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    Table of contents
    • Large Format Printing

    • What is large format printing?

    • What are large format prints?

    • Where to get large format printing services

    • Where can I print a large poster?

    • How much does large format printing cost?

    • What is the best resolution for large format printing?

    • What DPI should be used for large prints?

    • Banners

    • Posters

    • Adhesive Vinyl

    • A-frame signs

    • Acrylic Prints

    • Floor Graphics

    • Aluminum Sign

    • Backlit Prints

    • Barricade Tapes

    • Canvas prints

    • Car Magnets

    • Coroplast signs

    • Decals

    • Foam core

    • Event Tents

    • LightBox

    • Mesh Banner

    • Parking signs

    • Window Vinyl

    • Wall graphics

    • Yard signs

    • Window clings

    • Table runner

    The Ultimate Guide to Large Format Printing

    Large Format Printing

    What is large format printing?

    In simple terms, large format printing is the printing of larger prints than the average size. It is a digital printing process, also known as wide-format printing that produces prints on a much bigger scale. Some companies define large format printing as the process of taking digitally generated artwork and printing it to large-sized substrates

    What are large format prints?

    Large-format prints are prints that are on a larger scale than average. We’ve all interacted with such prints. A good example is large format posters. The average poster is 18 x 24 inches in size. But with large format posters, the size starts from 27×40 inches.

    Large Format Poster

    Large Format Poster

    Where to get large format printing services

    Many print companies and even some local shops do sell large format prints. However, you need to be keen before settling on where you want to get it from. If you want a custom print then print companies are the best options. This is because you will be able to customize your message and the print will be unique.

    You will need to work with a company that has been doing large format printing for long enough to know their way around. A company that has a large array of paper options meaning you can always get the material you want. But above all, a company that offers you experts, who can guide you through your large format printing order is key.

    Do your research thoroughly!

    Where can I print a large poster?

    Get custom large posters from most print companies. Consider a company with a variety of paper types:

    • 10.4 mil Semi-Gloss
    • 10.4 mil Hi-Gloss
    • 32 # Bright White Uncoated
    • Matte Canvas
    • Gloss Canvas
    • 13oz. Smooth Blockout Vinyl
    • White Adhesive Backed Vinyl (permanent)
    • White Adhesive Backed Vinyl (removable)
    • 10 mil Backlit Film

    Also, time is key. It sucks to have to wait for your posters for a week or so. Let’s be honest, in business, time is critical. As a business, the faster you get your orders the better. And that’s why working with a print company that has the same day or 1-2 business days makes perfect sense.

    How much does large format printing cost?

    Large-format prints are many and different companies have different prices. This table shows different company prices for a minimum of one order.

    Posters (24 x 36) Banners (33 x 79) Aluminum Sign Stretched Canvas Print (24 x 36) Event Tents Floor Graphics
    4OVER4 $34.56 $95.00 $30.00 $142.56 $659 $29.00
    Mega Print $54.00 $199.00 x $155.00 x x
    SaveMor $39.52 $203.52 x x x x

    What is the best resolution for large format printing?

    Different large format prints have different resolutions. The resolution depends on the size and viewing distance. Primstech breaks it down to:

    Item Size Viewing Distance Resolution (dpi)


    4" x 6"




    8.5" x 11"




    36" x 48"

    60" (5ft)


    Transit Bus Shelter Ad

    47" x 68"

    82" (7ft)



    588" x 168"

    661" (51ft)



    576" x 120"

    588" (49ft)


    The regular standard large format print is 600 DPI for black and white images and 300 dpi for colored images. The only problem is that the image would be too big to be handled on a computer.

    The best way to go about it is to work with images that have high resolutions. Work with digital cameras as they can capture up to 24 million pixels which are quite high.

    There are several things to consider when it comes to resolution:

    • Image resolution- resolution is measured by the number of dots of ink that run along a single inch of a printed image. The more dots(pixels),the higher the quality of the photo.
    • Pixel dimension- this is the number of dots that comprise the width and height of any given image. The higher your dimensions are, the larger your image will be.
    • Pixel- Every digital image is composed of a grid of tens, hundreds, or thousands of square pixels, each containing a single hue/color. When a group of pixels are placed together and viewed at the right distance they give the appearance of a smooth, continuous image.

    What DPI should be used for large prints?

    DPI refers to the dot per inch. It measures the resolution of a printed image. The more the dpi the larger the image is and the better quality it is. 300 dpi is great for large format prints.

    Types of large format prints


    How much does a custom banner cost?

    Many print companies have different costs. The table shows different prices for different sizes for a minimum of one piece.

    33 x 79 47 x 85 59 x 85





    American Displays





    What are the types of banners out there?

    There are numerous types of banners.

    Indoor banners- just as the name suggests, the banners are used inside buildings. These are the banners you see as you maneuver your way inside a mall.The banners you get inside a store also fall within this category. Indoor banners mostly display the store motto, sale, occasion, or sometimes just a welcome message. They are captivating.

    Large Format Banner

    Large Format Banner

    Outdoor banners- these are perfect for advertising to larger crowds of people. They are mostly on sidewalks.A well thought outdoor banner is perfect for capturing the attention of onlookers. I know I get drawn in by certain banners. If a banner is attractive and catches my eye, I, more times than not either visit the store or take the contact information listed. Place them in strategic places that you are sure people will see. You can get a huge ROI with these banners.

