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Custom die-cut postcards are postcards that have a unique design from the normal rectangular shape. Die-cut laminated postcards can have something as simple as a  rounded corner, be circular or even heart shaped.

People today are bombarded by so much visual stimulation that it's become a feat to get them excited about your brand or an event that you're organising. You need a little bit of “je ne sais quoi” to bring a fresh perspective into your branding. Die cut laminated postcards, unlike regular postcards, hold their shape longer, are tear resistant and ensure that if your design requires heavy ink coverage, the edges will not chip during cutting. In short this is a great choice for longevity, superior cut quality and extra durability. If you are ready to exploit these dynamic mediums here are some of the options we offer you:

  • 16-point thick cardstock
  • Full-color printing on one or both sides
  • Silk or gloss lamination 
  • 4 day turnaround

Application of postcards with a unique shape

Unique postcard shapes can be applied in any way the customer wants. The only catch is to work with a great die cut printing company that is known to deliver exactly what shape you want and provides free online proofs and hardcopy proof before production. If you’ve been searching for a company to bring your ideas to life then consider your search over because with 20 years of experience in this industry, we have become experts in the delivery of premium prints and provide our customers with great service every step of the way.

How can die cutting enhance postcards?

Die-cutting makes postcards more unique and attention-grabbing. In a world where new businesses are coming up every day and trying to get noticed, you can’t afford to use the regular postcards like every other business. Sending out die cut postcards is a sure way to reinforce the message to customers as they are appealing and unforgettable.
Use your die cut laminated postcards to provide creative direction to your customers. For instance, if you're in the hair business, you could have a die cut postcard with a fancy haircut. If in the home decor space, you could have  your postcards in the shape of an interesting shaped lighting fixture. It’s up to you to use your industry knowledge to come up with something your customers will love and keep you top of mind anytime they’re looking for your products or services. You could always refresh them with every new product release to get customers interested.

What size postcard to choose for your postcards

There are several postcard size options that you can choose from.

  • 4” x 6” size. This is a small size postcard and they are best to use when you’re going for a minimalist approach and thus have little text. They can be sent on occasions like birthdays, weddings, graduations, and the like. 
  • 5” x 7” size. This is an average postcard. They can be used by any business for any occasion.They’re great for  announcing a sale or any change in the business.
  • 6” x 9” size. These are oversized postcards and are mostly used when a business has a lot of information that they want to pass such as a list of services they offer. With such a size postcard, you can add as many details that you want since it has more space. You can include large creative images as well.

How to prepare designs for special die-cut postcards

Specialty postcards are made to suit something specific in particular. Some of the ways to prepare are:

  • Know the shape and color you want. If you are in real estate, then you can get your die-cut laminated postcards in the shape of a house. Die-cut your postcards to reflect your business. Match your postcard color to your brand.
  • Decide on whether you will print on both sides or one side. Depending on the amount of information you want to pass across, you can either print on both sides or one side.
  • Choose the paper type you want. This can either be silk laminated or gloss laminated. Both exude class and sophistication. 

Available paper types for custom die-cut postcard

There are two paper types available that are the luxurious and durable 16 points silk laminated or 16 point gloss laminated paper. Expect high-quality die-cut postcard printing from 4OVER4 that will be sure to dazzle and impress your customers, friends and family alike. 

Important Artwork Notice!

Any Shape Postcard File Guidelines: A Custom Shape File must be created as a vector and saved as either an EPS or PDF. Custom Shape File must represent the cut line. Custom Shape File must be only in 100% black, either 0.5pt or 1pt thick. Thin lines and small shapes are not recommended for any shape postcards. Bleed for the Custom Shaped postcards must be 0.125" from the cut line on all sides. Choose the size that best fits your needs and upload the CMYK file(s) as well as the Cut Shape File.


How to Pick the Right Size for Your Postcard: You must select the available size that fits both dimensions of your project. If your postcard is 2.75" X 3.5",  the correct size to select is 4" x 4"; it's the smallest available size that will allow us to fit and cut your label to size comfortably, without losing design details, quality or surface space.

Available Paper Types:

  • 16 Point Silk Laminated
  • 16 Point Gloss Laminated

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  • I'm simply amazed by their beauty!

    "I'm simply amazed by their beauty!"


    Naomi L. Dec 23 2020

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  • They are suitable for any business.

    "The results they give are worth every penny spent. They are suitable for any business."


    Gabriel M. Decker Dec 23 2020

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  • They are very impressive.

    "The cards are a sure way to receive positive feedback and wow customers. They are very impressive."


    Dominic K. Dec 23 2020

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People today are bombarded by so much visual stimulation that it's become a feat to get them excited about your brand or an event that you're organising. You need to get with the program. Simple design doesn’t cut it anymore. Die Cut Postcards unlike regular Postcards can come in different creative shapes that can be leveraged to tell your brand story in an engaging manner. If you are ready to exploit these dynamic mediums here are some of the options we offer you: Thick 16-point cardstock, Full-color printing on one or both sides, your choice of silk or gloss lamination and a 4 day turnaround. Ready to reap the benefits of professionally-printed Die Cut Postcards?

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