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Aluminum Wall Graphics

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How to order Aluminum Wall Graphics

To order Aluminum Wall Graphics, start by selecting your preferred graphic size and finish. You can either design your aluminum wall graphic online with available tools or upload your own complete design. Once your design is ready, review it, confirm the specifics of your order, and place your order. The process is designed to be seamless, allowing you to customize your product according to your needs.

How to make Aluminum Wall Graphics

To make Aluminum Wall Graphics, you have the option to start with an online designer from scratch or choose from an existing template to get inspired. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and edit it using your preferred software to meet your design requirements. This approach allows for a high level of customization, ensuring your aluminum wall graphics meet your exact specifications before going to print.

aluminum wall graphics

Break the Fourth Wall 

Smooth Surface Aluminum Wall Graphics for wall-breaking ideas. Cut into whatever shape you want, these super smooth wall graphics stick to anything: stucco, brick, cement, your customer’s brain - you get the gist. Easy peel and stick installation and removal, leaves little to no residue and looks absolutely stunning. You POP Out. They pop in.

Why you want it:

Heat guns are the worst; old school outdoor wall graphics forced you to spend a lot on installation risking burns, damaged walls, and more. 

Our Smooth Surface Aluminum Wall graphics cut through that straight into an easy peel and stick installation that naturally conforms to the textured wall behind it. Simply use rollers or fingers to place. 

You can even overlap multiple of these aluminum wall prints. The adhesive is so good you’ll be able to keep them up until you’re ready to take them down - on top of each other!

Great for expectation and growth campaigns:

  • No-slip surface, easy to handle

  • Lasts months (Manufacturer claims up to 24 month life expectancy)

  • Smooth aluminum foil base 

  • Easily sticks to stucco, brick, cement and more

  • Stays put and vibrant rain, snow or shine

  • Edge-to-edge printing available

  • Installation is a snap (no heat guns needed!)

  • Eco-friendly  (No PVC or hazardous ingredients)

  • Dump with aluminum recycling

  • USA Quality manufacturing

Best for outdoor campaigns and maximum impact. Get yours today!

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T. Aghumyan

Oct 29 2020

amazing look