    2 sided-block out banners- these are fantastic and utilize all the available spaces in the banner. You can print on both sides with different messages. It saves on space. Some companies offer weather-resistant banners that will be able to withstand any kind of weather. Which is a good value for your money, don’t you think? A simple tip is to keep the font style and color simple. Adding a call to action is also key.

    Mesh banners-with mesh banners, you will need to look out for one with perforated vinyl. The perforations allow the wind to go through without moving your banner around. Lighter than ever before, a high-quality mesh also decreases the overall weight making it easier to handle. You will need to use large fonts so that the banner can be seen from afar. They are an excellent idea for construction site banners and protective barriers for scaffolding.

    Fabric banners- Fabric banners are perfect for retail stores. They are an elegant way to promote your brand, advertise a sale, or decorate for a special event.

    Fabric Tube Displays- Fabric tube displays involve interlocking tube hardware that is lightweight and built for lightning quick setups, no tools necessary! Once the hardware is in place just slip the “pillow-case” stretch fabric graphic over the frame, then simply zip the graphic closed and the set-up is complete. They’ll add some class to your exhibit booth.

    Mini retractable banners- These banners add a WOW factor to your display. They are modern-style banners. They are mostly found in shows, trade conferences, retail spaces, restaurants, sign-ups and are placed strategically where everyone can see. They can be placed at the entry points, countertops, or register so that many people can notice them.

    Pole banners- It’s exactly as the name suggests. These are banners that are hanged on poles. They bring a great ROI to a business since they leverage the foot traffic. Pole banners create brand awareness, communicate special offers, and even direct customers to your business. They are above the crowd. Not too high that they can’t be read, but at the same time not too low that many people can’t see them. They have a perfect balance that helps everyone see what’s on them.

    Pre-designed banners- Pre-designed banners for work or home are a terrific solution for a multitude of events and celebrations. Pre-designed banners with beautiful graphics and popular phrases are just what small businesses, schools, charities, and families need to attract attention to their occasion or cause.

    Step and repeat banners- step and repeat banners are great for promoting your brand's logo and slogan for increased recognition. They also conveniently feature your social media profiles and contact information. For social occasions or non-profit organizations, these neatly designed banners let you affordably display your message.

    How do you fix a retractable banner stand?

    Hunker explains how you should go about setting up your retractable banner.

    • First, assemble the first two legs of your base. You can lay the banner stand carefully down on its side on a table. Leave the right-hand end of the cylinder slightly hanging off the edge.
    • Unscrew the cover plate and slowly turn the plate clockwise. Continue rolling until you have the stand completely rolled up tightly.
    • Roll the banner back up and pull the screen down again to check how well it works. If the spring is broken though, the screen will not roll up on its own.

    What should a banner include?

    Banners are great for advertising and marketing a business. So as with any other marketing medium, there are a few must-haves that should be included in banners.

    Company Logo and name- remember you are not only advertising to people who know you but also strangers. Having your name on the banner will create brand awareness and make you easily remembered. Have your name listed on the banner and your business logo.

    Your value proposition- what’s the unique thing about your banner? Why should people bother reading it? What are you offering that will draw them into your business? These are some of the things that you should consider in your message. Be creative and speak in a language that will draw more people in. You could say something like “50% off all summer”, or “free shipping”. That should be the first thing that should be visible on your banners so that people will want to read the rest.

    Call to action- after reading the banner, what should the people do? Should they visit your store? Go online to look up your business? Call you? Be direct on what it is people are supposed to do.

    Stunning Banner

    Stunning Banner

    Readable fonts- what’s the point of your banner if people can’t read it due to the size or font? Let it be easy to read and skim through.

    Graphics-graphics are more memorable and attention-grabbing than texts. Use a great combination of color and image that will blend well with your message. At the same time, balance out your graphics. They should not be cramped up. It’s not a must you incorporate graphics though. You can just stick to texts.


    How to design a poster

    According to research, there are a few ways to go about designing your poster:

    • Have your poster goal and target audience in mind. You should know what exactly your poster should do. Does it create brand awareness? Increase sales? Or generate buzz? Once you know that, then what type of people are you trying to attract? Have a persona set for the ideal type of person that the poster is intended for. This will help you write your poster in a language that your audience will be drawn to.
    • Determine the size you want. Do you want regular posters or large format posters? And why?
    • How to get the posters. This is crucial. You have to know if you want to use a print company to come up with your posters or you can do it yourself. You have to settle on which site you are comfortable with using like Canva, Piktochart, etc.
    • The shape. What shape will you want? There are rounded cornered posters that are elegant, there are circle posters that are eye-catchy and trendy. There are also regular-sized posters which are great. You can also get your posters die-cut to suit your intended message or business.
    • The fonts to use. Depending on your message and target audience, you might need certain fonts. Use fonts that are easy to read and appealing.
    • Pick your colors- colors are fantastic if blended well. Choose the right colors that go hand in hand with your brand. A company like Coke has mastered the art of colors that anywhere you see their posters you are sure it has the colors red, black, and white.

    What is the most popular poster size?

