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Conference & Event Badges

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How to order Event Badges

To order event badges, first, choose your preferred event badge style and size. You can then design your badges online using a design tool or upload your own design if you have one ready. Once you are satisfied with the design, you can place your order by following the checkout process on the printer’s website. Ensure to select the quantity and any other customization options offered during the process.

How to make Event Badges

To make event badges, you can use an online designer provided by a printing service to start your design from scratch or to modify an existing template that matches your event theme. Alternatively, download a blank template and use your preferred software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, to edit the design according to your requirements. Once your design is complete, you can upload it to the printing service’s website if ordering physical badges or print them yourself if you have the necessary equipment.

event badges

You definitely need an event badge if you are planning a special event. You see, event badges shouldn't be an afterthought. They can heighten the excitement for your event, and sometimes, they engender communion among guests. Event badges are handy when hosting any event, be it a business event, a concert, a conference, or a trade show.

What You Need to Know About Event Badges

Event badges typically carry the attendee's name, in the case of a personalized badge. They can have the individual's job title and the event organizers' name and logo. And they can also carry pictures or illustrations about your event. 

A legible font that's easy to read is best on badges. Also, ensure the attendee's first name are large enough to be read from a distance. Some organizers include a barcode or Quick Response that could be a security feature or that simply directs users to an important page on the web.

Event badges are as large as you see necessary. On, you can select a custom size. For example, a 2" X 3" size will be more appropriate for a simple event name tag. However, if you need conference name badges with more room, the 4" X 6" size will suffice. 

Event badges are best with lanyards. These lanyards hold the badges to the bearer. They are usually 1/2" to 3/4" wide and can be custom printed to your desired taste and style. You can also print your logo or brand name on them. Please contact our support team and relay the custom features, color, and design you want on your lanyard for a custom quote. 

Benefits of our Event Name Tags & Convention Badges

The benefits of event name tags and convention badges are many. We’ve condensed these benefits to a 5 points list. 

  • They are excellent icebreakers.

The simple fact that they carry attendees' names and are worn uniformly means guests will have less hassle starting a conversation. In addition, using the people’s names while addressing them for the first time eliminates communication barriers and makes even perfect strangers sound like friends. 

  • Great for VIP guests

Will you have dignitaries at your event? Then, you can appreciate them with an event badge of a unique color scheme. Otherwise, a personalized badge with the name of your guest is enough to denote their special status. 

  • For better security

Security is always a concern at events. Event badges are surprisingly effective at countering minor security challenges. Alternatively, special event badges can serve as a security pass to areas with elevated security permissions that are only accessible to staff, like backstages. Additionally, they may carry a unique bar code that grants the bearers entry but denies others.

  • Fashionable

No less noteworthy is that event badges are fashionable. If your event has a theme color, guests may try certain dress combinations that complement your colors. As a result, the overall appearance and uniformity become pleasing. 

  • Social media opportunity

If your event has a social media hashtag, print it on the badge. That way, you could spark social media discussions and comments about your event. As a result, your social media pages will gain visibility, or you may trend.

Custom Conference & Event Badges Printing at 4OVER4 is a leading conference badge printing service. On our website, you can order laminated badges that look premium and are sustainable badges for events. If you have a recurring event, these badges are necessary. These plastic laminated badges can be exposed to water or rain without damage. And if your event is an outdoor event, laminated badges are a must.

Here is a comparison chart of essentials for your next events.

Customizable Size?
Paper Stock
Minimum Quantity
Print Turnaround

Event Badges


6 standard sizes as well as custom sizes

- 18pt Rigid Vinyl (PVC)
- 22pt Gloss Laminated


1 to 5 Business Days
Same Day Turnaround Also Available

Standard Name Labels


More than 20 standard options

- Standard Uncoated Label
- Standard Semi-Gloss Label
- Standard Hi-Gloss Label


1 to 5 Business Days
Same Day Turnaround Also Available

Kraft Business Cards


3 standard sizes as well as custom sizes

- 32pt Kraft
- 48pt Kraft
- 64pt Kraft
- 80pt Kraft


1 to 6 Business Days

Roll Name Labels


More than 20 standard options

- White Gloss (Indoor)
- White BOPP (Indoor/Outdoor)
- Clear BOPP (Indoor/Outdoor)


6 Business Days


Don't have your artwork ready? Use our free and easy-to-use online tool to get a functional badge in minutes. Place your order now and let your event be the talk of the town. 

Order your custom printed Lanyards

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