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    standard clear labels

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    What do all startups have in common; from candles and soaps to perfumes and home made jam? They need a striking edge that will set them apart from the others on the market; and since it is always best to work smart and not hard, there is an easy solution to this. Standard clear labels won’t overwhelm your product, and they are extremely versatile and affordable to boot so you can get a minimum of just 25 prints and see the difference they make to your pretty aromatic candles before you scale up but trust me; there will be no turning back!
    standard clear labels

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    Important Artwork Notice!

    Save time ordering multiple sets with different designs but same characteristics (size, corners, etc.). Calculate pricing with our convenient instant price calculator.

    Available Paper Types:

    • Standard Clear Label


    Terrific print work

    I ordered 2,000 clear labels from the 4over4 site, though this was my first time I was very pleased with the resulting product.The print work is terrific, the paper feels quality and the labels peel and stick firmly. The staff are really responsive in answering questions about the product and the different finishes. I was able to pick the perfect one for my needs. My beauty products look professional and our clients have taken notice. Very happy!

    Julia, Oct 02 2019


    Reliable and consistent

    We have been looking for reliable and consistent printers for our line of natural juices. We were so happy when we came across the 4over4 site. The ordering process is fast and efficient, we also received a free hardcopy proof that allowed us to make a few changes before printing. Our delivery came within a timely manner and we were so impressed. The labels are attractive, quality and the colors are just right. We have ordered several other batches and we still get such amazing products and the customer care support team do really care that you get good products. Keep up the amazing work!

    Ryan C., Oct 08 2019



    I was surprised at the quality of the clear labels that I ordered from 4over4. The material is quality, they stick firmly and do not budge. would recommend this company to anyone.

    Maria W., Sep 18 2019


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