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    Why Pin-Back Buttons Are a Huge Marketing Success

    Why Pin-Back Buttons Are a Huge Marketing Success

    buttons1Since the days of our founding fathers, pin-back buttons have remained as all American as apple pie. George Washington and his supporters wore his campaign button made of brass in 1789 which said: “long live the President”. In 1824 campaign buttons were widely used in the election of John Quincy Adams over Andrew Jackson, thus solidifying their role as effective marketing tools.

    As the years progressed, so did the advances in pin-back button production. The first campaign buttons to feature a picture of the candidates appeared in 1860 during the election of Abraham Lincoln. You could say it was the beginning of a new era of pin-back buttons which included photos and catchy slogans.

    The modern button most resembles those produced by Whitehead and Hoag, the oldest and largest button company of the early 20th century. In 1896, they patented the use of celluloid over an image to protect and maintain the vibrant colors of the button pins. This new technique made button printing cheaper and led to companies in the tobacco and candy industries using them in product promotion.

    The evolution of the pin-back button from advertising buttons to custom pin-back buttons promoting a cause came in the 60s and 70s.

    Anti-war buttons and those featuring the peace sign were all the rage and people began wearing them on their clothes to express their beliefs. This is still common today especially among college students around the world.

    With a staying power of over two centuries, it’s no wonder that advertising buttons are in high demand.  Let’s take a look at:

    5 reasons why pin-back buttons make excellent marketing tools. 

    1. Pins Travel, like news, Fast!  Pin-back buttons are the perfect size for pinning to your jacket or backpack.  Companies love to use them for marketing their brand because they are mini billboards being paraded through town by satisfied customers.  And people take them wherever they go on their backpacks, jackets and more! What’s a better consumer endorsement than that?
    1. Super Affordable!  Businesses big and small love to purchase pin-back buttons because they are inexpensive.  In fact, the more you buy the more money you save.  They are also popular with politicians and organizations fighting for a cause because you can hand out hundreds of them at rallies and stay in budget.  An economical choice that produces great results!
    1. They're fantastic Emotional Triggers! Ah, the memories…  Go through a keepsake box from high school or college and you will likely find a stack of buttons.  Pin-back buttons take us back to a simpler place in time.  Buttons hold the memories of our first rock concert, campaign election and our youthful passion for saving the whales.

    These days pin-back buttons can be custom printed to commemorate a birth, anniversary or class reunion.  Buttons have crossed over into the world of party favors as they continue to evolve.

    1. Timeless.  If you’ve ever had the pleasure of going to an antique show, you probably stumbled across some pin-back buttons from years past.  Collectors love to assemble a collection of buttons used in promoting products like cigarettes, cereals and gum.

    Today’s businesses still see the value in advertising their products with buttons because they are such high demand collectors’ items.  The more original and unique the artwork and catchphrase, the better the chances for your buttons to become a timeless piece of advertising history.

    1. Just plain FUN!  Let’s not beat around the bush, pin-back buttons have had such a long life because they are fun for young and old alike.  Whether you are advertising a fast-food chain, worthy cause, political candidate or poking fun at the human psyche, pin-back buttons make us smile.  They are the message boards of our soul, passions and zest for life.


    It’s our human nature to want to share our beliefs and passions with others.  Pin-back buttons allow us to do so in a fun way that is always sure to invite interesting conversation.

    What better way to advertise a product than with a piece of history that has captivated people for centuries.  Look for amazing quality pin-back buttons at WWW.4OVER4.COM and let us know how they worked out!