    The smallest popular-sized poster is 8.5cm x 11cm. It’s letter size. They are a great economic option if you want to get the word out about an event. They’re ideal for minimalist designs with few words in big, bold text. It’s also followed by a size 11cm x 17cm which is equally small. There is then a medium size 18cm x 24 cmwhich is the perfect size to promote a new item or event in your shop and fit perfectly in a shop window.

    What are the qualities of a good poster?

    • Great color- a good poster has well-blended colors throughout. The colors should be in unison.
    • Readable font- a great poster should be easy to read. Use font size and color that can be easily read by all types of people. Large Format Poster

      Large Format Poster

    • Appropriate size- depending on the purpose of the posters, use the correct size. Don’t go too overboard or too small.
    • Catchy title- the title will influence whether people will read the rest of the information or not. Use great titles that will motivate people to keep reading.
    • Relevant information- have all the necessary information listed like location and contact information.
    • Has contrast- use strong contrasts (e. g. light-dark or complementary contrasts) to make the poster more striking. However, an overload of contrasts should be avoided.
    • Color of the paper- use light, not very cloudy colors. For darker colors, the contrast should be considered.

    Adhesive Vinyl

    What is the best adhesive vinyl?




    Different types of vinyl are great for different occasions.

    • Clear adhesive vinyl- these are great for placing them on glass walls. With clear adhesive vinyl, you'll get a long-lasting communication asset to direct everyone's attention to that special promotion or discount sale day that you've carefully planned to boost your brand's earnings and awareness. It is long-lasting.
    • Dry erase adhesive vinyl- they are great and versatile. It’s a one-time investment. You can write and erase as many messages as you want. Dry erase vinyl is water-resistant, UV safe, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
    • Front etched vinyl- It provides a unique way to recreate the effect of etched glass wrapped in its custom printed frosted etched vinyl that elegantly replicates a frosted etched glass look. Suitable for point of purchase advertising, entry door branding, glass window branding as well as conference room privacy when a stylish look is needed.
    • White adhesive vinyl- they are striking and remarkable. These types of vinyl can be placed on windows to communicate a promotional message or seasonal sale.
    • Reflective adhesive vinyl- they are perfect for both day and night advertising. They have a high reflective display at night with little to no scattering of light.
    • Translucent adhesive vinyl- these types of adhesive adhere best to flat surfaces such as acrylic, glass, plexi, lexan in addition to other clear plastic materials. They make your promotional signage pop! Providing awesome image quality, this premium adhesive vinyl is specifically designed for backlit printing applications including, but not limited to, backlit graphics and sign face for backlit lightbox signs.

    How do you make adhesive vinyl stick better?

    According to Troubleshooting, If your tape is not picking up your vinyl, your tape is probably not sticky enough. For heavier vinyl types such as glitter and foils, you want to use a stronger adhesive to pick up the heavier materials and different textures. Remember, transfer tape can lose its stickiness as time passes. This also applies to those scraps of transfer tape we just cannot get rid of and keep reusing. After a while, it may not have as much stickiness as we need. Try a new piece.

    A-frame signs

    Where to get cheap A-frame signs

    You don’t have to rob a bank to get great quality A-frame signs. You can get A-frame signs from as low as $49!

    Let us look at the different signage A-frame sign prices for size 24*36.

    Company Prices







    Acrylic Prints

    What is the difference between acrylic and metal prints?

    Acrylic Print

    Acrylic Print

    Acrylic prints, according to Fotoviva, are bright and glossy looking, with light-reflecting through the acrylic sheet onto the image itself. They are made by printing the photographic image onto high-quality photo paper, which is then pressure-bonded to the back of a diamond polished acrylic sheet.

    Metal prints, on the other hand, are trendy, high definition art pieces made of a sleek metal panel, usually aluminum, layered with an image of your choosing.

    Some of their differences include:

    • Metal prints are more affordable than acrylic prints. Sometimes acrylic prints are thrice more expensive than metallic prints.
    • Acrylic prints can appear washed out compared to HD Metal Prints. This is because you have to look through the thick acrylic to see the paper print beneath. The HD Metal print has nothing interfering with its view, giving it a vibrant 3D appearance and superior quality.
    • You get more mounting options with acrylic prints than metal prints.

    How much are acrylic prints?

    Different companies have different prices.

    Minimum Quantity Size Price





    Poster Jack




    Acrylic Prints




    Are acrylic prints waterproof?

    Yes, they are. An acrylic print is waterproof because the prints are done directly onto the material and even when the paper is used, it is not laminated. It is mounted on the material, and a backing layer is placed on it, thus protecting the print itself.

    Floor Graphics

    How long do floor graphics last?

    According to Speedpro, indoor floor graphics typically last six months, and can often last for a year or more. Outdoor graphics generally need to be replaced after about three months.

    Floor Graphics

    Floor Graphics

    How do you apply floor graphics

    You start by ensuring the surface you are applying on is clean and dry. You can then position the panel on the floor. Apply a center hinge using tape. Avoid aligning the edges of the graphic on the grout lines of tile. If the edge is too close to the grout line, the material is more likely to lift at the edge.

    If possible, try to cut the graphic so the corners are rounded, which also decreases the likelihood that the graphic will lift at the edge. Starting with the tape, squeegee from the middle to one edge of the graphic. Then squeegee from the middle to the other edge.

    Using a slightly overlapping pattern continues to the end of the graphic. You can then remove the tape, fold back the other half of the graphic and remove its liner. Squeegee the other half of the graphic down using the same squeegee pattern.

