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    Available Paper Types:

    • 14pt Gloss Cover
    • 16pt Gloss Cover


    Door hanger quality

    Very happy with the way they turned out very simple process to will purchase again if needed


    Deryl Parr Feb 02 2023

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    Came out perfect, I will be back for more


    Rita E. Sep 11 2019

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    Affordable and good quality


    Jean Sep 11 2019

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    Nothing interrupts a meeting so rudely as an abrupt walk in. But how were we supposed to know you were having a meeting? That’s what they say, right? These colorful and appealing door hangers are how they know. Designing, printing and delivering such functional stuff is our cup of tea. And your location is never a challenge to us, as long as we take the challenge of interruptions from you. From hotel rooms, to doctors’ offices, boardrooms, studios and private offices, trust us to secure your peace of mind while you try to secure that business deal. There are very few effective tools that are polite and non-intrusive at the same time, and these door hangers make it to that very short list. And they will catch anyone’s attention especially because these hangers are generous enough to accommodate all the bright colors you can come up with. Choose from any of our four great sizes with a perfing option and or high gloss UV coating. You can have it 14pt or 16pt gloss cover paper, ready in 7 days.

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