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bottle neck hang tags

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How to Order Bottle-Neck Hang Tags

To order bottle-neck hang tags, first, choose your preferred tag style and material. Next, either use an online design tool to create your tag design or upload an already designed file. Finally, review your design, confirm the quantity, and place your order. This process simplifies the custom creation of tags that perfectly match your branding and product needs.

How to Make Bottle-Neck Hang Tags

Making bottle-neck hang tags involves a straightforward creative process. You can either use an online designer to start your design from scratch or begin with an existing template to inspire your tags. Alternatively, download a blank template and edit it using your preferred software to include all necessary details like branding, product information, and design elements. This approach allows for a high degree of customization, ensuring your hang tags stand out.

bottle neck hang tags

All Eyes on You With Bottle Neck Hang Tags

Let your products stand out on a shelf full of competitors by adding an extra touch with eye-catching bottle neck hang tags. Not just for wine bottles, these printed hangers are handy promotional tools that draw attention to your products. With low per unit costs, you can make a big impact without taking a huge bit out of your budget. With a custom printed bottle neck hang tag you can use bottles to promote your brand, business or personal event with effortless elegance.

There are a number of different uses for custom hang tags, that can help increase your sales. Various incentives can bring more focus to your products and influence more customers to choose yours over the competition. Printing customized bottle neck hang tags can be a simple, but highly effective way leverage a promotional tool that can boost your sales without having a big budgetary impact.

Incentivizing your customers with instant or mail-in rebates, free products with purchase or other tempting offers can influence their purchase decisions. Even if they have a regular product or brand that they typically buy, a great incentive can sway their decision that one time. And, all it takes is for them to try out your product one time to make it their new favorite that they will regularly purchase without any additional incentives needed.

Here are a few creative ways to pull in new customers using your custom printed bottle hangers:

  • -Instant rebates: They'll get money back right there on the spot, so why wouldn't they give it a shot?
  • -Mail-in rebates: Not as instantaneous, but still offers them a great deal to try out your product.
  • -Free products with purchase: Everyone loves free things - Mail-in to receive a free small giveaway, such as a keychain, magnet or even a hat. It can draw in new customers, who will now have your promotional gift on hand to remind them of your brand.
  • -Free or discounted products with purchase: Some products just go well together - wine and cheese, olive oil and vinegar, etc. If you offer both products, such as a line of olive oils and vinegars, you can incentivize your customers to try not just one, but two, of your products by offering a free or discounted vinegar when they purchase your olive oil. If you don't offer both products, like wine and cheese, your bottle hang tags could include a complimentary cheese recommendation and a voucher for a discount on that cheese.
  • -Sweepstake offers: Mail in or go online for a chance to win a prize. Not only have they bought your product, but now you have the opportunity to ask them for more information and get them on your mail or email list.

Besides business purposes, personalized gift tags are perfect to add to thank-you gifts for special occasions. Specially chosen bottles of wine, or other gift bottles are made even more personal when you add a custom hang tag printed with your unique design to it.

Our hanging tags are available in minimums as low as 100, so if you want to test out a promotion, offer just a limited promotion, or you want hanger tags for your special occasion, you don't have to have extra tags printed that you won't need.

Printed on your choice of three paper types, bottle neck hang tag printing is done on standard sized 2.125" x 5" labels. You'll also select your finish, from the standard to optional Spot UV Coating and Overall high gloss UV coating.

Add even more dazzle to your bottle neck hangers with our sparkling, eye-catching Wonderfoil. It stands out and reflects beautifully under the light. There are a variety of colors available for you to choose from, and you can select more than one color for your custom hang tags. Wonderfoil sets your bottles apart from the rest, and gives you a true competitive advantage.

The impact your customized hanging tags will have on bringing attention to your products and increasing your sales is huge when compared to the small cost per unit. Advertising and promotional costs can be astronomical, and when you don't know how effective your advertising will be, it can be difficult to want to invest that money, without knowing you'll be seeing results. Hanging bottle neck tags are shown to be effective in drawing attention to your product and increasing your sales.

When you also include added incentives, like rebates, free products or sweepstakes, it draws in even more attention and brings in even more sales. It only takes one time for a person to try your product to make them a regular customer. All you need to do is motivate them to make that first purchase, and personalized bottle neck hang tags are great promotional tools for accomplishing this.

To get noticed on shelves, add a personal touch to special gifts, or incentivize customers to purchase your products, bottle neck hangers are just what you need. And, with our hang tag template, it's easy to design your customized hangers for printing.

If you have any questions or want to get started on your custom printed bottle neck hang tags, give one of our printing experts a call today at 718-932-2700 or send us an email. Take advantage of the enormous benefits hanging tags can do for you, for such a small cost.

Important Artwork Notice!

If you're ordering wonderfoil finish, please look at the special finish instructions by clicking below.
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Kim Moore

Jul 22 2019

4over4 has been amazing to work with. Everything ran smoothly and efficiently from designing the art and tweaking our design to fit the hang tag, through receiving notifications of production and completion, to shipping updates and early receipt of our package.
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Isabelle J.

Apr 14 2017

I have been ordering bottle neck hang tags from 4over4 for many years. I really love working with this company! The provide customers with quick turnaround and good quality. Pricing is great too. Definitely recommend 4over4!