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Custom Die-Cut Business Cards in ANY Shape You Want

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Rectangular business cards may be the norm, but it’s the cards with unusual trims that get attention. With our new line of elegant, custom-shaped business cards, you’re prepared to make a memorable first impression. 

Sometimes, it is a hassle to think of card shapes that will let you stand out.  But what if you can apply your favorite shape to your card design in 1 click? You now have his functionality available to you. You can apply your preferred trim or shape to your designs with a click. You save time and effort selecting from our extensive gallery and you get an instant preview of what your card will look like.


Use your own style: personalized business cards shape 

Don’t settle for boring cards. Showcase your style when you pick from our over 80 different shaped business cards. Also, you can apply these shapes or trims to our online templates. Whether you operate a salon and spa, run a creative agency, operate a retail service, or are a professional, there’s a special shape to suit your brand’s unique voice.

Our custom-shaped business cards allow you to print in rather complex shapes without knowledge of the technicalities of printing. For example, you don’t need to indicate the die lines in your art, because that has been done for you. And With our fully customizable templates, you can easily get the content to fit into the trims.  If you are starting your design from scratch, you are not left out in using our trims. The trims are imbued into the online design tool for seamless use. 

Also add a unique finish to your custom-shaped business cards with our high-quality, full-color printing. We have over 30 standard and premium papers available to suit your liking, including glossy stock, uncoated stock, and matte stock. And you have options to choose premium finishes that will get people interested in your enterprise. 

Effortlessly stand out from the competition by printing in a custom shape. We are confident you will find shapes that align with your brand’s identity and mission.


The most popular shape of business cards 

Previously, if you wanted to make die-cut printings, you could only pick from a handful of shapes. Hence, these shapes became the popular shapes for business card design. They are:

  • rounded corners
  • rounded one corner
  • leaf
  • half circle side
  • oval, and 
  • circle

These popular shapes are still commonly used, and you can print in any of these 6 shapes on our die-cut business card page. But to stand out,  you can find more distinct business card trims you wouldn’t get anywhere else but from our collection. Get more unique options.


Print your unique shaped business cards online at 4OVER4 

Ordering your custom-shaped business cards from 4OVER4.COM is easy. You can complete your order In just 4 steps:

  1. Select your desired trim or shape from the gallery.
  2. Choose other customizations such as the paper type, size of the card, quantity of the order, finish type, and turnaround time. 
  3. Upload your design artwork or design your artwork from scratch with our powerful online design tool. 
  4. Lastly, choose the preferred delivery method for your job to complete your order.

We print similar custom-shaped products such as postcards, hang tags, and invitation cards. With over 2 decades of industry experience, we’re the internet’s most reliable printing service provider.  We also offer same-day printing. So, you know where to look if you’re in a fix but need a quick turnaround. 

Do you wonder, “What printing service provider is near me?” We’re a click away. Let us help you put your best business foot forward. Place your order now.

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Feb 23 2023

I am extremely impressed with the final product. The cards are of exceptional quality and the shape is unique and eye-catching. The customization options available through 4over4 allowed me to design a card that perfectly represents my brand and style.