    How do you remove floor graphics?

    Try to peel the majority of the decal from the floor. Ideally, you’ll be able to peel it off without hitting any resistance. At first, you can peel the decal with your fingers. A scraper may be used to lift the edge if needed.

    If the graphic isn’t peeling well and continuously tears, you can use a blow dryer to put some heat on the decal. The heat should loosen up the adhesive and allow you to pull the decal up easier. After you’ve removed the decal, clean up the floor to get rid of any residue left from the adhesive.

    For most surfaces, you can use a damp cloth dipped in soapy water to gently scrub the residue away. If the residue doesn’t come off easily, you can use more pressure, or you can dip the cloth in rubbing alcohol and resume scrubbing.

    Aluminum Sign

    Do aluminum signs rust?

    Aluminum as a metal does not rust. This goes to say your aluminum sign will not rust regardless of the weather. Aluminum signs can last up to 5 years while still in good condition. It is undoubtedly a good investment.

    Aluminum Sign

    Aluminum Sign

    Durable, weather-resistant, and rust-proof, custom aluminum signs are the perfect solution for all your business needs! Unfazed by rain, snow, or sunlight, our coveted metal signs for business are ideal for outdoor advertising, as well as indoor hanging signs because of their lightweight and ability to be printed on both sides.

    Where to get affordable aluminum sign

    You can get your aluminum signs from different print companies and shops near you. If you want a custom-designed sign, then print companies are the best option. You can get them from as low as $29.00. But above all, you will need to work with a company that has a team of experts that will guide you through your order. A company that will give you an aluminum sign that will serve you for as long as one year. Working with a great company will be the best investment you will make.

    Backlit Prints

    Backlit films

    Backlit films

    What is backlit printing?

    Backlit graphics are used for outside signage and highlighted promotions for events, products, and random outdoor advertising. Have you ever seen the banners that tend to have some light in them at night?

    It was always intriguing to me trying to figure out whether the letters had lights in them. But now I understand that printers use translucent film for backlit printing. The film is placed between two Plexiglass sheets in a lightbox. The light comes from illumination from behind. It puts the spotlight on your images.

    The life of the image is preserved for a long time by having it printed on the reverse side. Some companies like 4OVER4, Digital Printing UK use UV printing which strongly sticks the information on the films. You won’t need to laminate them. Experts at Digital Printing UK say that UV printing hardens the ink and protects it against damage.

    How do you use backlit film?

    These are good examples of places where backlit printing is used:

    • Airport signs
    • Movie Theater boxes
    • Menu displays
    • Bus Stops
    • Exhibits
    • Posters
    • Photos
    • Window presentations
    • Backlit graphics
    • Lobby focal points
    • Retail displays
    • Backlit exhibits
    • Colors used
    • Backlit lightboxes

    8 color eco-solvent inks can be used to produce vibrant, lively, and attractive prints that are water-proof and scratch-proof.These inks are vital because they can withstand direct UV sunlight for years.

    High-quality backlit prints should be as clearly visible during the day and night. The sun should accentuate the value of the displayed design.

    Advantages of backlit prints

    Detailed display of information

    Backlit film printing helps you specialize in bringing awareness to their subjects on both sides. Other display prints such as posters and banners can only allow a limited amount of information for the following reasons:

    -A crowded poster will not be an effective form of advertising. Because it violates design rules.

    -A poster or banner does not have expansive space to allow a lot of information.

    They are durable

    The special printing technology and techniques used produce high-quality translucent finishes. It withstands the harmful rays of the sun such that they don’t fade or change color. The quality allows the reflection of the sun to bring out the details better and more clearly.


    It is easy to assume that the backlit prints are expensive due to how they look. However, you need to measure the amount of information that you are able to pass across vs the cost. The detailed information that you include in the poster would not be possible in another large print such as a banner. And you get all that at the same price potentially.

    Aesthetically beautiful

    The light illuminates the well-designed contents of the backlit print.

    Standard Sizes

    The backlit prints can come in standard sizes such as 18”x 24”, 24” x 36”, 24” x 48”, 24”x 60”, 24” x 72”, 36” x 48”, 36” x 72” and 48” x 96”

    What is the difference between backlit and frontlit

    The major difference between front-lit banner materials and backlit films is quite negligible. In front-lit, the lights are usually at the front of the banner. The film is mostly opaque and thick. Like the backlit film, it has a soft delicate surface.

    Front-lit banners usually have either gloss or matte finishes. Similar to backlit prints too, they can be used both indoors or outdoors with ease as they are both scratch and water-resistant.

    Where to get backlit films

    These are some of the companies that offer backlit printing:

    • Digital Printing UK
    • Ultraflex Systems
    • Poster Print Shop
    • 4OVER4
    • Freedom Paper
    • SLB Printing

    Barricade Tapes

    Keep off barricade tape

    Keep off barricade tape

    What is barricade tape used for


    First things first, what is barricade tape? According to Wikipedia, it is brightly colored tape (often incorporating a two-tone pattern of alternating yellow-black or red-white stripes or the words “Caution” or “Danger” in prominent lettering). It is used to warn or alert the attention of passersby of an area or situation that has a probable hazard.

    In essence, barricade tapes are used to indicate warnings and manage access to worksites and hazardous areas to promote safety.

