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Postcard Printing & Business Postcards Printing

Postcard Printing for Business and More

Get noticed with superior postcards that stick out in the mail. Leverage the curious appeal of printed postcards for business or personal purposes, at we offer postcard printing services including 14 popular sizes as well as custom sizing for those unique advertising campaigns. With specialty paper stocks beginning with 14pt Gloss Cover to elegant Metallic Pearl to papers made of 30% post consumer waste (PCW) for the environmentally conscious, as well as multiple shapes and finishes for unique results. Stop and take a look at your day's mail. How many postcards are in the pile? What companies sent them to you?

Are there any from your neighborhood pizza joint or salon? If you are like the rest of us, you probably receive at least one or two a day from local businesses and large corporations like banks or credit card companies trying to entice you with special offers. Although postcard printing has become a trend amongst hipsters announcing engagements, save-the-dates as well as the latest edition to the family, postcards continue to be a powerhouse marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Much more appealing than direct mailings stuffed in envelopes, custom postcards get noticed from a distance. Let's take a look at why postcards have become such an indispensable tool for most businesses, universities, hospitals and charitable organizations.

  • The fact is that, postcards get read! If people have to stop and tear open an envelope to get to an advertisement, chances are they will just throw it in the recycling bin without a second look. Customized postcards present your message front and center.
  • Consumers love postcards because the messages are short and to the point. Best of all, they are often used for announcing special offers with added coupons, so people are used to looking at both sides before making a decision to read or move on.
  • For brick and mortar businesses, tracking the success of your postcard printing campaign is simple. All you need to do is ask potential customers to bring in the postcard to receive a discount or other special offer. For example, cafes can promote a free cup of coffee with every purchase of their latest breakfast sandwich. For online businesses, a simple QR code or specific URL can do the same.
  • Custom printed postcards are much more than just an attractively stylized coupon, they are a vital communication tool. Businesses have been using custom postcards as a way of keeping in touch with existing clients as well as reaching out to those from their past. It is basically a nice way of saying 'we are still here and excited to work with you again'.
    Doctors use postcards as a tool for reminding patients their annual or bi-annual examination is due. Boutiques, restaurants and spas often use them to send out birthday wishes and a gift of 10% off the next visit for loyal customers. They are also a great way to simply say 'Thanks'.
  • There is nothing better for promoting a new product line or service than printed postcards. A printed postcard with a vibrant product image and well written copy go hand in hand.
  • Business logos and contact information are essential on any and all postcard printings. Although this may seem obvious, it is not uncommon to find businesses forgetting this very important detail.
  • Unlike personal correspondence, businesses will find that it is much more economical to print high volume customized postcards on offset versus digital printing.
    While it may not be your choice for printing birthday invitation postcards at low minimums, offset printing is perfect for mass promotional mailings as well as presentation folder inserts for trade shows. Best of all, the quality is by far more superior because it is run through the press several times.
  • We have said it before and we will say it again - proofread! Two sets (and even three) of eyes are better than one, so ask others to review your work before sending it out to your printer. We offer free proofs before you pay, so you get one last chance to make corrections before the printing presses warm up.

At the end of the day, no matter what industry you are in, postcard printing with custom images and original text has the best of both worlds. It is not only an effective marketing tool, it is also affordable and can have a long shelf life. A postcard with a discount offer that does not necessarily have an expiration date and one that welcomes a potentially new customer can last for years. If you need more reasons to order bulk postcard printing for your next ad campaign, call us at 718-932-2700, and we can help get you started. We also welcome your emails morning and night at Thanks for choosing!