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Gloss Laminated Business Cards

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Reinvent your brand or start a new campaign for your business with gloss laminated prints. They're a great idea to draw attention in a fashionable yet personal and cost-effective way. The gloss lamination ensures protection against rapid wear and your graphics and logo will remain pretty and relevant for a long time to come.

Whether you are just starting up your new business or you are part of a large company that has existed for a long time, you can leverage gloss laminated pieces in a unique, striking way. Your consumers are sure to appreciate this so plan out your theme, size, print number, and other details such as sharp or rounded corners, then get to work building or expanding your network - we’ve got you!

gloss laminated

Gloss laminated business cards have a shiny, glossy finish that will stand out from others. They are coated with a thin layer of plastic film (or lamination) to make them resistant to water and dust. The result is a remarkable-looking business card that is highly durable. 

Brighten Your Future with Gloss Laminated Business Cards

Gloss laminated cards enhance the vibrancy and richness of the colors and pictures. Thus making your colors and images more vivid and eye-catching. Also, the color and quality hold up and do not fade with time so that you can make a strong and lasting impression. 

High-Quality Business Card Printing Services for Professionals

The shiny and attractive properties of Gloss laminated cards mean they are perfect for several businesses and industries, including but not limited to:

Creative industries: These cards are effective for creative disciplines, such as graphic design, photography, or art. They help to showcase your creativity while producing a professional and polished image.

Real estate: Gloss laminated business cards help agents and brokers create a premium quality and professional image. The glossy finish highlights your properties' appeal and leaves a positive impression on buyers.

Beauty and fashion: Gloss laminated cards help to create a high-end, luxurious image for beauty and fashion businesses. As a result, your customers are likely to think highly of your products or services.

Get Noticed with Gloss Laminated Name Cards

A Gloss laminated name card will help you stand out while making a professional impression. But here are some ideas to use them:

Networking: Hand them out at business events, conferences, or meetings to potential clients, customers, or partners. 

Direct mail campaigns: Include Gloss laminated business cards in your direct mail campaigns to improve your brand awareness and response rate.

Promotional materials: You can create a special discount code and print it on the back of the card. This will encourage recipients to contact you or make a purchase.

Fast Turnaround Times at 4OVER4.COM

You can buy Gloss laminated business cards on 4OVER4. We offer same-day printing, meaning your order is ready in no time. Also, we offer high quality at the best price. Select your business card size, order quantity, and other customizations to start.

Then upload your business card design in popular formats such as PNG, PDF, PSD (Photoshop), or EPS (Illustrator). Finally, input your delivery address or pickup method to conclude.  

Gloss laminated cards are visually appealing, durable, and professional-looking, making them popular among businesses seeking to stand out. Get yours now.

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Product Reviews


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Hank P.

Feb 23 2017

My cards arrived so soon and I was especially happy with the way they came in the mail!
user avatar

Zena B.

Jul 12 2017

Unbeatable price compared to all the other companies I looked at, really love it!
user avatar

Liz C.

Feb 28 2017

Great quality and despite a minor mix up with the delivery, it was resolved. Very happy.

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