    They are non-adhesive, and their bright colors are meant to capture attention to prevent injuries or further damage to humans. Most commonly, the messages printed on the tapes are caution, lead hazard, and danger.

    The “Caution” tapes are mostly used to warn workers who work in hazardous areas. According to Creative Safety Supply, these are some of the common hazards that can happen at a workplace:

    Fall Protection- Simply means when there is an elevated risk of falling. The falling might occur from stairs, ledges, or slip and fall accidents.

    Respiratory Protection- This is when harmful chemicals or particles such as dust, powder, and so forth can cause damage to one’s respiratory system by inhaling them. Barricade tapes can help indicate caution of toxic places.

    Electrical wiring hitches- Sometimes when a building is being set up, the electrical wiring is not always perfectly fixed. The wiring might be left naked which can cause electrocution or even fires. Barricade tapes can be used to block those potentially dangerous areas.

    Confined work area hazard

    These are areas that are cramped and have little space. They are potentially very dangerous. Some areas are even legally defined as confined. These are some areas that can be defined as confined: mines or small crawl places.

    Falling objects- Common in warehouses, construction sites, mines, and others. Especially if the work is being performed on the ground level and upper floors. You will not fail to find falling objects that can cause debilitating injuries to workers.

    Some companies use barricade tapes to keep non-workers out of those dangerous sites.

    Other areas where barricade tapes are used:

    Law enforcement and emergency personnel- This the barricade tape majorly used by Police officers to barricade a place in case of a fire. Police use caution tape to control traffic.

    Crime scenes- As often seen in movies and television shows, forensics use barricade tape to cordon off a crime scene. The caution tape is meant to prevent tampering and protect the validity of the investigation.

    Where to get barricade tape

    • Sure-Foot Industries Corporation- Cleveland, OH
    • Ameripak- Lebanon, IN
    • Lancaster Packaging- Hudson, MA.
    • SC Fastening Systems- Macedonia, OH.
    • 4OVER4- New York, New York.

    Canvas prints


    What are canvas prints


    They are the results of an image printed on canvas that has been stretched or gallery-wrapped onto a frame and displayed. Canvas shop defines canvas as a plain, woven fabric. Its high durability was primarily used to make backpacks, tents, sails, marquees, and other items which were required to last long.

    Framed canvas prints in a house

    What are canvas prints used for


    1. Interior design- People use beautiful canvas designs to beautify their homes. Canvas paintings and photos are sold in art galleries. People use them to decorate retail outlets, commercial spaces, and more.

    2. Customized canvas prints- On a large scale, canvas prints are used to personalize the preferences of a customer. These days people have photos, paintings, drawings, and even sketches printed onto a canvas.

    3. Art galleries- Famous art galleries such as Gladstone Gallery and Gagosian Gallery canvas images of landscapes, skylines, famous people, or even personal stories.

    They also sell the work of famous artists such as Chris Ofili, Lisa Yuskavage, Neo Rauch, Matthew Barney and more.

    4. An alternative to framed artwork- Canvas prints are used as a cheaper alternative to the expensive framed artworks. Canvas prints are cheaper because there is no glazing. Glazing is a term used for a thin, transparent layer of paint, that is majorly used in oil painting and acrylics.

    Types of canvas prints

    • Framed canvas- These are images that have been printed on a canvas then enclosed within a wooden frame.
    • Personalized canvas prints- They are made from photographs or artworks which are often gifted to other people. They are used to frame memories and preserve them for future generations.
    • Single Panel- This canvas ensures that you have one image printed on a canvas print. When you choose a photo, the printer prints it on the canvas material.
    • Stock Images- It works very similarly to framed canvas prints.
    • Multi Panel - This one allows one to have split canvas printing. The photos are split into different sections followed by each section getting printed on canvas.

    What is the best website for canvas?


    If you want to find out more about canvas prints here are some of the most detailed websites that you can visit:

    • Canvaschamp
    • Yourstory
    • 4OVER4
    • Photographytalk
    • Canvashq

    Car Magnets

    Car Magnets

    A car magnet advertising a business

    A car magnet advertising a business

    What are canvas car magnets

    These are magnetic signs and a form of advertising that is affixed onto a car door for marketing purposes. The sign might have key information meant to raise awareness about a company or a product. Companies use them because cars regularly move around different places.

    And every time you pass a place, you will find different people. As a result, car magnets assure you of effective advertising because they reach a different audience each time.

    Do car magnets damage car paint

    Yes, they can.

    You need to ensure that you wipe off and blow out any dust that accumulates between the magnet and the car. If you don’t, it might increase the potential for the magnet to fly off the vehicle at higher speeds.

    Secondly, the dust particles or dirt can become highly abrasive. Then when trying to reposition the magnet it scratches or damages the paint. It can leave conspicuous scratch marks if you try to slide it or pull it.

    A car magnet can eat through the body paint on a vehicle if a metal reaction occurs. The reaction can be a result of moisture building up between the magnet and the metal.

    The process is slow but progressive if the magnets are never removed from the vehicle.

    If the magnet bonds to the car metal, it can also damage the paint severely. It occurs when condensation or moisture builds up between the car metal and the magnet. This consequently forms a strong bond.

    Removing this magnet can be a challenging process. If not done right, it can damage the car.

