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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    Feb 16, 2021 Clap 2357 ViewCopy Link

    What is the Best Material for a Business Сard

    What is the Best Material for a Business Сard

    Are you, a brand or business owner, looking for a durable and sturdy option for your business card? Well, thick business cards are your perfect choice! Did you know that thicker cards, 32pt, have a longevity of more than twenty years?

    What is the best material for business cards? Well, be it plastic, matte or even velvet, your brand info must be seen! However, thick cards, almost the size of a credit card (so, thicker than your average cardstock) really do a great job.

    In addition, a high-quality glossy finish will have your brand’s design pop, relaying a superior impression. What are you waiting for! So start designing your catchy and heavy card today with 4OVER4’s extensive pool of templates.

    When we mention weight, it means the stiff nature as well as the thickness of a card used by your brand. It’s a measurement of how many hundredths of an inch thick, one single sheet of paper actually is.
    As far as these cards are concerned, thickness is noted by points. A point is the same as .001 or one-thousandth inches. A piece of paper that is 10 points can be considered to be 0.01 inches thick, a 20 point paper, 0.02 inches thick and the pattern continues. The higher the number of points go, the stiffer and thicker the piece of paper will be.
    Most preferably, printing of cards is done on 14 or 16pt stock. On the other hand, extra-thick cards are printed on 32pt or 18pt stock (sometimes it might be thicker). We know probably you might be thinking by now, what is the best material for business cards so as to implement using such thick options?

    Amongst a stack of diverse cards with nearly the same design, you as a business owner should include particular elements in your card’s design in so as to make it more eye-catching as well as easily noticeable to your potential clients and customers.
    Do you need to drive that great impression to your clients? Well, Ultra thick cards, which are more impressive & durable, visually deploy that desired great impression upon encounters.

    They communicate confidence in your brand’s product and service provision. Probably you now want the thickest of cards and are asking yourself, “what is the thickest business card stock? ”

    In comparison to cards which are less thick, thick cards, 30pt and above, are considered to be more rigid. This helps them to better withstand wear and tear over time.
    These are the particular cards which your brand or business needs to make a long lasting impression. Why? Because they tend to be more visually appealing, they feel better (due to their tactile advantage) and have long life spans.
    A fun fact to note however is that what we consider to be the most expensive card is the thickest of the business card stock. The thicker the card, the more pricey it becomes.

    Tips for ultra-thick business Cards

    Thick cards are excellent on the emphasis of stability as well as strength. They’re a common selection for a diverse pool of brands in different industries. Work with them if and only if:

    • Bold and minimalistic designs work best with this heavy-duty, thick stock.
    • You as a brand owner desire to have cards for your business fit in a standard card holder.

    To give you an insight on how to get the attention of clients using ultra thick cards, below are the things that you require to take into consideration when designing the card (Bearing in mind the influence of customer purchase options and durability).

    The material and paper thickness

    You may be asking yourself, what paper for business cards belonging to my brand?
    Paper is by far the most obvious material used to print and disburse cards for a business today. However, it is okay to use plastic. We at 4OVER4 have diverse options when it comes to paper thickness for brand cards.
    The thinnest piece is 12-pt. paper stock, and later on the size moves up to 14-pt., 16-pt. 20-pt., 22-pt., and eventually to 32-pt. Then to the jumbo size, 32-pt. Rest assured, thick brand cards are similarly 100% the thickness of a credit card.

    Depending on the prospective needs of your potential clients, your brand can choose between ultra thin to medium thickness cards. You can also stand out with 32-pt card options. See, it shouldn’t be so hard to decide what paper for business cards.

    The Finish

    When opting for super thick cards, a diverse range of finishes exist. First, there’s the uncoated 32-pt. Businesses that implement this have their cards feature a straightforward look.
    Second, if you desire your logo’s letters to stand out, let us implement a 32-pt solution for your card. To create a unique business card, a gold foil can be added to make the card stand out and look amazing. Consider this an accessory to the thickness
    Thirdly, if your brand or business wants a thick card, which is creatively designed and visually colorful, move with the painted edge feature.
    Due to the material’s thickness, the painted edges will have your card set apart from a set of medium-sized, plain in nature, cards.
    Apart from selecting a card stock and finish, you can also opt to have your brand’s cards printed on special paper. Similarly, we at 4OVER4 can or implement special laminations after printing your cards. Wonder no more on what paper for your business cards.
    Whichever option you take, is completely dependent on the impression you desire to make to your prospective clients and the design selected from our vast pool of custom templates.

    Below are two options you can choose from;

    • Soft-touch paper: A soft-touch finish changes your business card’s tactile touch and feel. It brings forth a velvety lamination as well as an extra level of protection. Soft-touch paper also gives your paper a very luxurious touch and feel. If you are on a quest to deliver a lasting impression, this is the way to go!
    • Plastic cards: Flexible or sturdy business cards made from high quality PVC material, known as ‘the indestructible business card’. Are durable to moisture, wear and tear. Plastic cards have a semi-gloss finish and also work best with colors that are bright.

    The overall design of the card

    To wrap up and deploy your card, brand owners still need to take into consideration the card’s overall design.
    Regardless of the number of super thick business cards your brand distributes, they can and will be regarded as ineffective promotional material if you don’t pay attention to the brand your brand creates.
    In the design of unique and thick business cards, ascertain that every component of the card, from the font used to the logo and the colors, all represent core values of your brand.

    Conclusively, these thick cards are bound to relay to clients, an impression that lasts, to your clients. Therefore, consider 4OVER4 in having them designed and printed for your brand!

    How to order

    Looking forward to impressing your clients? To order your set of thick cards for your business from 4OVER4, feel free to reach out to our website, select a properly fitting template from our vast pool of pre-developed templates, make it custom with your brand details and have proof sent that indeed the preferred template is what you want for your brand, at the most achievable price.
    We then do proper printing, giving you value for your bulk order! Looking forward to giving your clients that wow factor? Well, reach out to us and let us boost your reach and most importantly, sales!
    Remember, for every purchase you make, you will be rewarded with 4OVER4 rewards coins in your My Influence dashboard. My Influence Rewards is a one-of-a-kind Rewards Program that allows you to earn 4OVER4 rewards coins without spending a dime! You can redeem the coins for our products or services, 200 free business cards, or cool gift cards from other websites.