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How to Order Dry-Erase Magnets

To order dry-erase magnets, first, choose your preferred size and quantity. You can either design your magnets online using custom design tools or upload a pre-made design directly to the printer's website. Once your design is ready, proceed to place your order by adding your customized dry-erase magnets to your cart and completing the checkout process.

How to Make Dry-Erase Magnets

To make dry-erase magnets, begin by using an online designer tool. You have two options: start from scratch to unleash your creativity or choose an existing template as a foundation for your design. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and edit it using your preferred software to customize your dry-erase magnets. This process allows for a personalized approach, ensuring your magnets meet your specific needs and preferences.

dry erase magnets

Dry Erase Magnets: Versatile Notice Boards

Order your dry erase magnets today and take advantage of the endless possibilities provided by the versatility they provide. Design new and appealing communication strategies every single day and test their results. Correct and adjust on the go. Organize your team of employees and establish priorities and write down reminders in a stylish and eye-catching way. Plus, reposition as you see fit, as these dry erase boards stick to any metal surface.

Crafted with super high-quality 30 mil magnet, the dry erase lamination makes for a shiny canvas for your unique and personalized designs. Simply clean and write a new message as often as you like. Choose the best size for you, from 6" x 6" to 24" x 60". As always, 4OVER4.COM has got you covered for all your office and home needs.

Keep customizing and ask for 0.75" radius rounded corners for a slick-looking, stylish feel. Order now and get your new magnets in just 4 business days. We also offer same day turnarounds for when you need your items fast. Select the Free Online Proof option to make sure your full color design is just as you imagined it.

Typical Dry Erase Magnet Uses

Many activities and businesses can benefit from stunning writing surfaces, as they are proven to be very versatile and flexible communication tools. Sports locker rooms have, for the longest time, used them for game planning. Offices can take advantage of them to list priorities and goals, while retails stores and food & beverage shops can catch the attention of new customers and passersby by displaying promotions and special deals.

  • Locker Rooms: Plan out and craft those new game strategies and review with the team before your next game.
  • Offices: Project pitches, presentations and monthly planning has never been easier. These boards allow you to list your priorities, goals and more. Wipe and reuse as needed.
  • Retail Stores and Restaurants/Cafes: List staff responsibilities. Use them to reveal the specials of the day in the dining room. Promote special sales and exclusive events at the checkout counter. Change them daily and grab the attention of passersby by placing them at your storefront.
  • Home: Whether you place it on your refrigerator or a file cabinet, these dry erase posters allow you to write lists, reminders, schedules and weekly menus for everyone in the family to see.

Cool Tips for your Dry Erase Magnets

  • Daily Innovation: Your custom dry erase prints, featuring your business name and logo, allow you to change your message daily to boost traffic to your business.
  • Don't Oversaturate: Many times less is more, conveying a short but sweet message is more effective.
  • Highlight Offers and Discount Promotions: Everybody likes saving money, so post your daily sales with a fun, catchy slogan.

4,000 Years of History and Still Sticking AroundDo you know how magnets were discovered? The story goes that a Greek shepherd from Crete called Magnes accidentally came across this material while herding his sheep in an area called Magnesia in ancient Greece. Legend has it that the nails in his shoes and the metal rod from his herding staff suddenly stuck onto a large, black rock.

He dug into the earth and found lodestones containing what we refer to today as Magnetite, a natural magnetic material. Today, magnets are common everywhere in the world. Countless industries count on magnets to communicate their message to potential customers and increase their brand recognition. Where there's a metallic surface, there's a branding possibility.

At 4OVER4.COM, we are passionate about bringing quality print products to our customers. Whether you are designing them for the home or office, customized dry erase prints allow you to stay organized and on schedule. Below we've listed some other popular products that you might be interested in:

Dry Erase Magnets Magnet Printing Large Car Magnets Bumper Stickers Floor Grphics
Material 30 Mil Magnet 17pt indoor Magnet 30 mil magnet White Vinyl Permanent Flexible Floor Vinyl

Min. Size 6" x 6" 2" x 3.5" 9" x 9" 2" x 5" 12" x 12"

Turnarounds Same day to 4 business days Same day to 5 business days Same day to 4 business days Same day to 5 business days Same day to 3 business days

Roll Name Labels No More than 20 standard options - White Gloss (Indoor)
- White BOPP (Indoor/Outdoor)
- Clear BOPP (Indoor/Outdoor)
100 6 Business Days


  • Are these magnets durable?
  • Yes, these magnets are highly durable, and the dry erase lamination allows them to be wiped clean and used again and again.
  • How quick can you make them?
  • You can get them quickly with our same day turnaround option. Be sure to place your order before noon EST time.
  • What's the minimum amount of units I can order?
  • The minimum starting order is 1 unit.

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Oct 20 2019

We were not sure what to expect as this was our first time using the site. We loved the idea of dry erase magnets as they will feature prominently on clients fridges. It was pretty simple navigating the site and placing our order. The customer service wasquick to get back to us that our design did not fit the dimensions and helped us resolve it. Our package arrived on time and we were so excited to open it. The magnets are amazing, so glad we ordered them.
user avatar

Hope G.

Oct 22 2019

I absolutely love the dry erase magnets that I got from 4over4. They are beautiful, the prints are neat and well spaced and our company colors are just perfect. I was looking for a different product to hand out for our holiday campaign and I came across these. They are memorable and functional, which is exactly what we wanted. Our clients loved receiving them and can't stop talking about how useful they are to use at home.Thank you for a great job.
user avatar

Sheila P.

Sep 20 2019

The dry erase magnets came out perfect and we got great customer support when our design had an issue. We would definitely recommend this company to family and friends.

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