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Perforated Window Vinyls

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How to order Perforated Window Vinyls

To order Perforated Window Vinyls, first, select your preferred vinyl type based on visibility and durability needs. Next, design your window vinyl online using custom design tools or upload your pre-made design. Finally, review your design, confirm the specifics of your order, such as size and quantity, and proceed to place your order. This straightforward process ensures you receive a product tailored to your specifications.

How to make Perforated Window Vinyls

To make Perforated Window Vinyls, begin by using an online designer tool. You have the option to start from scratch, creating a custom design that suits your specific needs, or to choose from an existing template to get a head start. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and use your preferred software to design or edit the vinyl. This flexibility allows you to craft a visually appealing and effective window display, perfect for advertising or enhancing privacy with a personalized touch.

perforated window vinyl

Perforated Window Vinyl: Marketing, Decoration and Privacy - 4OVER4

If you have a creative soul, then you've probably thought of windows as empty canvases ready to be the starting point of a great work of art. And if you've never had that idea, then maybe you should think about it. Any glass surface such as the ones in doors or windows are an excellent opportunity not only for art, but also for marketing strategies focusing on brand awareness. This concept is translated into three words: Perforated Window Vinyl.

With our weather resistant, durable and affordable Perforated Window Vinyl printing service, you'll have a greatly versatile tool adaptable to a wide variety of platforms. We're talking about storefronts, business entrances, corporate cars and office windows. Even your own apartment can be turned into a branding asset. A whole building, for that matter, can be totally dressed in a company's colours, slogans, logos and promotional campaigns.

Our special printing process ensures that whatever design you choose will be resolutely visible from the outside or front, and with a see-through feature for the one's looking at it from the inside. This also provides a greatly valued sense of privacy to counteract the immense amount of attention Perforated Window Vinyls will inevitably provoke.

Our 65/35 perforation rate grants the perfect ratio of vinyl and holes to maximize resolution on our exclusive 6 mil white flexible vinyl front with removable acrylic adhesive backing. Plus, we also provide UV protected and weather resistant features for the outdoors.

A massive, cheap and proven successful branding asset

Your custom perforated window film can be adapted to fit your new brand awareness campaign in many ways. Corporate cars can be your new carriers all over the city, generating an insane amount of exposure everywhere they go. A convoy of three or more vehicles with their windows dressed up with perforated vinyl will produce that WOW factor to everyone, and it will continue to spread the word about your amazing products or message.

A small startup office can be rapidly turned into a brand powerhouse, standing out from any surrounding businesses in no time and effortlessly. Witness people walking by and stopping on their tracks to admire your stunning new look. Your previously unknown new product can be a Top of Mind one from one day to the next.

Make a massive statement to the market by presenting your brand and slogan with that endorsement feeling and legitimacy only granted by Perforated Window Vinyl.

Privacy, above all

Personal offices, apartment windows and cars can be benefited in a second way from perforated vinyl window graphics. Apart from letting you communicate in a larger than ever way, you'll also get the comfy feeling of privacy in your own area. Our our exclusive 6 mil white flexible vinyl front with removable acrylic adhesive backing provides sight block for anyone watching from the outside.

You can drive that newly branded corporate car without feeling observed and with the confidence that you're the only one that can look through that vinyl. Some personal offices can also be a little bit exposed sometimes, especially on large, populated floors. Create a cool design and customize those glass walls and door in an effective, cost efficient way with our perforated window vinyl printing.

Want to know more about our Perforated Window Vinyls and if they fit your needs? If you have any doubts, don't hesitate in contacting us at 718-932-2700 or email us at Our team is fully available to advise you and start right away with your new, amazing custom designs.

Important Artwork Notice!

This product is applied to the exterior glass surface, which must be clean to assure adequate product bond. Do not use solvent or ammonia-based glass cleaners for cleaning. The user of this product is responsible for complying with any applicable vehicle code regulations. Recommended for exterior use and flat vehicle windows Available from 12"X12" to 59"X120" in 1" increments.

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Greg D.

Dec 27 2019

Great quality I am sure I will order again
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Dec 27 2019

Job well done
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Dec 29 2019

Superior product

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