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    Important Artwork Notice!

    Available on postcards, business cards, invitations and greeting cards. Free samples available at

    Available Paper Types:

    • 16 Point Soft Velvet Laminated
    • 16 Point Silk Laminated



    A friend of mine handed me her velvet business card and I was so impressed and my own. I looked around and found a great deal on 4over4. The online ordering was easy and fast, and for the design, it is important to get a professional to do it so you don't have many issues. My cards arrived on time and I love them! They are elegant, the cardstock is firm and the overall impression of the cards is professional. Excellent work

    A., Nov 28 2019


    Customer service

    I didn't need as many business cards but I really loved how the velvet business cards were described and I am very pleased with the resulting product.The online ordering process is easy to follow and upload my design.The customer support team was on hand to answer all my questions and even gave me tips to improve my design. My package arrived and they are so elegant, the paper stock is firm and the overall impression is professional. So happy I placed an order!

    Rachel, Nov 30 2019


    Easy to order

    From start to finish the whole process was smooth and hassle-free. I was able to place my order, upload my design and shortly after approve the online proof. The velvet business cards are really good.

    Dylan, Sep 21 2019


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