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Available Paper Types:

  • 4mm (3/16") Corrugated Plastic


Durability, Affordability, and Functionality

Anyone who has ever had to get signage knows they need to look out for three things: durability, affordability, and functionality. All of these and more are what these signicades offer so it's an easy choice to make when shopping for signages.


Sylvester B. Koffler Dec 22 2020

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One of a kind!

One of a kind!


Tammy B. Dec 22 2020

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They are just a light bulb moment idea.

Buyers are able to make their decisions before they even get into the business because the articulation of our catalog


Heather J. Delaney Dec 22 2020

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Brand awareness is crucial when it comes to building the foundation of your business. People’s ability to recognize and recall your brand is determined by your brand's ability to market itself so why not leverage Signicade MDX A Frame to do so. The MDX is the medium sized version of the popular Signicade Deluxe Frames. Because of It's super lightweight and portable qualities, you can advertise in any space where there is an opportunity to do so. No more being limited by other time consuming, heavy and expensive advertising mediums. The MDX also has the easy "Quick-change" system, making changing your outdoor business signs as simple as sliding the old one out, and sliding the new one in. And, once your plastic signs are in, they will be kept in place securely in your sign stands with "Stay tabs". They also have a long life span because of the heavy duty material they are made of which is convenient for saving you money in the long run. What are you waiting for? Attract more traffic, increase exposure and promote your brand. We look forward to working with you.

signicade mdx a frame