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30mil White Plastic Business Cards

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30mil White Plastic business card is known for its true credit card thickness. The white plastic cards can also be used to create Gift Cards, Discount Cards, Fundraising Cards, Hotel Key Cards, ID Cards, Loyalty Cards, Membership Cards, VIP Cards, and more.

What are 30mil White Plastic Cards?

We craft 30mil (or 0.03 inches) White Plastic cards from durable, high-quality plastic material, They have the exact thickness of a credit card so are thicker and more resilient than the paper alternatives. This width helps to add substance and luxury to your brand. These prints can withstand tears and are resistant to damage from water. 

They are printed on Plastic printers, unlike the regular paper printers that can only print 18pt papers. So don’t confuse this with the traditional 20pt plastic cards you can find on other sites. 

The Benefits of 30 mil Plastic Business Cards

30 mil Plastic business cards have several benefits:

  • Durability: Unlike paper, 30mil White Plastic business cards are durable. They resist wear and tear, ensuring that relevant information is intact for a long time.
  • Impressive look and feel: The thickness and sturdiness give them a premium look and feel. They showcase your professionalism and sophistication to potential clients and business partners.
  • Water and moisture resistance: They are water-resistant, unlike paper which can get ruined by accidental spills or moisture. This feature preserves the quality even when exposed to outdoor weather.
  • Design flexibility: You can customize with various finishes and features, such as matte or glossy finishing, foil stamping, signature panels, magnetic strips with encoding, and the variable data option for printing name or ID. The result is a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing design. 
  • Distinctive and memorable: The thickness and premium quality of 30 mil Plastic cards make them distinct and memorable. Its unique and attention-grabbing appearance means recipients will remember your offer and contact you.

High-Quality 30 mil Plastic Card Printing

Leverage our advanced printing techniques and premium materials for your 30 mil Plastic card printing. Our fade-resistant inks and precision cutting will ensure your cards showcase your brand in the best possible light. And if you don’t want the 30mil Plastic card in white, we also offer the 30 mil Frosted and 30 mil Clear Cards.

Why Choose White Plastic Business Cards?

The main allure of white plastic cards is their sleek appearance and tendency to stand out in a sea of traditional paper cards. In addition, these cards are versatile and complement a range of design choices and industries. Here are some specifications that make them stand out:

  • Size: 2.125" x 3.375"
  • 30mil White Plastic (Credit Card Thickness)
  • UV Gloss or Matte Silk Laminated Finish
  • Optional Foil Stamping & Spot UV Coating
  • Over 20 Foil Colors Available
  • Optional Magnetic Stripe & Encoding Available
  • Barcoding with Numbering
  • Sequential Numbering or Other Variable Data
  • Embossed Numbering with Optional Gold or Silver Tipping
  • Optional Scratch Off with Pin
  • Optional Lanyard Slot
  • Ready in 15 Days

Because you are getting all of these customizations, your product will be ready in 15 days. Check out our 20 pt Plastic card which can be ready in 4 days. The 20 pt plastic option has fewer customizations, and they come in White, Frosted, and Clear variants. 

Stand Out with 30 mil White Plastic Cards

With numerous customizations and use cases, 30 mil White Plastic Cards allow your creativity to shine. Whatever your use case, you can create something that really stands out.

Pricing and Ordering 

You can buy White Plastic business cards on 4OVER4. Select your desired specifications, upload your design, and place your order. The price varies depending on the order quantity and your selected customization options.


30 mil Plastic business cards help you make a lasting impression. Their durability, professional appearance, water resistance, and design flexibility make plastic cards ideal for individuals and businesses seeking high-quality and impactful business cards.

Important Artwork Notice!

If ordering optional foil stamping, please follow the Prepared Instructions. Please prepare a CMYK File with all design areas that do not have a metallic foil finish. You MUST include a 100% Black Foil Mask of the elements of your design to be stamped with foil.

Only one foil color is available per card design, whether you print on the front, back or both sides. Furthermore, if you are ordering optional spot or raised spot UV, please follow the Prepared Instructions found on the same page in the link below under Spot UV. Once again, you must include a SEPARATE 100% Black Foil Mask of the elements of your design to be spot UV coated. 

Click Here for Instructions Before Ordering This Product

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Product Reviews


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C. Martinez

Dec 23 2020

As durable as they're unique, I love that there's no worry about the design falling apart when these cards get some water on them.
user avatar

Patricia J.

Dec 23 2020

Very creative.
user avatar

Charles A. Brown

Dec 23 2020

Whether they are embossed or debossed, they will be sure to impress and dazzle customers. I can't get over how thick they are.

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