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Scratch off Printing: ANY Size - ANY Paper You Want!

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How to order Scratch-Off Printing

To order Scratch-Off Printing, first, you must choose your preferred scratch-off product type (such as tickets or promotional cards). Afterward, you can either design your scratch-off online using customizable templates or upload your pre-designed layout. Once the design is finalized, place your order directly on the printing company's website, making sure to specify any custom requirements or quantities.

How to make Scratch-Off Printing

Creating Scratch-Off Printing products involves a straightforward process. Begin by using an online designer tool, where you can either start from scratch or opt for an existing template to modify. Alternatively, download a blank template and use your preferred software (like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop) to design your scratch-off area and accompanying graphics. Remember to follow the specific print guidelines for scratch-off areas to ensure optimal functionality and appearance.

Stand Out Like a Pro with Scratch Off Printing!

Commonly found in lotto tickets and phone cards, scratch off printing is a coveted finish that makes any brand -however big or small- look like a major league pro; its unique production value, intriguing mystique and playful, cool, factor have an immediate pull with customers.


What is Scratch Off Printing? How Does it Work?

It's hot stamping reloaded. Scratch off printing adds a standard or custom-shaped layer of metallic foil to your prints in specific areas, covering particular pieces of content - like coupon codes, sequential numbers, barcodes or names - to be revealed by 'scratching' the material with the edge of a coin, or a similar surface.


Why Try Scratch Off Printing?

  • Trigger Curiosity
  • Create Instant Excitement
  • Foster Positive Brand Engagement
  • Get More Interactions with Customers
  • Sell More

It's fun for the recipient, highly effective for you and surprisingly affordable, not to mention cost effective in the long run. Scratch off printed cards, brochures, flyers and more, breathe new life to old marketing strategies with immediate results.

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J. Adderley

Jul 01 2022

it was okay
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D. Thompson

Mar 11 2022

Easy to design online and excellent quality product, many different designs available for whatever you need.
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Apr 23 2021


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