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    There is something innately satisfying about seeing progress and achieving goals. Bookmarks get readers excited about finishing that book they’ve been reading. The more they see the bookmark moving up in pages, the more they get excited about making progress and inevitably they are prompted to pick up that book to continue reading. Imagine if your brand is what they get to see every time they pick up that book to read. Silk Bookmarks are an excellent medium that offer that luxurious silky look and feel if you want a refined look for your brand. All you need to do is add your logo and a creative design and message and your recipients will be excited to use it every time they read a book.If you’re interested in more options, it doesn't end with Silk bookmarks. We have a wide selection for you to choose from. We have:3d lenticular bookmarksbookmarksgloss laminated bookmarkskraft bookmarksplastic bookmarkssoft touch bookmarksvelvet laminated bookmarksClearly, we have everything to suit different tastes and needs. Already convinced to place your order?

    silk bookmarks

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    Available Paper Types:

    • 16 Point Silk Laminated


    These make the constructive

    These make the constructive pastime of reading so much more wholesome!

    Connie C., Dec 22 2020


    These bookmarks don't fade. Definitely worth it!

    These bookmarks don't fade. Definitely worth it!

    George R. Glass, Dec 22 2020


    Silk Bookmarks

    Marking progress in any novel one reads has been revolutionized by these silk bookmarks.

    Kevin M. Snyder, Dec 22 2020


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