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Give Thanks with Velvet Thank You Cards

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How to Order Velvet Thank You Cards

To order Velvet Thank You Cards, first, select your preferred card style and quality of velvet finish. You can either design your cards online using the supplier's design tool or upload your own card design. Once your design is set, review your order specifications, including quantity and any additional features, then proceed to place your order directly on the printing company's website. This process ensures a personalized and professional touch to your thank you cards, making them memorable for your recipients.

How to Make Velvet Thank You Cards

Making Velvet Thank You Cards begins with using an online designer tool provided by most printing services. You can start from scratch to create a unique design or opt for an existing template to customize. Alternatively, download a blank template and use your preferred software to design the card. After finalizing the design, save it in a compatible format as specified by the printing service. This DIY approach allows you to infuse personal creativity and style into your thank you cards, enhanced by the luxurious texture of velvet.

velvet thank you cards

A small gesture like sending a thank you card can go a long way. And the texture of a fresh peach can make your thank you cards stand out and show gratitude with both style and sophistication. Custom printed velvet thank you cards are a sure-fire way to show your appreciation for friends, relatives, clients, and partners.

With 500 minimums, they are ideal for business events and weddings. They truly must be felt in person. By combining the thickness of a 16 pt premium paper base and a 1.5 velvet lamination, we created a long-lasting 19 pt paper that is both impressive and beautiful.

Beautiful Velvet Thank You Cards

Custom printed velvet thank you cards stimulate the senses and create a heightened sense of appeal. Soft on the eye and the touch, personalized velvet cards are a sure-fire way to earn and keep extra attention. With your exclusive designs and our top-notch velvet printing, the sky is the limit.

With a touch like suede, our velvet cards are made using a special lamination process that enhances durability, making each card more durable and tear-resistant. Our subtle, yet dynamic velvet paper is used for business cards, invitations, and greeting cards. If you want to make a sophisticated statement with a premium thank you card, velvet won’t disappoint. Thanks to a scratch-resistant finish, velvet thank you cards will withstand the tests of time. Perhaps our most striking paper of all, the unmistakable glow will transform the way your recipients perceive your heartfelt messages of gratitude.

Personalize Your Velvet Thank You Cards

To achieve the velvet-like finish of our velvet thank you cards, we start with a 16 pt card stock and apply a 1.5-millimeter soft velvet laminate layer. The result is a beautiful, durable card that is scratch, scuff, and scrape resistant.

If you want to make your folding thank you cards wholly unique, consider these personalization options:

  • Order a few different sizes. Our beautiful velvet thank you cards come in 5 different sizes, with a straight-to-production option for those in need of fast turnarounds.
  • Slip your cards into matching cheap envelopes.
  • Add four pops of color to both sides!
  • Create a general message for the front and write your custom messages on the other side.
  • Use bold but minimal designs to let the velvet shine!

No matter how you personalize your velvet thank you cards, they’ll surprise and delight all who see them.

The Benefits of Velvet Thank You Cards

With origins in ancient China, velvet has long been synonymous with elegance. Popular in the world of fashion, plush and resplendent velvet fabrics adorn everything from dresses to pillow covers. And our take on velvet will remind you of how irresistible suede-like materials can be.

4OVER4 folded thank you cards give you:

  • A memorable journey for the senses. All of our high-quality thank you cards are hard to forget. And velvet tops them all. From the thickness to suede-like feel, our velvet thank you cards are show stoppers.
  • Quality you can feel and beauty you can see. Whether you are sending thank you cards to friends, family, customers, colleagues, or kind-hearted strangers, a handwritten note shows that you care. And the gesture will pair ever so beautifully with a thick, velvety card that they surely won’t forget.
  • Durable for many seasons and useable for many reasons. Our luxury thank you cards are as durable as they are versatile. Given their scratch-resistant construction, you can use them for many years to come. If you keep your designs simple and generic, your velvet thank you cards will be a timeless keepsake to use for all occasions.

Don’t forget to check out our full suite of professional printing products, including a selection of rip cards and custom scratch off tickets.

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Wendy P.

Jun 10 2017

These are definitely unique and they also have a very nice finish to them. I would definitely recommend these.
user avatar

Dereck J.

Jul 21 2017

These were printed fast and they were printed well. They look good and every detail is where it should be.
user avatar

Roland C.

Apr 07 2017

This is a very good idea. Everyone likes to stand out, and that is exactly what you can do with these thank you cards. Everyone loves them.

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