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3D Lenticular Stickers
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3D Lenticular Stickers

Add a fun and captivating touch to any package, gift, notebook, or more, with 3D Lenticular Stickers boasting cool motion effects like 3D Depth, Flip, Animation, Morph, 5D, Zoom or a Combination! You will inevitably spark curiosity and start conversations with 3D printed stickers that visually pop out of any surface.

Why Choose 3D Lenticular Stickers?

The dramatic effect of realistic motion and animation makes any 3D lenticular print an irresistible piece that most people can’t help but note, flip, touch and play with. It’s like bringing the 3D movie feel to a small and portable custom printed format that you can place anywhere. 

Amplify your message and get more eyes on it when you use 3D Lenticular Stickers. Printed with exclusive proprietary technology, our 3D Printed Stickers combine two or more (up to twenty!) images into one seamless motion effect through “lenticular interlacing”, giving you the opportunity to weave a story with multiple images in one print.

Superior 3D Depth and Motion Prints

Amazing advances in 3D Lenticular printing technology have allowed us to offer even more crisp, animated, vibrant, and unique prints. The realistic quality of the image really gets you lost in the sticker.

The possibilities are practically endless and you can be one of the first to harness this relatively new power in the USA; we’re among the first and few printers able to offer you this amazing new finish.

3D Lenticular Sticker Effects:

Do more than stick around with these alluring effects.

3D Depth Effect:

3D Depth lenticular stickers or 3D layered effect create the illusion of movement from changes in independent objects separated in layers. This adds a perspective or distance effect between the elements in your 3D Lenticular stickers.

Flip Effect:

The most well known 3D Lenticular printing effect. Two images are sliced into very thin stripes and merged back together in two flips, resulting in a motion effect that happens when you move the print from side to side.

For successful 3D Lenticular stickers with a Flip effect, choose only a few visuals: the fewer, the better. We recommend  2 to 3 graphics, with a maximum of 6 for this effect. Drastically different images work really well with the 3D Lenticular flip effect, so consider them for the shock factor.

Animation Effect:

The animation effect is the closest thing to having video in print; it’s like watching a 10-second movie clip on a sticker. For our 3D Lenticular stickers, we take several consecutive images and merge them into one fluid motion image. 

Morph Effect:

3D Lenticular stickers with morph effect gradually fuse pictures together to create a transformation illusion. Perfect for photos with equal or similar backgrounds where the main subject changes into something else. Think of blooming flowers, changing clouds, aging children. 


Zoom Effect:

3D Lenticular stickers with a zoom effect bring objects from a far distance into the foreground or vice versa, effectively “zooming in” and “out.” For the best results, select artwork that shares the same background and can be looped into a single image that has no obvious beginning or end.

3D Lenticular Print Combination :

The most complex and outrageous 3D Lenticular printing options, merging two or more signature effects for highly personalized 3D lenticular stickers. Choose one of the following effects for prints that seem to escape their format and jump right at you.

  • 3D Depth + Flip

  • 3D Depth + Animation

  • 5D Depth

Also available for bookmarks, magnets, greeting cards, coasters, pocket folders, notebooks, posters, and more.

Quick Specs:

  • Realistic 3D motion effects made with lenticular interlacing
  • Lenticular Plastic Printed Face
  • 500 to 25,000
  • 2-4 Flips per Sticker

Available Paper Types:

  • Lenticular Sticker


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