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    Plastic Business Cards

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    Most business cards out there are a dime a dozen. No one really holds on to them unless they really have to. That’s because they are made out of paper. Plastic Business Cards on the other hand are a bankable way to stand out from the average. When you’re meeting a prospective client, a business card is as important to making a good first impression as your outfit, personality and even handshake. In addition to making a good first impression, Plastic Business Cards are durable, Water-resistant and beautiful. Take the step today to being memorable. With minimums of 250 cards and 5 day turnarounds, what’s not to like?

    plastic business cards

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    Important Artwork Notice!

    Printing on transparent and frosted plastic cards will not be 100% opaque, so expect some transparency. Also, a thin film is applied to the back of all clear plastic cards to eliminate scratching while in transit. This film should be removed from each card before handing out.

    Available Paper Types:

    • 20 Point White Rigid Vinyl
    • 20 Point Frosted
    • 20 Point Clear



    Exactly what I wanted.

    A, Jan 17 2020


    Very Pleased

    Been using 4over4 for 10 years!

    A, Jan 18 2020


    Thank you

    Never cease to amaze me.

    Adam M., Jan 18 2020


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