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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    Sep 19, 2020 Clap 2063 ViewCopy Link

    Best Thank You Business Cards For Any Occasion

    Best Thank You Business Cards For Any Occasion

    Absolutely everybody enjoys receiving thanks for doing something deserving. This includes family, friends, and the people you have done business with. For the last group, what better way is there to show your appreciation than professional thank-you cards? Read on below to find out how to design the best thank you business cards for any occasion and see how to create a great relationship with your clients!

    How to Make a Great Thank You Business Cards

    There is a winning formula in making great thank you business cards, and we are about to go over this checklist. It is important to make sure that you get it all right because otherwise, you will miss the opportunity to make a great impression. Read on below if you are curious as to how to make a business card and try to work with these guidelines.

    Ensuring to Leave Adequate White Space

    The importance of white space can never be overrated, as I have written time and again. White space balances everything out and makes sure that the card looks good and professional. Crowding your card with lots of graphics and text will have them all fighting for attention and none will win. Make sure that you leave every bit of art enough room to shine and make an impact. thank-you-business-cards Source

    Choosing a Working Color Scheme

    Make sure that you have a maximum of three colors on your thank you cards. If your logo is multicolored then find the two main colors on it and work with them. Simple is always better and so fewer colors will look great. One color will be the main one on which everything else is based, then the font can be another color, while the graphic if any can take the third and final color. This is assuming that you will also work your logo into the thank you business card in order to keep your brand going.

    Getting Good Graphics for Your Thank You Business Cards

    You don't want to do all the hard work only to tie everything up with pixelated images. If you have to take great photos to ensure uniqueness then do so. If you can find great stock photos that will match your brand then this would be the preferred option as it is more cost effective. You need to confirm that your images are the right dimensions and working with a great printer will help you with this. This is because you can ask them to show you an online proof before you commit to printing the thank you business cards.

    Picking a Good Font for Thank You Business Cards

    As with all small size print items, use two fonts maximum to avoid your card looking disorganized. Have one font for the main information which may be 'Thank You'. The second font can work for the message and any other information that you want to have on the cards. This will keep things simple and attractive, which is what you need your print communication to be for it to be a success. Source I once saw some pretty thank you business cards that had the perfect card stock. It was heavy and felt nice to hold. The colors too were gorgeous and were in line with the brand. The fonts, however, left a lot to desire. The main font was an unofficial one and this was okay, but the message was in a different font and the business information in yet another different font. All of this mixture made it look disorganized. The otherwise perfect card was wasted because it looked a bit cheap and not well thought-through. Make sure therefore that you don't waste your efforts due to such a minor detail.

    Keeping it Simple

    This is important because you want the message to be clear and concise. If you have a lot of conflicting graphics that you want to include in your thank you business cards, it will be better to split it into two different designs. Have one batch on a particular design while the other batch is in a different design. This versatility will actually help your cards stay gorgeous and unique. As long as you have your logo on all designs, they will all link back to your brand.

    Research on How to Make Thank You Business Cards

    thank-you-business-cards Source Look around online to see what other people are designing so you get a good idea of what to do. Designs get in and out of fashion as time goes by so you need to make sure you have a relevant and modern design for your thank you business cards. Get a good look at what kind of design works best for your industry and work towards achieving something better. Research done in early 2020 by Small Biz Trends has it that 38% of women are likely to judge a business negatively based on the quality and design of a business card. This is 38% more people that you could reel in, so play your cards right and get the best quality that you can afford. Take advantage of this fun statistic and capitalize on it by using this guide to design your own business cards.


    If you decide to do something you ought to do it well. This includes getting the best thank you business cards to share gratitude to your customers. Get the best printers to help you realize your design and make sure your clients feel appreciated enough to come back time and time again.