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Velvet Postcards

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How to Order Velvet Postcards

To order velvet postcards, first choose your preferred size and finish for the postcards. You have the option to either design your postcard online using a template or the platform's design tools, or you can upload your own completed design. Once your design is finalized and meets your satisfaction, proceed to place your order through the website, choosing the quantity and any additional features or services offered.

How to Make Velvet Postcards

Making velvet postcards starts with two main approaches: using an online designer or your own software. If you’re starting from scratch or want to use an existing template, utilize an online designer tool offered by many printing services. This approach allows you to customize your postcards with text, images, and other elements directly on the platform. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and edit it in your preferred software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, to create a custom design. Once your design is complete, save it in a format compatible with your printing service’s requirements.

velvet postcards

Refresh your print marketing efforts and captivate recipients with velvet laminated postcards printing! Create both a visual and tactile journey of the senses to advertise your latest products and offerings with our coveted line of special postcards. The seductive texture will entice and spark interest, making your brand shine. With a smooth finish, these cards are perfect for creating a lasting experience.

Postcard advertising has become increasingly popular because it delivers information in a neat and concise manner. Consumers are busier than ever and appreciate businesses that get to the point without beating around the bush. But here comes the best part: these soft-touch postcards boast a velvety, soft, and elegant texture. This texture is unique to this product and can also become especially unique for your postcards!

Features of Velvet Postcards


  • Luxurious Velvet Lamination with soft touch feel
  • Thick 16-point cardstock
  • Reduced milky appearance leaving printed colors more intact or opaque
  • Printed in several popular sizes


Velvet Laminated Postcards Printing: A Class Act

Our velvet postcards are made out of 16 pt premium paper stock which is then laminated with a 1.5 mil soft velvet for a muted and subtle effect. The result is a postcard that is 19 pt thick and scratch resistant. The velvet laminate also extends the life of the print. Thick and luxurious, these postcards are elegant, sophisticated, and most definitely unique. What better way to stand out?

The thick 19 pt velvet laminated postcard feels and looks expensive without actually being a luxury to produce. The immediate perceived value of your brand rises as soon as you add the lamination because people associate weight and texture with elegance, class, and sophistication. This extra advantage for your business is perfect for giving you a boost against the competition.

For Announcements, Coupons, Reminders, and More

Customized velvet postcards help you send your message out in an elegant and sophisticated way. Our items are truly unique because we let you use your one-of-a-kind artwork and text to create an extraordinary postcard that not only looks beautiful but feels like smooth suede. What's better than that?

Print postcards and add a coupon code to track the success of your latest promotion. If you just revamped your online store, send out customized postcards with a QR (Quick Response) code to drive traffic to your new site. You can also send out thank you cards to new clients.

Not just for advertising! Doctors and dentists can use them to remind patients of an upcoming appointment or annual visit. They are perfect for personal greetings, save-the-date reminders, and invitations. There is no end to how you can implement them to suit your life. With this amount of versatility, these cards can be perfect for any use!

Fast Turnaround Times

We understand the need for premium quality delivered quickly. So, choose from 0 to 4 business day turnarounds on your postcard orders.

Be a smooth talker with velvet laminated postcard printing. Order our cheap velvet laminated postcards today!

Important Artwork Notice!

Available on postcards, business cards, invitations, greeting cards, trading cards, bookmarks and more!

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Product Reviews


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E. Velez

Oct 14 2022

The thought of velvet postcards is just WOW!! Can't wait to use them!
user avatar

Liam W.

Dec 02 2019

We needed something unique and sophisticated for our more high-end products and we came across these postcards on the 4over4 site. The ordering process is easy and smooth. I was able to receive and approve the online proof. It is important to note the cards take 4 to 7 days to arrive but are certainly well worth the wait. We were blown away as they look even better than we imagined and the soft elegant texture really elevates these cards. We are so excited to send them out. Now that we know the quality we shall definitely be ordering more of them.
user avatar


Dec 03 2019

I have been ordering from 4over4 for several years and these are one of my favorite products to order. While the minimum is quite high at 500, the velvet postcards are absolutely worth it. Clients love the luxurious feel and look of the postcards and the design is always just right. I order these postcards for holiday promotions and product launches, and 4over4 has never let me down. The packages always arrive within the indicated time and the customer support team is always ready help to resolve any issue. Thanks, guys!

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