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    Every business is looking to save money whenever possible. The idea of having to spend more money every time you need to update your advertisement signs can be a pain to your budget. Well, have you ever thought of Dry Erase Coroplast Signs? They are flexible advertising mediums that allow you to personalize a different message on the daily. This makes them a viable long-term investment for your business to leverage in your marketing efforts. They are also perfect for outdoor or indoor use and are lightweight enough to be carried to any location you please. Enjoy super fast turnarounds of only 4 days and get a 4mm white coroplast sign laminated with dry erase film quickly delivered to your location of choice. We have optional double sided printing available for further customization. Ready to lace your order? We look forward to working with you.

    dry erase coroplast

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    Important Artwork Notice!

    Shipping Oversized Rigid Products: Maximum Size that can be shipped with UPS without additional handling fees is 38" x 46". The UPS price in the Instant Price Calculator will only hold for projects up to that size. No exceptions. If your project is larger, you will need to switch to customer pickup, messenger, or we will need to custom price the shipping to reflect the oversized package surcharges imposed by UPS on a project by project basis.

    Available Paper Types:

    • 4mm White Coroplast


    Great product

    Very great price and fantastic results!

    Anonymous, Sep 10 2019


    Light and flexible

    The dry erase coroplast is such a great promotional tool. It is easy to carry around and set up with the H-stake, the sign stands firmly. We ordered some for our open house and we drew in so many clients because the colors really popped and when we write on them the writings are clear and visible.It does take four days to be delivered so be sure to place your order early. Thanks, 4over4.

    Doreen, Dec 14 2019



    We are very pleased with the dry erase coroplast sign that we got from 4over4. They are attractive; they are on quality material, and they arrived at my home in a timely manner. The whole process was stress-free and the customer support team always happy to respond to your question and are knowledgeable about the products. We were able to get a custom size at a good price and I would definitely recommend them.

    Angela S, Dec 15 2019


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