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Direct Mail Postcards with Printing and Mailing

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Persuading people to buy your products or services can make you break a sweat. Luckily, we have a helpful solution for you that may make your sales pitch easier. The solution is Direct Mail Postcards. Postcards are useful marketing tools to help you present brief benefits about your services or products in a compelling way. If you leverage them properly through strategic messaging and design, Direct Mail Postcards can actually do the selling for you. Say goodbye to making numerous cold calls and face-to-face meetups. Starting at 500 units and at incredibly convenient rates for all campaigns, getting your Postcards mailed directly to your list has never been easier. Simply select your desired size, preferred paper, upload your artwork and list and that's it. We take care of the rest for you!

direct mail postcards

One may think postcards are irrelevant in today’s digital age. But in reality,  direct mail postcards are still one of the most reliable marketing strategies for small businesses and large companies. Direct mail postcards offer a simple way for your business to stand apart from the competition, and direct mailing and printing services help you achieve this with no hassle.

You don’t need to do it yourself. You can now send your postcard needs, choose your convenient options, decide what prints work best for your brand, and let 4over4 print and ship your postcards directly to your prospects or customers. 

Click here to get more information about's direct mail services.

What You Need to Know About Postcard Mailing Services

Postcards are an excellent way to capture your audience's attention in seconds. If you are working on a marketing campaign that can tell a unique story and compel some action from your audience, a quality postcard design is a perfect way to do this. However, printing and mailing can be time-consuming and expensive. So direct postcard mailing services ensure your postcards are not just beautifully designed and printed but also successfully delivered to your customers within a few days. 

Regardless of your industry, postcard mailing service specializes in creating, printing, and mailing unique postcards that will help you get your word out and grow your business - all in one place!. 

Our postcard mailing services have excellent customer service and quality control that ensures the best quality is created and mailed, saving you time and money. All you have to do is make an order using our Instant Price Calculator tool, select your product, size, and paper type and send us your list. Then, we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Benefits of our Postcard Direct Mail Marketing 

Postcards have a long history of successful marketing campaigns even for B2B businesses, because they allow a clear message to be delivered straight to the hands of your customers. Some of the benefits of direct mail postcard advertising are:

  • It is cost-effective 

Postcards are a popular choice for direct mail because direct mail postcards are pocket-friendly and effective. And up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails.

  • It is highly targeted.

The essence of postcards is to reach the intended audience, unlike newspaper and television ads that are meant for the entire public. Therefore, you can tailor your campaign based on your customers’ buying habits and preferences and personalize your postcard to suit their needs. 

  • Postcards help strengthen relationships. 

Postcards are often used to strengthen relationships with existing customers. For example, they can be sent to build a sense of loyalty in the customer's mind. 

  • They are versatile 

Postcards are versatile since business owners can send the cards to the recipients and engage with them in multiple ways. For example, you can send a direct mail postcard to announce a product launch, thank a customer for a purchase, or follow up on prospective customers. 

  • Direct mail postcards campaigns are measurable. 

One will think it will be impossible to measure a postcards campaign, but this is not so. You can use a specific phone number or landing page so you can track results to see if you had a positive ROI. This will determine if you need to change anything in your next campaign.

Choose the Best Mass Mailing Rate (Standard or First Class)

When it comes to bulk direct mails, there are two different types. There is the standard and first-class. To make the right choice, you must note the difference in features, benefits, cost, and timeliness of the campaign. 

First Class Mails 

The USPS first-class mails are the highest level of service for delivering direct mails like letters, postcards, and packages. If you think of any direct mail campaign sent in envelopes or small packages, it is first-class mail. 

  • It has the most consistent delivery timing; 1 to 4 days.
  • It has automatic returns and mail forwarding if the recipient is unavailable.
  • You can track postage with a barcode number

Standard Mails 

The standard marketing mail is designed for large commercial mailing campaigns but only when time is not an issue. It is also quite inexpensive. 

  • No guaranteed delivery time. 
  • Mails are typically delivered in two weeks or more. 
  • It does not include forwarding and returning services if the recipient is unavailable.

Both standard and first-class mail are good. However, you must consider the time, parcel size, and postcard mailers cost to determine which one is best for you. So NEVER choose the standard mailing option if you want timely delivery of your postcards. 

Depending on the number of direct mails you are sending, our processing time is as follows.
500 - 25,000 1 - 3 business days.
30,000 - 60,000 3 - 5 business days.
70,000 - 100,000 5 - 7 business days.

Direct Mail Postcards Printing Services at 4OVER4

With 4OVER4, you can create, design, print, and send unique postcards that will immediately capture your customers without you doing the heavy lifting. Our direct mail postcards printing services focus on doing the work for you, and we make direct mail postcards cost a dime. 

Here is what you get;

  • CASS & NCOA Certification
  • Data Process One (1) List ($85 for each additional list)
  • Duplicate Item Removal
  • Pre-sorting USPS Documentation
  • Professional Inkjet addressing
  • Delivery to USPS
  • Shipment of extra pieces sent to your preferred address (UPS Rates Apply)

So place your order now and leave the rest for us!

Important Artwork Notice!

Please note that in order to benefit from USPS Reduced Postage Rate for your postcards, you must use 4OVER4.COM's Direct Mail Templates that have been setup to meet USPS design guidelines. As you will see there are requirements for the size of the inkjet area, bar-code placement, and indicia. Reduced Postage Rates quoted are only available for FULL AUTOMATION orders, which requires that the USPS design guidelines are met.

4OVER4 Uses USPS Reduced Postage Rate to calculate your order. Orders that do not follow USPS Direct Mail Guidelines will be posted at the standard postage rate and will be invoiced accordingly.


Available Paper Types:

  • 14pt Gloss Cover
  • 14pt Matte/Silk Cover
  • 14pt High Gloss UV Front; Coated Back
  • 16pt Gloss Cover
  • 16pt Matte/Silk Cover
  • 16pt High Gloss UV Front; Coated Back
  • 14pt Uncoated Cover
  • 14pt Gloss Cover
  • 14pt Uncoated Cover (30% PCW)
  • 16pt Gloss Cover
  • 14pt White Linen
  • 15pt Synthetic Plastic
  • 13pt Uncoated Cover (100% PCW)
  • 15pt Cover, Gloss 1 Side (30% PCW)
  • 14pt Cream Uncoated Cover (30% PCW)
  • 18pt Uncoated Cover
  • 18pt Cream Uncoated Cover
  • 15pt Metallic Pearl Ice
  • 15pt Metallic Pearl Champagne
  • 15pt Metallic Pearl Gold
  • 13pt Metallic Pearl Silver
  • 18pt Premium White Linen
  • 24pt Ultra Thick Gloss Cover
  • 18pt Rigid Vinyl (PVC)
  • 10pt StarLustre Platinum Cover
  • 100# Silk/Matte Cover
  • 26pt Metallic Pearl Ice
  • 16pt Uncoated Cover
  • 16pt Uncoated with Soft Touch
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K. Thompson

Jun 20 2020

Good price
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Oct 21 2019

When a friend referred me I was skeptical but she really praised you so I had to try you out .I have to say you have the best customer support as I called and they walked me through the process of how to go to the site and upload my design. The postcards turned out so good. Great job guys!
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Kenny A.

Oct 21 2019

I have ordered from a few other companies but I have to say 4over4 you have outdone yourself.I ordered postcards from you and you were very fast and efficient and always good quality.I have increased traffic to my place because of the postcards,couldnt have asked for more,.Amazing!!

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