    The best and safest way to remove this is by lifting the corners of the magnet and using a heat gun to dry out the area under the magnet. As you remove, experts at Auto Blog say you can use an adhesive solvent to further weaken the bond

    How much does a car magnet cost

    Company Size Quantity Price


    9” X 9” (30mil thick)




    9” X 9”




    11.5” x 17.6”



    Are car magnets good for advertising

    Yes, they absolutely are. Car magnets are worth considering for advertising for the following reasons:

    • They are a cost-effective way of marketing that is a low-budget option to promote your brand.
    • They are durable without demanding a lot of maintenance.
    • You can easily customize them to your company and advertising needs.
    • They reach a wide range of customers on a consistent basis.

    How do I get a magnet off my car

    Removing this magnet can be a challenging process. If not done right, it can damage the car.

    The best and safest way to remove this is by lifting the corners of the magnet and using a heat gun to dry out the area under the magnet. As you remove, experts at Auto Blog say you can use an adhesive solvent to further weaken the bond.

    Peel off the magnet manually after the solvent has soaked into the magnet. Do this by wearing a pair of latex gloves.

    Apply steam to the magnet by using a steam cleaner. Steam breaks the bond between the magnet and the body of the vehicle.

    Wash your car after the magnet has been removed.

    Coroplast signs

    Coroplast sign

    Coroplast sign

    What are coroplast signs

    These are signage printed on printable corrugated plastic made of polypropylene. It’s a commonly used material for cheap and temporary outdoor signage. NGS Printing says that coroplast is constructed with two flat printable boards separated by perpendicular interior flutes that make it sturdy and thick.

    How long does coroplast last outside?

    There is a consensus among printing companies that coroplast signs last for two years.

    Where can I get an affordable coroplast sign

    • Sign Outfitters
    • Graphic impact
    • 4OVER4
    • Signs on the cheap
    • Primo Print
    • Print Dirt Cheap



    What is a decal?


    Sometimes referred to as a transfer. It’s a plastic, cloth, paper or ceramic substrate that has a pattern, image, color or graphic printed on it. The decal can be moved to another surface upon contact with the aid of heat or water.

    Decal is short for the word decalcomania according to Wikipedia.

    Where can I get custom decals?



    Custom decals are good for personalizing a person’s home, car, business, office, and so forth. Before you choose a decal you need to analyze the best types that fit your business needs and your design.

    Here are companies that sell customized decals

    • 4OVER4
    • Sticker Mule
    • Sticker You
    • Vista Print

    Are decals permanent?

    It depends on the material. Vinyl decals are permanent. They use strong adhesives. The adhesives create a strong bond with the surface. Since they are meant for the long haul, they are weatherproof, water, and fade resistant.

    Contrary to the above we have Pressure Sensitive decals. They peel off easily when pressure is applied. This makes them temporary and re-stickable.

    Are decals easy to remove?


    Yes, they are. If you are using pressure-sensitive stickers they will peel off easily. If they are permanent, use a sharp razor and start peeling off from the edges. You should use a hairdryer to heat it up. Heat weakens the bond.

    Alternatively, you can use acetone which is found in nail polish removers. The chemical solvent breaks the adhesive bond. Just soak a cloth in acetone so that it gets moderately wet. Ensure that it is not dripping.

    Lay the cloth on the adhesive glue on the vinyl and let it sit for an hour or two.

    How do you make a decal?

    • Prepare your design and print it
    • Apply vinyl laminate
    • Cut your vinyl decals
    • Now peel and place them

    Foam core

    Foam core

    Foam core

    What is foam core?

    This is a lightweight material that is used for mounting photographic prints, background for picture frames, and making scale models in painting.

    What is foam core used for?

    People majorly use them for mounting prints such as picture frames, photographs, presentations, and even paintings. In photography, they are used to create a lighter or a darker backdrop so that it can complement the photography.

    They are also used to produce architectural models, casting patterns, and prototyping small objects.

    What is the largest size foam board?

    According to Printmoz, the largest pure foam board is 50” x 100”. But also there are a special type of foam boards called Gatorboard whose size is 60” x 100”.

    What is the difference between a foam core and a foam board?

    The only difference between foam core and foam board is the name. They are practically the same thing. Because they both refer to a printing and display board that is made from a foam core between two sheets of paper.

    There is a difference however between a Gatorboard and a Foam board.

    Foam Board Gatorboard


    -Easily cut

    -Not scratch resistant. Should be therefore handled with care.

    -Used for temporary display products for conventions and events etc.

    - Very sturdy

    -Not easily cut

    -Scratch resistant

    -Used for permanent signage.

    Event Tents

    What is an event tent?

    Tents are meant for corporate events, parties where indoor space is not available. They are good for outdoors with the climate-controlled atmosphere of an indoor site according to The Eventu.

    Types of tents

    • Tension tents- They use perimeter and center poles for support. The tension from tie-downs keeps the roof in place.
    • Pole tents- They use poles to support their weight. The poles are usually located around the perimeter as well as the center. They cover large areas.
    • Frame tents- They use a tubular metal structure to support their canopies. They work without the support of the center poles, giving them much more flexibility.

    How much does an event tent cost?

    Company Dimensions Price

    American tent

    10 x 10



    10 X 10


    Parking signs

    People with disabilities parking sign

    People with disabilities parking sign


    Parking signs regulate parking spaces by giving directions with arrows. They pass you from one parking sign to another. The signs prevent confusion and traffic congestions in spaces.


