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Raised Spot Uv Postcards

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How to Order Raised-Spot UV Postcards

To order raised-spot UV postcards, start by choosing your preferred postcard specifications, including size, paper type, and the area for the raised-spot UV effect. You can either design your postcards online using a platform's design tools or upload an existing design. Once you're satisfied with the design, proceed to place your order through the printing company's website, ensuring you select the quantity and any additional preferences before completing the purchase.

How to Make Raised-Spot UV Postcards

Creating raised-spot UV postcards involves initially using an online designer to start your design from scratch or opting for an existing template to modify. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and edit it using your preferred software to incorporate the raised-spot UV details. This method provides a personalized touch to your postcards, ensuring they stand out. After crafting your design, save it in a compatible format for printing to ensure the raised-spot UV effect is applied accurately during the print process.

raised spot uv postcards

Postcard marketing is not a new idea, but Raised Spot UV postcards are novel and will bring instant attention to your brand. Raised Spot UV is beautiful and effective; they don’t just look attractive; they let your message be felt.

Raised spot UV printing involves a special process where specific areas of your card design are made higher than the surrounding surface. This raised area can be your brand's name or logo. 

Embossed postcard printing is suitable for promotional cards, greeting cards, and announcements or reminders. Because your prospects regularly receive bland cards, our unique collection will impress them. Make your customers node in approval with these tactile and glamorous cards.

Using Embossed Postcards

Choose your specific customization when you print Embossed Postcards on 4OVER4. The following format options are available:

  • Spot UV

You can choose to emboss the front and back of your card design for maximum effect. This option is useful if you include important details you'd like to highlight on both sides of your card. Otherwise, Raised Spot UV printing is applied to just the front of your card. If you are on a budget, applying embossed printing on one side is more economical. 

  • Ink Color

Color both sides of your postcard, or leave the back in black and white. The default option is set to coloring just the front. This minimal coloring will work depending on your design. Alternatively, you can choose the slightly pricey but more detailed option to color the front and back. 

Make your Postcards dazzling

Select the size and paper type to meet your business needs. 

Embossed Postcard Sizes


  • 4" x 6"
  • 5" x 7"

Choose a size to match your content. Choose a larger size to ensure your copy and images are noticeable. 

Embossed Postcard Material


  • 16pt Velvet Laminated Cover

Our velvet laminated cover paper ensures your cards feel smooth to the touch and are durable. Raised Spot UV postcards are excellent for highlighting your wedding date or promoting a seasonal sale to a classy audience. Order between 100 - 1000 quantities of our glamorous card range.


Choose your Embossed Postcards at 4OVER4

Follow these simple steps to complete your order for embossed postcard.

Pick your postcard size and order quantity. Click the "Continue" button to select your desired customizations. For example, you can use Raised Spot printing on both the front and back or opt for just the front option. Choose your proof option and print turnaround time. Select the online proof option to receive free proof. Also, use shorter turnaround times for urgent orders. 

Next, upload your design files to proceed with your order. Remember, you can use our design tool to design your card from scratch or customize any of our thousands of ready-to-use templates. Insert delivery address and a preferred shipment method. Choose next-day delivery for urgent or time-bound orders.

Stand out from the competition and remove boredom from your marketing. Find out why our customers gave this product a perfect 5-star rating. Order your own Raised Spot UV postcards today.

Important Artwork Notice!

For best results, please make sure that UV coverage is less than 30%. Otherwise, the cards will be stuck together and become a block of cards. 

VERY IMPORTANT: The raised spot UV file must be a vector art created in a vector based program such as illustrator. We WILL NOT ACCEPT a raster image for the raised spot UV mask file - NO EXCEPTIONS.

In regard to using Raised Spot UV on text, it is recommended that you do not use smaller than 6pt font on the Raised Spot UV Artwork. If, however you use fonts with thicker strokes it is recommended that you do not use smaller than 9 pt font.

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Aug 14 2019

I order more than 400 cards and they came out awesome! Moreover 4over4 customer service is excellent. They are always available, friendly and ready to assist you.
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Rita D.

Jan 28 2017

Very unique designs can be made with raised spot uv and they always look really good
user avatar

Rafael R.

Feb 13 2017

Loved the quality and how the spot uv stood out

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