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    For your promotional campaign, event or wedding invitation, join the eco-friendly movement while at the same time wowing them with a stunning look and grip. Create a beautiful fusion of modern and retro styles to your design with texture, finish and elegance of cards just perfect for every occasion. Do not let your carefully thought through campaign go to waste when you can get the most from our 20 years of excellence in quality of print, service and delivery time. Just as we have helped lots of businesses of all sizes meet their deadlines and make a great impression, we can help you impress at your next event. Add a WOW sensation to your next event as you pick the ideal thickness, print colors and edge painting. From wedding, social or corporate invitations to flyer and advertisement campaigns, all these are effectively represented by our 100% recycled Kraft paper.
    ultra thick kraft postcards

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    Important Artwork Notice!

    If you have CMYK images on your kraft product, when printing only 4-color, (ie: 4/0, or 4/4), colors will appear different to when printed on a white paper. CMYK images cannot be printed "true to color" on kraft cardstock without using a 5th Color White as a backer to your CMYK images(s). If you are color critical, please make sure to select Optional White Ink (ie: 5/0, or 5/5 if your job has double sided printing)

    In addition, if you do not use a 5th Color White, elements in your design that are white will be blank (hence show the brown paper). The paper stock will affect the way that colors appear due to the slightly translucent quality of the ink (you will see the brown paper through the ink, especially in lighter shades). Colors in the orange, yellow, brown spectrum will tend to not be visible as the brown color of the paper will not contrast enough with the ink. This occurs with light and pastel colors as well. Review the information at the link provided before ordering this product.

    Available Paper Types:

    • 32pt Kraft (100% PCW)
    • 48pt Kraft (100% PCW)
    • 64pt Kraft (100% PCW)
    • 80pt Kraft (100% PCW)



    We were not sure what to expect as this was our first time ordering such postcards for the launch of our natural beauty skin products. Ordering on the 4over4 site was fast and hassle-free and we received our online proof quite quickly.We only made a few changes before approving it.On the day of delivery We were a bit nervous to open the box up but when we did it was exactly what we had ordered for. So grateful to 4over4 for an amazing job guys!

    Andrea, Oct 31 2019


    Customer service

    I am very pleased with the Kraft postcards that I have received. They are attractive; they are on quality paper stock, and they arrived at my home in a timely manner. The 4over4 site is very easy to use and the customer support team is so attentive to detail and even gives you tips to get a good product. I needed them to promote our line of organic jams and the postcards have really blended well with our brand. I would recommend this company to anyone.

    Teresa K, Nov 02 2019



    I have ordered a few things from 4over4 but I have to say the Kraft postcards are my favorite. The look and feel is so natural and really fits with our beauty company's brand. Good job.

    Doris W., Nov 13 2019


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