15 of the Best Designers To Follow on Social Media

Published on January 23, 2014 by , in Cool & Interesting, Creativity, Graphic Design, Stuff We Love, Tips For Your Portfolio, What's New

No artist is without the need of some inspiration by fellow creatives.  With this in mind, we decided to introduce 15 of the best graphic designers  currently being followed on social media today.  Graphic design is constantly transforming and evolving in both print and on the web.  These fifteen graphic designers to follow are the epitome of cool design and creative genius.

They come from all walks of life and are passionate about their illustrations, graphics, typography and photography.   Follow them on Behance.com, Instagram and Twitter and see what all the buzz is about.  Their technique and vision is a feast for the eyes!

 Take a look at our list of the best graphic designers you should be following on social media below.

 Who’s hot on Behance.com:

  1. Juri Zaech Behance
    Juri Zaech

  2. Nicole Martinez Behance2
    Nicole Martinez

  3. Josip Kelava Behance2
    Josip Kelava

  4. Dan Mountford Behance
    Dan Mountford

  5. Frederico Landini Behance
    Frederico Landini

 Rising stars of Instagram:

  1. Darren Booth

    Darren Booth
  2. Andrei Robu

    Andrei Robu
  3. Justin Maller

    Justin Maller
  4. Dana Tanamachi

    Dana Tanamachi
  5. James White Signalnoise
    James White – Signalnoise

Who they’re tweeting about on Twitter:

  1. nicholaspatten-liquify twitter
    Nicholas Patten @nicholaspatten

  2. justcreative twitter
    Jacob Cass @justcreative

  3. jason santa maria twitter
    Jason Santa Maria @jasonsantamaria

  4. rockfish media twitter
    Mitsi McKee @sh3n3rd

  5. digitalmash twitter
    Rob Morris @digitalmash

    This is just a brief glimpse into the work that has inspired designers from across the globe.  Whether your love is typography, web design, photography or print, our 15 graphic designers to watch on social media certainly deliver.

 Want to be on our next list of graphic designers to follow?  Send us some of your work and tell us what sets you apart and drives the passion behind your work.  We can’t wait to hear from you!