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Custom Printing Bookmarks

Types of Custom Printing Bookmarks

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3D Lenticular Bookmarks
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Gloss Laminated Bookmarks
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Kraft Bookmarks
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Plastic Bookmarks
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Silk Laminated Bookmarks
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Velvet Laminated Bookmarks
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    Buyer's Manual

    Have you ever wondered why some people have dog-ear books when you can print bookmarks online? Well, you’re not alone because it is clear to see that there will always be two types of people in the world, those who use bookmarks and those who dog-ear their books. Custom printing bookmarks is one of the ways to show some care and attention to your books. Afterall, books are not meant to be caged and left alone but rather they’re meant to go out in the world and be loved as much as possible. This is why bookmarks are necessary as they help books remain readable for longer.


    For some people, books are like friends and it feels so weird to fold the corners of their pages to remember where you left off reading. It’s like breaking your friend’s little finger everytime you say good-bye. This is definitely not a kind thing to do. Custom printing bookmarks is the solution many people need as it saves so many book lovers from mutilating their books. For small businesses looking for perfect inexpensive souvenirs for their customers or staff, then bookmarks make a perfect choice. In addition,custom bookmark printing can have more than one purpose. Other bookmarks contain calendars, coupons, discounts and even quotations. They also serve as event tickets and giveaways.

    Use your own style: personalised printed bookmarks

    Get creative with custom bookmark printing and personalize them in order to reach a wider audience with your brand. Here a few ideas you can make use of:

    • Create calendars out of them: Every new year companies think of new ways to reach their target audience. Usually companies spend a good amount on printing big calendars which are rolled like scrolls and handed out during events. But what if you could use bookmarks to print little calendars? This will be a practical souvenir that customers wouldn’t mind spending their money on as they’re useful in their day to day life and thus you should consider selling them. Sometimes, it’s better to have a printed version of a calendar so that it’s easier to mark the special days one needs to remember.
    • Use them as coupons: In a digital world, it’s easy for customers to get bombarded with information online and to forget about what they see quickly. Print bookmarks online that you can use  as coupons and customers can refer to later. These are likely to be more effective in getting them to redeem the coupons. 
    • Use them for quotations: Bookmarks serve as a unique way of presenting quotations to your customers. Think of it as a pricelist that they carry around and subconsciously reminds them about your company. In fact, they’re more likely to come back and purchase from you because of this. There’s something about having a physical print out that makes a brand or name remain at the top of your mind daily because you see it every time.
    • Create event tickets: When you print bookmarks as event tickets then you’re halfway through the game in getting people to attend your events. This is because giving people something that’s functional and pretty to look at will more likely be used in their day to day life. In the process, it reinforces the message which is about the event. In fact, if you plan on having future events they’re more likely to remember your brand easily because the previous bookmark tickets already left an impression in their subconscious mind. 
    • Use them as giveaways: online printing bookmarks is a great way of getting bookmarks at a wholesale price as you can have them printed in bulk. As a business owner, you don’t want to go broke making giveaways when you’re looking for customers. Give bookmarks as giveaways and have your brand printed on either side or both sides of the bookmarks.
    • Business Cards - ​Be sure to include essential contact info such as phone number, website URL, and email address on the "business card." This way, prospects will know exactly how to reach you once they've been compelled by your marketing tool.
    • Catalogs - ​Next time you distribute your catalog, print a bookmark marking a product page. ​Not only do they highlight pages you want readers to view, ​they also provide added advertising and branding for your company. It's a win-win situation!
    • Achievement Prizes - ​Are you a teacher or a librarian? Create special bookmarks to motivate your students, encourage reading or use them as achievement prizes.
    • Party Invitations -​ Print bookmarks online that are beautifully designed and ask guests to "bookmark the date".

    Most popular types of custom bookmarks 

    • Standard bookmarks: Grab readers' attention every single time they sit down with their favorite book! These prints work great for all kinds of businesses, libraries, schools and community centers. Go for 4OVER4.COM's custom printing bookmarks services and get bookmarks that are made from sturdy cardstock and include front and back full color printing, with a high gloss UV coating for crisp colors and vibrant images. You can get them in 2” x 6”, 2” x 8” or custom sizes.
    • 3D lenticular bookmarks: 3D Lenticular bookmarks trap eyes and hearts with realistic 3D motion effects that mesmerize even the most skeptic mind. Merging two to four images in one these fun bookmarks are impossible to pass. With a 31pt thickness, these are perfect for branded gifts, event souvenirs, student rewards, trade shows, party favors and more.
    • Gloss laminated bookmarks: These are 16pt gloss laminated bookmarks that are slightly thicker than the 14pt ones. They have more rigidity preventing folds and creases. Colors appear extra vivid and  come with a reflective shine. 
    • Kraft bookmarks: Made from 18pt thick kraft, these bookmarks are made from 100% recycled kraft and can be printed in full color on one or both sides. Choose your ideal size between 2" x 6" or 2" x 8" and get them printed in 2 to 5 days. These are perfect for organic food or natural foods brands.
    • Plastic bookmarks: Our 20pt thick plastic bookmarks are perfect for school lesson plans; you can go straight to the week you’re on and not have to flip through any of the previous material to get there. They’re also more durable than paper so expect to have them for a long while. 
    • Silk laminated bookmarks: Silk laminated bookmarks are an excellent medium that offer that luxurious silky look and feel if you want a refined look for your brand. All you need to do is add your logo, a creative design and message and your recipients will be excited to use it every time they read a book.
    • Soft touch bookmarks: Soft touch bookmarks are an excellent medium that offer that luxurious soft look and feel if you want a refined image for your brand. Because of the luxurious feel to them, they can also be given out during special events such as birthdays or weddings.
    • Velvet laminated bookmarks: If you want to stand out from the crowd and send a luxurious vibe about your brand, then these bookmarks are perfect. They offer a soft, smooth, and velvety feel to them, unlike any other cardstock. They’re also known as suede bookmarks, as they have a suede-like feel to them. 

    Get your own custom bookmarks in bulk today! 

    Here at 4OVER4.COM, we're committed to excellence. We provide two proof options so if you’re looking for bookmarks for printing you will get free online proofs or next day hard copy proofs. We want you to love your print products! Once you've received your proof, our expert staff will wait for your approval prior to sending your project to print. With minimums as low as 50, these personalized print tools can be ready the same day. Not in a hurry? Choose our 3 business day print turnaround and have your custom bookmarks printing done in a short time!
    Remember, for every purchase you will get 4OVER4 rewards coins that you can use later to redeem free business cards, buy our print products or get amazing gift cards from other online stores.