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Silk Laminated Business Cards

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How to order Silk-Laminated Business Cards

To order silk-laminated business cards, start by choosing your preferred card specifications such as size and thickness. Next, design your business cards online using available tools or upload your pre-designed card layout. Finally, review your design and place your order through the printer’s website.

How to make Silk-Laminated Business Cards

To make silk-laminated business cards, you can either use an online designer tool to start from scratch or select from pre-existing templates to get a head start. Alternatively, download a blank template and use your preferred design software to create your unique design. Once your design is ready, ensure it meets the printing requirements for silk lamination before submitting it for printing.

silk laminated

A business card serves as a representation of the overall brand of your company. It not only conveys key personal information but also exposes your brand. 
According to Circle Research, 72% of B2B marketers attested that branding is key for growth.
If you want your brand image to be represented as such as values quality and is luxurious, go for silk business cards.
Wondering what makes Silk business cards so special? On screen, they are premium business cards that have a stylish and luxurious look and a smooth feel to them.
Their unique smooth texture is due to the lamination process done during their finishing. The finishing gives an elegant touch to your branding and sets you apart from your competitors.
 First impression is first and creates a lingering perception of your brand in the minds of your consumers and competitors.
Create an exceptional brand image through our premium silk business cards available at 4OVER4.COM.

What Exactly is Silk Lamination?

Silk lamination gives a clean look to a variety of products and is similar to traditional lamination. Silk lamination is a process where paper is coated with a layer of plastic so as to make it more durable, stronger, and desirable. The bond created by the paper and the plastic during the lamination process is of superior quality and gives it a softer exterior.
Similar to how silk reflects on certain lights, the material is neither 100% matte nor glossy.
This finishing gives your business cards a natural luxurious look, a soft touch, and a premium option for your brand.

The Benefits of our Silk Laminated Business Cards

Silk laminated business cards have an array of benefits:

  • It makes the business cards more tear and water-resistant and durable. It also allows them to be handled more preventing them from wear and tear brought by creasing, sun damage, and staining.
  • They make a lasting first impression as their finishing gives it that elegant look and a soft touch.
  • Unlike UV lamination, one can actually write on silk laminated business cards.
  • If you’re looking at having your brand represent high quality, silk laminated business cards publicize your brand as such giving it that high-end elegant feeling.
  • They come in a variety of different sizes

Important Tips for Printing Silk Business Cards at 4OVER4.COM 

If you’re looking at having silk business cards for your business or personal use, 4OVER4 prides on having exceptional printing solutions at an affordable price. Buy them either in bulk or wholesale.
Consider 4OVER4 silk business cards as a tool to impress your customers and create brand awareness.
Prepare to get blown away by our beautiful prints as you customize your business card by uploading your information on 4OVER4.COM. All files are examined professionally and any errors fixed.
Your design will be reviewed by a team member sending you free online proof thereafter. Upon confirmation of your order, the production process begins.
The order will be delivered within 4-7 working days.
We take pride in offering the fastest print turnaround time in the industry.


Our meticulously designed business cards are perfect for enhancing brand awareness and making unforgettable first impressions. If you’re seeking a more budget-friendly option, take advantage of our one-time offer for free business cards.

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Oct 01 2019

As always, 4over4 never disappoints. The card itself is sturdy and the quality is amazing. The silk lamination is always on par with what we need and the gold foil is such a beautiful touch as well. My husband and I are always coming back to reorder or order new cards from them. I highly recommend everyone to use 4over4. Also, if you play their game, you can always get a discount code... which make this even more awesome.
user avatar

Quentin Carr

Jun 27 2019

We tend to order office cards for each staff, as needed and at different times. While fast, efficient and reasonably priced, this tends to lead to slight color variations for our logo colors. Cards look fine by themselves, but when set out together for display the color variation is noticeable.
user avatar


Nov 01 2018

great quality. if I had anything to complain about, I wish I could get it shipped sooner but I understand production times.

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