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How to Order Standard Business Labels

To order standard business labels, simply choose your preferred label size and shape, use the provided online tool to design your labels or upload your own pre-made design, and then place your order. This streamlined process allows you to personalize your labels to match your business branding and needs, ensuring a professional look for your products or correspondence.

How to Make Standard Business Labels

To make standard business labels, you can either use an online designer tool and start from scratch or select from an existing template to customize your labels. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and use your preferred software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to edit and design your labels. This method provides flexibility to create a design that perfectly aligns with your brand identity and messaging.

standard business labels

Strengthen Your Brand Identity with Standard Business Labels

Trying to promote your products effectively? Looking to strengthen your brand identity? Professionally printed standard business labels from 4OVER4.COM can help! Just stick them on your canned and bottled products or use them on packaging. Create a one-of-a-kind design that reminds people of your brand by showcasing your logo, brand colors and adding a fun image or short text for extra character.

With that being said, it's imperative that you add product details, so consumers know exactly what they are getting, like ingredients, expiration date and the like. It's also customary to add your contact information as well as a customer service hotline.

Highly-Versatile Tool

Personalized business labels are so versatile, that they're great for much more than just promoting and branding your company. Check out other popular applications:

  • Business stickers can help identify office equipment.

  • Business stickers can help with in-company branding.

  • Business stickers can be used to promote seasonal sales, as they can be updated periodically.

  • Business stickers can help get everything at work organized.

  • Business stickers can be used in swag bags at company events, trade shows or conventions.

  • Business stickers can be used as unique adhesive business cards.

  • Business stickers are ideal for mailing, product labeling, boosting morale, and so much more!

Product Specs

Here at 4OVER4.COM, our devotion to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. Whether you need personalized standard business labels to properly identify office equipment or build awareness for your product, they come with many options to choose from, take a look below:

  • Printed on sheets, not on individual loose pieces.

  • A range of sizes and shapes available, from circle to square to oval to rectangle.

  • Choose from 3 high-end paper types: standard uncoated label, standard semi-gloss label, and standard hi-gloss label.

  • Vibrant full-color labels or black ink labels.

  • Rounded corners available to make your prints even more striking.

  • Take advantage of ordering multiple sets to save lots of time.

  • Low minimums of 25 prints and as high as 25 thousand prints.

Exceedingly Easy

To get your custom business labels with 4OVER4.COM is exceedingly easy. Simply create your design and upload it to our site. Once you have approved your free online proof or your next day hardcopy proof, your order will go into production. Receive them in five-business days with no printing cost. In a rush? Choose our same-day print turnaround time! With our unmatched printing process, your personalized business stickers will impress potential customers with vibrant images and crisp text, while conveying the message you want.

Ready to reap the benefits of professionally printed standard business labels from 4OVER4.COM? We have the answers to all your printing questions! Email us at Our expert team is always here to help!

Important Artwork Notice!

Save time ordering multiple sets with different designs but same characteristics (size, corners, etc.). Calculate pricing with our convenient instant price calculator.

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Mar 09 2023

These are perfect for labeling things! I will order them soon!!
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Meghan F.

Mar 08 2017

Oval business labels!! How unique is that?? I didn't expect them to look as good as they did. I was going to go with the circle ones which I also thought were pretty cool, but went for the oval and I am happy I did.
user avatar

Anna T.

Feb 13 2017

I read the description and it said "boost morale" there and I honestly did not think of that before. I ordered with my school name on it and gave to all the teachers. I have to say that they were impressed and I was happy!!

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