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Velvet Laminated Bookmarks

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How to order velvet laminated bookmarks

To order velvet laminated bookmarks, first, select your preferred bookmark type and size. Next, you can either design your bookmarks online using a design tool provided by the printing service or upload your own design if you have one ready. After finalizing your design, proceed to place your order through the printing service's website, specifying the quantity and any additional customization options offered.

How to make velvet laminated bookmarks

To make velvet laminated bookmarks, you can either use an online designer provided by a printing service to start from scratch or choose from an existing template to modify. Alternatively, download a blank template and use your preferred software to edit and create your design. Once your design is ready, save it according to the specifications required for printing and proceed with the ordering process to have your bookmarks printed and velvet laminated.

velvet laminated bookmarks

For centuries, velvet has been considered a luxurious material. It has been used to make clothes, jewelry boxes, and even crafts. But did you know that it can be used for bookmarks as well? In fact, a velvet bookmark is one of the best options out there when you want to make a fantastic impression. Such bookmarks are sturdy and resistant to both tears and moisture. 

Mesmerizing Velvet Laminated Bookmarks

If you’re looking for high-quality velvet bookmarks for sale, you should consider getting our laminated ones. They look luxurious and sophisticated without losing their traditional vintage vibe. Moreover, they are durable and quite soft to the touch. 
And if that isn’t enough, we have some more good news; our velvet bookmark is available in two sizes - 2” x 6” and 2” x 8”. Also, we can print both sides if you want.

Tips For Designing Velvet Laminated Bookmarks

When it comes to designing velvet ribbon bookmarks, there are some tips we have to share with you:

  • Choose colors that go well with your brand
  • Don’t use too much text
  • Don’t be afraid to use bold colors 

Available Paper Types 

  • 16 point soft velvet laminated 

Tips For Designing Killer Velvet Laminated Bookmarks 

If you’re determined about creating a cool velvet bookmark, there are some tips that can help you out. Here are our favorites: 

  • Keep the design sleek and elegant
  • Don’t be afraid to hire professional designers
  • Ensure your logo is visible on the bookmark 

Whether you want to include a velvet bookmark in your sponsored marketing campaign or aim to just give one to a friend, our laminated ones are the best. You can easily upload your preferred design while designing from scratch with our design tool or choose from hundreds of free templates and buy a bunch of them from our website. You can make a bulk order of at least 100 pieces for a cheap price. And guess what? Delivery only takes 1 to 4 business days. 

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Dec 22 2020

Someone who enjoys the tactile as well as physical appearance of their products like me finds these to be perfect. They tick all boxes of lovely, lightweight, memorable, and affordable.
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Michael D.

Dec 22 2020

They look so good.
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Dec 22 2020

That is why I love such bookmarks. They have a luxurious touch that would make anyone want to keep flipping the pages.

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