    People install parking signs so that they can instruct people where they may or may not park their cars. The parking signs usually contain details such as individuals who are allowed to park in a certain space, people with disabilities, company executives, and more.

    What are the different parking signs available?

    Handicapped Parking Signs- This sign is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It requires that all facilities have special parking reserved for handicapped employees and customers. They should be located near the entrance of a building and where the ground is mostly level.

    You will recognize these parking spaces with noticeable wheelchair graphics.

    Types of parking signs

    • No Parking Sign- These parking signs indicate where parking is prohibited for different reasons. Restricted areas could be for emergency vehicles such as ambulances. Violating these restrictions attracts penalties which are usually indicated in the sign.
    • Permit parking sign- For example, companies designate parking for their employees. These parking signs specifically ensure particular individuals get a place to park. Companies and business establishments also issue such permits to their customers. These parking signs inform drivers of areas that require special passes. Sometimes it also includes the times in which the space is open for free parking or not.
    • Fire hydrant signs- They are a little similar to “No Parking” signs. No cars should be parked within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. The parking signs, which should be beyond 5 feet of the fire hydrant, indicate ‘No Parking’ to prevent vehicles from coming near the hydrant.

    It‘s paramount to make the information in the parking signs prominent. Because they are also regulated by federal laws. Violation of parking signs could incur exorbitant fines. Their prominence is intended to inform people so that they heed the warnings.

    Window Vinyl

    Vinyl Stickers

    Vinyl Stickers

    What are Window Vinyl?


    Window Vinyl are also referred to as window stickers/decals. They are high-quality materials with good quality printing options. The window decals are lettering, graphics, or images printed onto or cut out of self-adhesive material. Later on, they are fixed on windows or glass surfaces.

    There are several types of window decals:

    • Clear window decals
    • Vinyl lettering
    • Opaque window decals
    • Frosted window decals
    • Perforated window decals.

    They are designed to be fade and water-resistant. And all types are specially fortified to weather any extreme climatic conditions.

    Do Window Vinyl look cheap?


    No. Window Vinyl don’t look cheap for the following reasons:

    They can be used to brighten storefronts and car windows. Sometimes they look cheap but when you print colorful images on them the perception changes. People will pay more attention to the contents of the decals more than the material they are made of.

    Vinyl adds spice to plain windows. They transform windows into beautiful displays of color, art, graphics, or images. Their work is to boldly advertise your business while keeping onlookers' attention engaged

    Can you use removable vinyl on Windows?


    Absolutely. If you want to keep switching up the images to break the monotony, you should consider using removable vinyl.

    Vinyls and decals are usually meant for the long haul. This makes them permanent and therefore hard to remove. They may be permanent but that does not make them unremovable. There are two types of vinyl materials: Intermediate and High performance.

    The two have different adhesive qualities. The high-performance vinyl has an aggressive adhesive that is especially suited for rough, textured surfaces. On the other hand, the intermediate’s adhesive is a little moderate. It’s suited for smooth surfaces.

    How to remove them


    Pick any part of the vinyl. Use a razor blade and a squeegee to cut through the surface of the decal. Proceed to peel the material away slowly. You should also consider using a hairdryer that heats up the surface. The heat weakens the bond between the surface and the adhesive.

    When done use a mild cleaner to remove the residue left behind.

    What are the pros and cons of vinyl windows



    They capture the attention of onlookers.

    Fairly affordable

    Very durable. They can be applied and stay relevant for years.

    Can withstand harsh weather conditions. They are rain and sun-resistant.

    They give the flexibility of design. You can choose vinyl lettering, images, graphics, or even colors.


    They are permanent therefore removing them is a very delicate process.

    Due to the adhesive used, removing them can cause residue to remain.

    Monotony. You can have one decal for years which becomes monotonous for people.

    What is the difference between a window cling and a vinyl?

    Window Cling Vinyl Window

    -Temporary (short-term signage)

    -Easy to remove


    -Not as durable because they are meant for a short time.

    -Not weather-resistant

    -Relatively high maintenance.

    -Uses static electricity


    -Hard to remove

    -Not reusable




    -Low maintenance

    -Uses adhesive


    How long do vinyl windows last?

    According to Window World Colorado, the average shelf life of vinyl windows is 20-40 years. How long it will last is determined by the existing weather conditions that they are exposed to.

    If the windows are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, the bond breaks down faster. Consequently, the life span shortens to 20 years. But if the area has more shade, the vinyl will last longer. Similarly, if it rains regularly and it's wet and humid, the lifespan of the vinyl will reduce compared to a much drier place.

    Wall graphics

    Custom wall graphics

    Custom wall graphics

    What are wall graphics?


    Wall graphics are graphical decals that are applied on walls and other even and smooth surfaces. Adhesives are used to form a strong bond between the decals and the surfaces.

    You can find wall graphics in areas such as hallways, lobbies, conference rooms, break rooms, work areas, homes, and many other places. Offices are also incorporating wall decals to spice up the blank walls.

    People like using wall stickers because they add character to a place. Most especially when used in someone’s home.

    Where to get custom wall graphics


    Before you think about buying suitable wall graphics for your home or business, you should define what you want exactly. You should also know the various types of wall graphics.

