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Edge Painted Postcards

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How to order Edge-Painted Postcards

To order edge-painted postcards, begin by choosing your preferred postcard specifications, including size, paper type, and edge color. You can then design your postcards online using a platform's design tools or upload a pre-designed template. Once your design is finalized, proceed to place your order through the print company’s website. This process allows for a personalized touch in professional print materials.

How to make Edge-Painted Postcards

Making edge-painted postcards starts by using an online designer tool, where you can either start from scratch or select from existing templates to kickstart your design. Alternatively, you can download a blank postcard template and edit it using your preferred software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. After designing, the key step is to manually paint or apply the edge color to your postcards, usually after the cutting process, to ensure a vibrant and uniform application on the edges.

edge painted postcards

Postcards typically do not say much, yet they effectively create business awareness and promote sales. Although postcards are brief, your clients will notice the attention level of your business. 

Of course, you must solve a challenge for your audience. But you can convey you care about your customers when you make your solutions noticeable. 

The edges of our postcards are carefully painted to seize attention, convey care, and establish authority. Bland postcards may still work but be sure you are not leaving anything to chance with our painted edge postcard printing service. 

Typical customer behavior is to abandon promotional items in a heap of paper. Sadly, most business proposals end there in that heap. Painted edge postcards insulate you from customer forgetfulness. More than that, our edge paint postcards help you take advantage of the client’s forgetfulness! You can stand out from any stack when you order your own edge-painted postcards today!

Important Things to Know about Edge Painted Cards

You also get these benefits with our painted edge postcard printing service:

  • Colors may bleed SLIGHTLY to the surface of the cards. This is most apparent on WHITE cards.
  • The selected color will be applied to all four edges of the printed pieces
  • Large quantity orders and/or multiple sets may result in minor variances in the edge color.
  • Edge Painting is not an exact science. There may be slight variations from any 4OVER4.COM samples received or from previous orders.
  • Custom Colors: For Custom Colors, we do our best to match a CMYK value or PMS, but we cannot guarantee an exact match. Also, we cannot match specialty Pantone colors, such as neons, fluorescents, and metallics.
  • Your design might slightly change the way the edge color turns out. This will be more noticeable with dark and light color backgrounds. We recommend having a solid background color. This difference will be more noticeable when the cards are stacked but less noticeable once you hold up an individual card by itself.


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Gilbert D.

Dec 22 2020

I thought postcards couldn't get any better until I saw these. Simply amazing!
user avatar

Ella G. Strout

Dec 22 2020

Going the extra mile with edge painted postcards assures success.
user avatar

Robin M. Fleming

Dec 22 2020

Picking great colors that are in-line with the business will be make them be noticeable from afar.

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