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Holographic Postcards

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52.5% of postcard recipients claim to read them. Also, postcards have a 4.25% response rate, making them one of the most preferred direct mail pieces. Postcards are effective since they are straight to the point and personal. Holographic postcards give you the benefits of regular postcards and their attention-grabbing shine. 

Holographic design is a growing culture for modern businesses. So we’d see how to go about holographic postcard printing in this article. 

Why Are Holographic Postcards Special?

Holographic postcards are remarkable for several reasons. Here are some: 

Clear and memorable messaging

They help convey your messages and ideas in a clear, catchy manner. The unique rainbow-like shine instantly emphasizes what's noteworthy. Since a successful marketing campaign aims to communicate your offer without wasting time, hologram-printed postcards will achieve this result. 

Holographic postcards are versatile

You can use these postcards in several instances. For example,

  • They Help showcase new products or services in your business.
  • They Promote your brand to improve brand awareness.
  • They can be handed to customers as souvenirs they can reference, thus promoting your brand more. 


Appeal to a younger audience

Younger audiences find postcards appealing, hologram-printed postcards more so. Hence, they are a great way to reach this demographic for some brands.

Visually appealing

Postcards often feature captivating imagery, so they must be visually appealing. A holographic design will conveniently transform a lackluster postcard into one that's lively and appealing. So hologram-printed postcards will effectively introduce new products and services, invite people to a trade show event, or drive traffic to a website. 

Customization Options

There are several customization options to choose from when you order holographic postcards. These customizations are convenient and will make your postcards unique. They include: 

  • Size
  • Order quantity
  • Effect color
  • Effect side
  • Variable data

You can choose the postcard size you prefer. Smaller sizes don't take up space and are convenient. However, larger sizes are attention-grabbing and impossible to ignore. So pick a size to meet your campaign needs. You can order in low quantities or save money when you print in bulk.

You can choose from holographic gold or holographic silver effect. We'd apply gold or silver as a base color to your design. The holographic silver effect is a popular choice, but the holographic gold effect is unique. Select the sides to print the effect. You can print on just the front or both sides.  

Lastly, you can include variable data like customer names for a personalized postcard. 

Helpful Tips Before Placing an Order at 4OVER4

Note that blank areas of your artwork reveal the holographic effect the most, while colors combine with the effect. Lighter colors blend with the effect. In contrast, darker colors tend to print more closely to your design. 

Note these helpful tips when you order custom holographic postcards from 4OVER4.

Know your audience

Your audience takes center stage in any campaign. Hologram postcards will speak to a young, savvy, and smart audience. 

Keep it simple

Ensure your message is clear and concise. Use an attention-grabbing headline to spark curiosity. Make your offer clear and include a simple call to action. 

Use white spaces generously

White spaces add to the beauty and appeal of your design. Cramping too many design elements on your postcard will make it unattractive. 

Try larger sizes

Bigger postcards look bold and compelling. For example, a postcard measuring 6 x 9 or 6 x 11 inches is more difficult to ignore. 


4OVER4 is a top printing service in NYC. We have over 20 years of experience processing print orders and making the delivery. We can assure you of premium prints at affordable prices.

Holographic postcards are ideal for making offers, launching a product or business, and publicizing your brand. So, utilize the effectiveness of postcards and the allure of holographic prints to create irresistible offers.

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