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Go Bold with Folded Wedding Invitations

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How to order Folded Wedding Invitations

To order folded wedding invitations, begin by selecting your preferred style and paper quality from a printing company's website. You have the option to either design your invitations online using the company's design tools or upload your own design if you have one ready. Once your design is finalized, review it, make any necessary adjustments, and then proceed to place your order. Ensure you have reviewed all details for accuracy before confirming your order.

How to make Folded Wedding Invitations

Making folded wedding invitations starts with choosing whether you want to use an online designer to create your invitation from scratch or select an existing template to customize. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and edit it with your preferred software, like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, to have complete control over the design process. Regardless of the method, ensure your design aligns with the theme and elegance of your wedding before proceeding to print.

folded wedding invitations

Personalized Folded Wedding Invitations

There's something exciting about a folded wedding invitation, custom printed with your names and ornate design, in a lovely shade of shimmering pearlescent or classic cream. With more than 15 different paper types and an optional high gloss UV coating, your custom printed and folded wedding invitations will be the talk of the season. Order anything from 25 for a private affair or 100,000 for the full royal effect. Ask us about our other wedding invitation printing services!

How will your love story unfold? Our beautiful folded wedding invitations come in 3 convenient sizes. Want to really make them pop? Choose our metallic pearlescent paper, which is offered in 4 shades. To make your design shine, add our exclusive UV-powered coating.

Tri-Fold Wedding Invitations

Tri-fold wedding invitations are a tried and tested favorite with an ideal level of appeal and ample room for your design to shine. Like finely printed gates, each panel is designed to open perfectly—you don’t ever have to worry about one running onto the next. Many of our customers will bypass an enclosure card in favor of a tri-fold wedding invitation. With the tri-fold, you can fit a cover page, feature page, and detail page all in one beautifully constructed—and designed—card.

Why design a card that will eventually find its way into the trash? Give your guests a true keepsake that honors your relationship and elevates your big day. Folded invitations can stand on their own, making it easy for your friends and family to display them on desks, tables, dressers, and more.

The Benefits of Folding Wedding Invitations

From half folds to tri-folds, 4OVER offers an array of folded wedding invitations, each with a distinctive style that is a true reflection of you and your groom—or bride—to be. For many, a two-sided wedding invitation just won’t cut it. When you work with trained experts at 4OVER4, you can customize wedding invitations that live up to the standard of your perfect day.

We understand the importance of having the perfect invitation. Moreover, we understand that it shouldn’t set you back. Our fold out wedding invitations are both beautiful and affordable. Considering the folded approach? Here are the benefits of these extraordinary, multi-faceted wedding invitations.

Fold out wedding invitations give you:

  • Room to tell a story. The beauty is in the details. Make your love story shine with a tri-fold wedding invitation, complete with 3 panels dedicated to storytelling, photos, and event details.
  • Elegant presentation. There’s just something about turning a page and opening up to new possibilities. Folded wedding invitations give you more space to play, design, and make magic for your guests. Folding open a beautiful and colorful invitation is an experience—one worthy to represent your big day.
  • Lasting appeal. Two-sided cards often earn a glance or two. But fold out wedding invitations give people reason to look, and look again! Thanks to all the added space, folded wedding invitations can be held, opened, and read over and over again. There’s so much space for your words, photos, and designs. And who better to bring that story to life than you? Once you design your cards, we’ll take it from there. And if you ever get stumped, drop a quick note by using the chat window on our website. Someone will be standing by to assist you.

Curious about your folding options? See our guide below. And don’t forget to check out our full suite of wedding materials, including a selection of <wedding envelopes and custom thank you cards.

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Nov 08 2019

Such great work
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Nov 08 2019

I have been ordering from 4over4 for several years
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4over4 never cease to amaze me

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