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reflective adhesive vinyl

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How to order Reflective Adhesive Vinyl

To order Reflective Adhesive Vinyl, start by choosing your preferred vinyl type based on your application needs. Next, design your vinyl graphics online or upload your already prepared design. Finalize your order by placing it through the vendor's website, ensuring you've selected the correct size, quantity, and any specific finishing options you may require.

How to make Reflective Adhesive Vinyl

To make Reflective Adhesive Vinyl, you can either use an online designer to start your design from scratch or choose an existing template to modify. Alternatively, download a blank template and use your preferred software to create or edit your design to suit your specific requirements. Ensure you follow the printing company's guidelines for resolution and file format to achieve the best results.

reflective adhesive vinyl

Reflective Adhesive Vinyl

Reflective adhesive vinyl printed on a 4mil reflective vinyl material made with micro sized beaded plastic that renders a high reflective display at night with little to no scattering of light. This vinyl film is actually retroreflective which means that when light hits its surface, it isn't reflected back to the light source, but instead shines in every angle.

Intended for safety materials, road traffic signs and outdoor signages where you can see your advertisement both day and night. Free additional gloss lamination , waterproof and UV safe.

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Dec 28 2019

4over4 is my favorite printer as they deliver quality products whether you place a large or small order. We ordered the reflective adhesive vinyl to use for an outdoor sign to promote our local store. We placed our order, uploaded our design and shortly after approved our design. We could not believe how visible the sign is, so happy. Plus it was pretty easy applying it and our vinyl stuck smoothly. Good job, guys!
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Dec 29 2019

A friend referred me to 4over4 to order reflective adhesive vinyl to make fire extinguishers and exits for the movie theater. I have to say, it was a good decision. It was easy to navigate the site and place my order. The staff goes over your designs to ensure they are no mistake and you get to approve an online proof before printing. My package arrived on time and it was easy sticking them on. I would also recommend this company to others.
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Walter K.

Dec 09 2019

The reflective vinyl that we order is so visible and looks good on our doors. We get asked all the time where we got them from and we refer them to you.

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