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Metallic Foil Business Cards printing

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How to Order Metallic Foil Business Cards

To order metallic foil business cards, the process is straightforward. First, select your preferred style and specifications for the metallic foil business cards. Next, you can either design your business cards online using the provider's design tools or upload your own pre-designed template. Once your design is finalized, proceed to place your order through the website or over the phone, depending on the service provider's options.

How to Make Metallic Foil Business Cards

Making metallic foil business cards involves a design process that can either be initiated from scratch or based on a pre-existing template. Utilize an online designer tool offered by many printing services to start your design, choosing from a variety of templates or creating your own unique design. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and edit it in your preferred software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, to include metallic foil elements where desired. Once your design is complete, it's ready to be printed.

metallic foil business cards

Metallic foil business card printing can help to play up key information, such as your company name, logo, or text. The result is a card design that is reflective, alluring, and unique. Also, the luminous shiny finish helps to create a special interest in your services.

Sophisticated Look: Metallic Foil Business Card Printing

We produce metallic foil business cards through the hot foil printing process, where we apply the foil on paper cardstock using heat and pressure. Metallic foils can have various colors, such as gold, silver, or copper. You can apply it to the entire card or simply decorate specific parts of your business card. 

But what are the benefits of business cards with metallic foil?

Elevate Your Brand with Professional Metallic Foil Business Cards

Foil accent designs help to showcase your brand's creativity and professionalism. These cards take you from standard to stand out. They offer these benefits:

Eye-catching design: The metallic foil adds a reflective effect that captures your recipient's attention and interest, making them memorable.

Professional and high-end look: The cards help to enhance the professional image of the bearer and company. This elevated identity is vital in industries where image and branding are everything. In addition, Metallic foil business cards give the impression of higher quality and will represent high-end, upmarket brands.

These benefits mean foil business cards are suited for various situations and industries, namely:

  • Networking events
  • Luxury brands
  • Creative professions
  • Executive positions

So what foil options do you have?

Create Stunning Business Cards with Metallic Foil in Gold, Silver, Copper, Red, Blue, and Black

You can buy Metallic foil business cards in several accent colors, including: 

  • Gold
  • Silver 
  • Copper
  • Rose gold
  • Black, and 
  • Blue

If you want more foil color options,  order our majestic business card. We offer about 18 different foil colors, more paper types, and customizations to create a unique card. Alternatively, select our Metallic business card, also known as Wonderfoil, which turns your CMYK colors into radiant metallic foil colors. This gives you unlimited color options for a metallic accent.


In addition, you can pick from these popular card sizes (inches):

  • 2 x 3.5
  • 2.125 x 3.375
  • 1.5 x 3.5
  • 2.5 x 2.5

Print in either of these paper type

  • 16-point Silk laminated 
  • 14-point Uncoated cover

You can order Fat foil Business cards with the thicker  32-point UltraWhite uncoated cover. This is only available in Silver and Gold foil.

Finally, the spot UV and rounded corner options help to enhance your card's appeal by creating a raised, glossy effect and rounded edges. 

Pricing and Ordering at 4OVER4.COM

Select your customization options to order Metallic business cards on 4OVER4. Our price calculator displays the cost of your order so that you can spend within your budget. Also, you’d receive a free proof for preview if you select the online proof option. 

Lastly, upload your business card design or use our online designer tool to create one, then input a delivery address or pickup method to complete your order.


Metallic foil business cards will help you make a strong, memorable, and professional impression. So stand out from the competition today with this unique product. 

Our meticulously designed business cards are perfect for enhancing brand awareness and making unforgettable first impressions. If you’re seeking a more budget-friendly option, take advantage of our one-time offer for free business cards.

Important Artwork Notice!

With Metallic Accent products, a.k.a. WonderFoil, you can turn a wide range of CMYK colors, into multi-colored foils. When doing a metallic postcard, sticker, business card, etc., a foil mask must be created and uploaded with your full color CMYK file. The file for the "metallic" mask MUST ONLY be black and white (100% Black).

100% Black in the areas you want the foil, and white (0%) in the areas you do not want the foil. Click for more info.

Click here for instructions before ordering this product

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Robert Cramer

May 11 2024

The cards are very durable and worth your money
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Dec 20 2022

Nice to meet 4over4
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Dec 15 2019

awsome product and amazing customer service!

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