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    Majestic Greeting Cards

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    Leave a lasting impression when you say hello with majestic greeting cards; and add luxury to even the most mundane season to stay in the memories of your recipients for a long time. Sophisticated, soft, unique and elegant, you will have a 16 pt. card stock that feels as good and luxurious as it looks. Stand out when you send these gorgeous prints to your clients, family, friends, and employees, and don’t become just another bit of paper to add to their holiday stash that never sees the light of day after leaving the envelope. Don’t doom your greeting cards to this, but rather customize and address each to your recipients, making each one feel special and appreciated despite spending a very affordable amount - we won’t tell if you don’t tell!

    majestic greeting cards

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    Available Paper Types:

    • 16pt Silk Laminated
    • 16pt Velvet Laminated
    • 16pt Gloss Laminated
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    They're simply amazing!

    Nothing can be more personal than these majestic greeting cards and with their great price, they're simply amazing!

    M. Petersen, Dec 23 2020


    So much beauty!

    So much beauty!

    Carol M., Dec 23 2020


    They are amazing and remarkable.

    Foil embossed cards really help send a message that will be more heartfelt and appreciated by clients. They are amazing and remarkable.

    S. Cohen, Dec 23 2020


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