the use of our opaque white ink.

Unlike the traditional cards made of paper, the frosted cards are printed on plastic that adds extra flair making your brand easily noticeable. They offer a more professional look to your cards. 4OVER4 frosted plastic cards are light in weight and waterproof. Whether smudges or marks, you can remove it easily when you opt for the frosted cards.     

Give an innovative, flexible, and robust design to your multipurpose full-color plastic cards so that your prospects are less inclined to dump them after receiving. 4OVER4 printing service online offers high-quality frosted plastic cards to impress your prospects at one look and feel within minimal turnaround time. Create a unique experience for your valuable customers and potential clients with our exclusive 30mil frosted plastic cards.

Thanks to our expert team with over twenty years of experience and our cutting-edge printing technology, we always guarantee premium materials and attention to detail. No matter the size of the job, we are devoted to producing print marketing materials that truly impress!

Important Artwork Notice!

If ordering optional foil stamping, please follow the Prepared Instructions. Please prepare CMYK File with all design areas that do not have a metallic foil finish. You MUST include a 100% Black Foil Mask of the elements of your design to be stamped with foil. Only one foil color is available per card design, whether you print on the front, back or both sides. Furthermore, if you are ordering optional spot or raised spot UV, please follow the Prepared Instructions found on the same page in the link below under Spot UV. Once again, you must include a SEPERATE 100% Black Foil Mask of the elements of your design to be spot UV coated.
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B. Alfred

Dec 23 2020

The most amazing part of these cards is the way their design can be cutting-edge unique and appear as though it's placed on the window of a store!
user avatar

Marion B.

Dec 23 2020

The appearance and its thickness are a lethal combination a very efficient tag team for standing out.
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Marylynn D. Smith

Dec 23 2020

The color on this cards allows the text to be legible and clear for everyone to read. I love them!

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