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How to Order Premium Soap Labels

To order premium soap labels, start by choosing your preferred label material and finish, such as glossy, matte, or perhaps a sustainable option like recycled paper. Next, either design your label online with the printing company's design tools or upload your own design file directly to their platform. Finally, review your design, add any special instructions or preferences, and place your order. This streamlined process ensures a personalized, professional look for your soap products.

How to Make Premium Soap Labels

Making premium soap labels begins with deciding on the look and feel of your product. Use an online designer tool offered by most label printing services to start from scratch, or choose from a variety of existing templates to find one that aligns with your brand identity. Alternatively, download a blank template and use your preferred software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, to edit and add your own creative touches. This approach allows for maximum customization, ensuring your labels stand out in the marketplace.

premium soap labels

Market Your Handmade Soap with Beautifully-Designed Premium Soap Labels

Are you a soap business looking to increase brand recognition? Do you make homemade soaps for your friends and family members? Customize your premium soap labels exactly the way you want them here at 4OVER4.COM!

In addition to making you look professional, there are a myriad of ways you can use a custom printed label on your handmade soap packaging. You can use it to market the handcrafted soap, distinguish between different smells or seal the opening of the box containing the soap. The possibilities are endless!

Homemade soap has quickly grown in popularity with an exponentially increasing market share over the conventional ones. And if you are a DIY soap maker, it's fun and simple to customize your own soap labels with us! Conveniently stacked as individual pieces, our premium soap labels help you customize soap bars for events, hotels, b&bs, homemade brands and much more. Ready to create unique experiences with thoughtful design and beautiful soap stickers?

Product Specs

Whether you're personalizing bar soaps for retail sales, marketing, promotions, gifting or party favors, we have exactly what you're looking for. Choose from a wide variety of label papers, sizes and ink colors to make the most out of the color and shape of your soap bar. Customize the perfect label for your soap with 4OVER4.COM's broad range of label printing options listed below:

  • Delivered cut to size as individual stickers with self-adhesive material.

  • Over 20 label types, from semi-gloss, to brown kraft to gorgeous clear repositionable vinyl.

  • Available in 6 popular sizes in addition to custom sizes.

  • Choose from striking full-color prints or chic black ink prints.

  • Optional rounded corners for a touch of pizzazz.

  • With the ability to print 25 to 25 thousand prints, we cater to both private suppliers and large chains.

Exceptional Proofing Service

Here at 4OVER4.COM, we ensure that your soap label design will come out better than you expect with our exceptional proofing service. Just make your selections using our user-friendly Instant Price Calculator and upload your design. Next, our printing pros will check it if it's print-ready and inform you if there are any adjustments needed. Once you've approved your free online proof or your hardcopy proof, your project will go to print. Your labels can be ready in 0 to 5 business days - you'll have flawless prints in less than a week!

Ready to reap the benefits of professionally printed premium soap labels from 4OVER4.COM, whether it's for your own homemade soap business or for an upscale event? Then order today! For inquiries email Our knowledgeable staff is here to help!

Important Artwork Notice!

Come cut to size as individual loose pieces.

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Phyllis M.

Apr 08 2017

I am really thankful for 4over4’s great service on my last order. I ordered 10,000 premium soap labels for my client. Their team was so helpful and knowledgeable! I can truly feel like they went above and beyond to make sure things were properly taken care of for me and for my client. Totally recommended!