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    T-Shirts: A New Unique Tool to Enhance the Classroom

    T-Shirts: A New Unique Tool to Enhance the Classroom
    [caption id="attachment_7460" align="aligncenter" width="750"]T-shirts blog Browse our Custom Print T-Shirts Catalog[/caption] Nowadays “back to school” ads start in August, and students dread the arrival of September. More homework, less sleep, and a lot more stress have become the things associated with the first month of school, but what if there was a way to make heading back to school easier for students, teachers, and all faculty members? Although most people think that printing services stop at the basics, like business cards and postcards, new possibilities are created everyday. Of course, many of these seem nontraditional for the school environment, but one in particular may surprise you in its creativity, versatility, and style.

    T-Shirt Printing and School Pride

    According to, 80% of teachers said that wearing uniforms has promoted school pride and has created a sense of community, but of course not all schools have uniforms. One way to mimic these effects in these schools is to create a custom designed t-shirt that includes your school’s emblem. custom print tshirts Students always represent school spirit and pride, and sure pep rallies are a great way to get them excited, but wouldn’t it be great to have some kind of unifying factor that can bring all the students together? Our custom designed t-shirts are exactly the school print product that can accomplish this!

    How to Personalize Your T-Shirts

    With either a black or white base color, the designs are easily adjusted for any school logo, mascot, or unique design. Also, sizes ranging from S to XXL make these t-shirts perfect for the needs of a school and their students. In addition, you can also print on both sides of the shirts which adds an extra element of design freedom. You can put a school logo on the front and a mascot on the back to satisfy all your needs! Aside from wearing them to school, students are sure to wear these comfy t-shirts outside of the learning environment as well. Whether it be to a grocery store, movie theater, or a carnival, t-shirts act as mini billboards promoting your school and peaking people’s interest. This spreads the word about your school and allows for marketing beyond a simple word of mouth. t-shirts Also, similar to uniforms, t-shirts can promote more positive student behavior when functioning similarly to uniforms ( Feeling included and a part of the larger school community can make students less inclined to lash out. The best use of t-shirts is definitely when they are used in combination with other printing products. For example, banners and brochures are other great printing products that can be used for promoting school spirit and your school in general. Banners are a must for special school events like fundraisers, proms, and dances. And brochures can be given out at parent-teacher conferences, concerts, and PTA meetings. Don’t let the 2016-2017 school year be just like the rest! Stand out using’s custom printed t-shirts.