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    Real Estate Printing

    5 Types of Real Estate Printing

    Real Estate Printing
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    Real Estate A-Frame
    + 50 Coins

    Real Estate A-Frame

    • Comes with Frame + 1 Sign
    • Optional Rider Sign + Pennant Flag
    • Low Minimums of 1
    • Ready in 1 to 4 Days
    Shop Now - $49.99
    Real Estate H-Frame
    + 48 Coins

    Real Estate H-Frame

    • Comes with Frame + 1 Sign
    • Heavy Duty Black Metal Frame
    • Optional Rider Sign Also Available
    • Ready in 1 to 4 Days
    Shop Now - $47.99
    Real Estate Post
    + 119 Coins

    Real Estate Post

    • The Gold Standard in Real Estate Advertising
    • Great Visibility and Construction
    • Aluminum Sign Panels
    • Ready in 2 to 4 Days
    Shop Now - $119
    Real Estate QuikSign® A-Frame
    + 120 Coins

    Real Estate QuikSign® A-Frame

    • Holds 24" x 18" Signs
    • Comes with Frame + 2 Signs
    • Accepts Optional Rider Sign
    • Ready in 2 to 4 Days
    Shop Now - $119.99
    Real Estate Yard Signs
    + 28 Coins

    Real Estate Yard Signs

    • 24" x 18" Coroplast Signs
    • Comes Standard as Double Sided!
    • Optional H-Stakes Available
    • Raedy in 1 to 4 Days
    Shop Now - $27.5

    Buying Guide

    Banners generally are long pieces of clothing or flags that have the company logo, slogan, and a unique advertising message. Banners are for marketing a sale, occasions like a graduation, and even major commodities such as property. It’s a common and efficient way for businesses to reach out to new customers and increase their brand awareness.

    Banners for real estate are banners used to advertise a house, acres of land, or a realtor company. Banners for real estate mostly deal with advertising property.As a real estate agent, you can also use a real estate agent banner to create awareness about a specific listing, or promote your business in general to get more leads.

    Details included in a real estate company banner include:

    • Business name and logo- This is critical and needs to be properly visible in your banners. The name and logo don’t have to take much space but they should always be included.
    • Contact information- This is your call to action. After people have viewed your real estate advertising banner, you want them to take action. The action is to contact you and request your services and they can only do this if they have access to your contact information. Have your most updated website, telephone number and email.
    • Message- If you are using your banners to promote your business services, then be sure to list what you have to offer. If you want a house for sale banner, then be sure to have a simple message like ‘House for sale’ or ‘House for rent’ if it’s for renting purposes. Remember, you are competing with other real estate businesses, meaning, your message has to be catchy. So if it’s a house for sale banner, you can customize it and come up with a convincing statement like, ‘Comfortable, Safe, and Friendly house for sale’.

    Where are used banners for real estate

    Banners for real estate can be used in the following instances:

    • To advertise an open house, spaces for lease or house for sale- How else will people know there is an open house if you don’t display it on banners? Banners will get the word out and help you sell or rent faster than you think. They're effective because they’re location specific and so will attract home buyers or renters in that area. They also tend to give credibility to one's business more than digital ads would. 
    • To let people know about your business- There is no better way to let people know you are a real estate realtor or company than with a realtor banner or real estate company banner. Banners are big and hard to miss and you are assured most people will see them. This will help them know about you and what you provide and even if they won’t purchase from you immediately, you will be at the top of their mind when they need your services.
    • To let people know you buy houses- If as a company you buy or flip houses, then banners will help people know that and attract interested clients.
    • To let people know of empty office spaces- If you own a building and it has an empty office, then use a real estate banner to let people know. You might be surprised about how many calls you will receive from people interested.

    Top 5 popular formats of real estate banners

    The top 5 banners for real estate are:

    • Real estate A-Frame- The frames are 24” x 18” and double sided. This means you have 2 sides that you can use to capture the attention of people. You may have different messages on both sides so that you can make maximum use of them. It is very portable, meaning you can always place it in different locations as you please and the quality is supreme. The frame material is metal, therefore, making it durable. Setting up the A-frame displays is easy and will take you under 10minutes.
    • Real estate yard sign- Real estate yard signs are common for letting people know which real estate agency is handling a specific property and how they can be contacted by interested people. The yard signs are made from a 4mm white coroplast that is durable and light which makes them easy to carry from one spot to another. They are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 
    • Real estate H-frame sign- This sign is similar to a real estate advertising banner yard sign only that it is H-shaped. It’s simple but elegant. You can also choose to either have them double-printed or not. As compact and straightforward as its name suggests, this sign will stand firm on the spot you set it up and not get swayed by the strong winds or carried away by the rain.
    • Real estate quik sign  A-Frame- This type of A-frame sign is attention-grabbing and takes us little space. It is easy to set it up as it does not have tape or screws rather you just slide the sign in and out while the grabber hinges at the top can hold a rider sign. It is portable as it can be folded and be used outdoors and won’t splinter or rust. It’s a great investment for any real estate business.
    • Real estate post- Get your local neighborhood buzzing with your real estate post. They are very simple to install as all you have to do is stick them in the ground as they slide very easily. It is made out of lightweight material, therefore, making it portable. It’s a one-time investment as it can be carried from one area to another.

    How to order banners for real estate

    Your real estate banner search is over since 4OVER4 is here to make it happen for you. With 4OVER4, you can buy banners for real estate that are cheap and you can customize them to your liking. If you are looking for a realtor banner or a real estate banner, come and order them for as low as the price of $27.50 for one.
    You will have the option to decide whether to have them printed on both sides and if with the same image or different images. You can pick as many banners as you want and choose whether you want a rider sign included or not. You can get a free online proof before production so that you can be sure about the design. 4OVER4 also has blank print templates that you can use to design and customize all sorts of banners including a house for sale banner and when satisfied you can let them print it out for you.
    Remember, you get 4OVER4 rewards coins with every purchase you make. These coins will allow you to redeem free business cards, our print products, or even amazing gift cards from other stores. There’s great value in shopping at 4OVER4.