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    Personalized School Supplies Every Teen Needs in 2018

    Personalized School Supplies Every Teen Needs in 2018

    The summer holidays have come to an end and the time has come to start the new school year. It’s time to prepare for the new academic year and gather your personalized school supplies. School supplies play a huge role in showcasing a teenager's unique personality. It is a fact that you try to express your personal style by flaunting your school supplies. Have you ever tried personalizing your school supplies? It is one of the best ways to get noticed in the crowd and also make yourself stand out. 4Over4 is one of the best names online for personalizing school supplies.  Do you want to impress your classmates with the latest trends? Keep up-to-date with the latest finds and match them to your personal style with custom printed kids school supplies. You can stay ahead of the curve by knowing exactly what’s popular this year. Select what truly complements your own fashion sense and go for a unique approach. Affordable school prints are not only gorgeous but also practical.

    Your Personalized School Supplies Options

    One of the easiest ways to stand out and make your school supplies unique is personalization. We can help you out with this. We’ve searched the Web and come up with intriguing items that can be customized especially for you. Here are five custom printed school supplies for to wow your classmates with items you can't find anywhere else! Each of your school supplies reflect your personality when you opt for 4OVER4 custom printing service. Item #1: Spiral Notebook with Name Label Purchase a plain lined notebook, sketchbook or planner and attach a custom printed name label as magical as this one.  Add your homeroom number to the name label design in case you lose it. For high schoolers, now is the best time to begin establishing good habits for organization! Whether you’re in middle school or high school, staying on schedule is key to achieving success and building responsibility throughout life.  Item #2: Engraved Pencils Are you tired of using the same old boring yellow pencils that are so unattractive? Be the first student in your class to make an impression with cool school supplies. You can't find such an item anywhere else. This engraved white pencil with a minimalist look showcasing your name is the best accessory for the first day school and it's also chic and modern.  Item #3: Personal Stationery Even if personal stationery is not on your list, it’s something that you should definitely consider. If you are a teenager who struggles with writing, own a few personalized stationery with your name and personal style. It may help in completing a difficult task easily. Practice writing casually to pen pals, classmates or relatives and improve your writing skills in no time.   Item #4: Fur Backpack When you carry a trendy backpack to your first day of school, it makes a great impression. Show up to school with a backpack you can see in the image and some personal flair to leave your classmates speechless. This gorgeous pink fur backpack has no competition. It’s cute like a plushy animal with a huge dose of personality and the best part is you can take it to school with you every single day.  Item #5: Sports Water Bottle Do you play school sports? Whether you play soccer, football, volleyball or any other sport, stay hydrated with a custom imprinted sports bottle as eye-catching as this one. In order to drive school spirit at sporting events, we recommend personalizing your sports water bottle with your school mascot, school colors and school name. It is a great way to promote school pride and team spirit. 

    Get Yourself Noticed With Personalized School Supplies

    We hope this information comes in handy and that these one-of-a-kind school supplies impress all of your classmates. Keep in mind that being prepared is the first step to succeeding in school.  Are you ready to kick off the school year with these cool school supplies? They certainly add some excitement to the new school year and get you noticed amongst your peers.  Which of these ideas did you find the most interesting and why? Did we fail to mention anything? We’d love to hear your thoughts and insights. Please feel free to kindly leave a comment below. It will help us to work on our scope of improvement for better deliverables. Our team efficiently works to make your  school prints unique and attractive. Get affordable school prints with 4OVER4 printing services online from the comfort of your home. Don't forget to sign up to get 30% OFF on your first order with 4OVER4.COM! We can meet all your printing needs, including other larger prints, and provide professional prints with high quality materials.