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    rip hangers

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    Introducing a new business or product is not easy. This is the stage for every business whereby it's crucial to leverage the best marketing strategy.Sometimes you only get one shot to prove yourself and if you don’t set the foundation right from the get go, your business may never take off at all. Door to door marketing is a smart way to start telling people about your business using strategic messaging and design. Rip Hangers are a reliable medium to advertise door to door because they have the extra advantage of an attached coupon or business card that people can detach and keep to be used in the future. You can order them today at minimums of 250 prints and have them delivered to you within 7 days. When you print with us, you are working with a business that prides itself on high-quality materials, attention to detail and exceptional printing with no surprises.

    rip hangers

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    Available Paper Types:

    • 14pt Gloss Cover
    • 16pt Gloss Cover


    Beautiful and quality

    4over4 are our favorite printers as they make amazing products without compromising the quality. The rip hangers always look beautiful, professional and the paper stock feels quality. The customer support team are attentive and helpful and whenever we have an issue they are quick to alert us so we can get the best possible design. Our last design had a few mistakes that we changed before production saving us quite a bit of money. We would highly recommend this company.

    Carrie F., Jan 09 2020


    Very pleased

    I am very pleased with the rip hangers that I ordered from 4over4. They are attractive and they are on quality paper stock. I ordered 300 rip hangers in 4.25"x11" with a detachable coupon with 50% discount for a limited period. They do take 7 business days to arrive but I was fine with that. We distributed them locally and they were such a great hit. Now that I know the amazing quality and response that I received from this promotion. I will be back to order more items from your site.

    Aiden, Jan 10 2020



    The customer support team are so helpful, as I had a few issues with my design and they were so patient in helping me resolve them. My rip hangers came out perfect.Good job, guys

    A., Dec 12 2019


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