    The following are the existing types of wall graphics:

    • Dry erase wall graphics (printed on 8mil low-tac white vinyl, additional dry erase clear film).
    • Aluminum wall graphics (outdoor use, sticks to brick, stucco, mortar).
    • Wall graphics (Can be permanent, repositionable, and have a non-adhesive back).


    Companies that you can buy custom wall graphics from are such as:

    • 4OVER4
    • Wall Monkeys
    • Blik Supergraphics
    • Wall Decal World

    Yard signs

    Custom yard signs

    They can also be referred to as lawn signs, bandit signs, placards, and road signs. These are small advertising signs that can be placed on a street-facing lawn or even a property. They are used to express political support for a politician, announce a sale or promote a business among many other uses.

    Where can I have my yard sign made?

    It majorly depends on the location and orientation of the yard sign you want the company to make. You should also take into consideration the message that you want to pass. Is it business or political etc?

    Companies that make yard signs:

    • 4OVER4
    • The UPS store
    • Color Copies USA
    • Vistaprint

    How do I waterproof my yard sign?

    • You can use clear packing tape to cover the sign. Wrap it around the sign-in horizontal or vertical motion.
    • Laminating film can also come in handy. However, you need to ensure that there is no open space left. It should be completely sealed all through.
    • Use water-resistant material such as vinyl.
    • You can have them printed with UV ink to further ensure they don’t fade.
    • Another hack is using weatherproof sealants. Paint is a weatherproof sealant that provides a protective coating against hail, rain, sun, and snow.
    • Use plexiglass to shield the sign within.

    Are yard signs effective for advertising?


    It depends. Yard signs are majorly used for real estate. The main reason is that they are placed in front of a property. They are also majorly used during political campaigns. People love expressing their support for a certain candidate using the yard signs.

    When it comes to business and products, however, they may not be as effective as posters or banners. Posters and banners have better designs and graphics so that they can capture attention and communicate effectively.

    What is a wind spinner sign?

    These are outdoor signs that spin and twist as the wind breezes or blows. They are used to advertise different businesses or products. Companies print specific messages on the designs. As the signs twist and spin they “shout” the message.

    How to make a wind spinner sign

    There is a difference between a wind spinner and a wind spinner sign. A wind spinner is made for recreation purposes and as a toy that children play with. The wind spinner sign is made by printing companies for businesses to conduct outdoor advertising.

    What are the different wind signs available?

    They are differentiated by weight, material, and shape in many instances. These are some of the available types:


    • Flag-shaped wind spinner signs
    • Rectangular wind spinner signs
    • Metallic wind spinner signs
    • Fiber-glass wind spinner signs

    Window clings

    Window clings

    Window clings

    What is a window cling?


    According to Foamcore print, a window cling is a high-quality material that is printed on glass without the use of adhesive like window decals. Many companies use static electricity technology for custom window clings.

    They are shaped according to the specifications of the printed advertisement. It takes less than a minute to install them.

    Can window clings go on either side of the window?


    Most vehicle clings are to be applied to the exterior. On the other hand, residential clings are applied inside a glass surface. Whether the cling will go inside or outside is determined by the side of the cling that will be adhered to the surface. Since many of these products come with manuals and instructions, you should check to see which side will be applied.

    Can you reuse window clings?



    Yes, you can reuse window clings that use gel. Gel window clings grab onto the surface of the glass. This feature helps them preserve their stickiness for a long while.

    But with decals that use adhesives, the stickiness is lost once the decal has been peeled off from the surface.

    How to remove them and apply them again
    • Remove the clings carefully from the window to avoid ripping them.
    • Rinse them with warm water to clean any dust or unwanted particles.
    • Let them dry completely.
    • Place the clings in plastic bags to prevent them from being moist.
    • The next time you want to use them, remove them carefully from the bag and apply them to the windows.

    Where to buy window clings


    These are some of the companies that sell window clings:

    • Amazon
    • Sticker genius
    • Sticker mule
    • 4OVER4
    • 48 hour print
    • Etsy

    Will window clings stick to metal or plastic?


    Yes. Remember how we talked about static electricity twice? Static electricity technology allows window clings to be applied on both metal and plastic surfaces. The static cling film is made of thin vinyl. This vinyl enables it to stick onto different surfaces no matter the texture.

    They can stick on smooth metal, textured, moderately rough, etc. Many people love to use them on both glass windows and doors. But their extraordinary feature allows them to adhere to metal.

    Being adhesive-free enables them to stick onto any surface. It makes them removable, reusable, and repositionable.

    Table runner

    Table runner

    Table runner

    What is a table runner?

    According to Etiquette Scholar, a table runner is a narrow length of cloth laid on top of table cloths or on a bare table. Table runners help dress a table, kitchen, or dining room table.

    What do you do with a table runner?

    Branding- A table runner is used to market a certain company especially during events. Companies print their logo and brand colors on them so that they can raise awareness about what they do.

    The table runner invites potential clients to your desk by capturing their attention. That is why it should be catchy and visually appealing to attract many customers.

    When prospects visit your desk during conferences, trade shows, job fairs, and seasonal events, your salespeople should give them all the information they need.

    Where to get affordable table runners


    These are the companies that sell affordable table runners:

    • 4OVER4
    • Banner Buzz
    • Best of Signs
    • Displays 2 GO


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