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    13 Friday 13 Posters To Celebrate the Most Infamous Day Of All

    13 Friday 13 Posters To Celebrate the Most Infamous Day Of All

    The spookiest day of the week has arrived! And no, we’re not talking about Monday. We’re talking about the most dreaded coincidence for some: Friday 13th! Some people go as far as avoiding going out of the house on this date. We don’t know if you believe in superstitions but… let’s maybe not walk under staircases just in case. To commemorate this mysterious date, we went on to bring you our Top 13 of Friday 13th inspired posters: Remembering the most famous assassin in pop culture and star of the Friday 13th series: Jason Voorhees.

    1. Luca Zavattini’s illustration of Jason

    Friday 13 Poster

    2. A representation of visual effects by Martin Ekwe


    3. A cartoonish take on the world’s most famous assassin by Michael Anderson


    4. A Marathon Poster by Michael Angove


    5. Jason’s playful side by Nache Ramos


    6. Poster Printing turned interior decor by Constantine Georgiadis


    7. A Band Homage by Alejandro Diaz


    8. Bad Breath? Jason by Giannis Chatzichristou


    9. Movie Inspired Poster by Kristian Llana


    10. Even famous assassins accessorize…. with a… Panda? by Nicolas Castro


    11. Chuck Norris’ impact sees no occupational boundaries by Jose Saenz


    12. Who would’ve known Jason was such a Hello Kitty fan? by Francisco Del Valle


    13. Stay in School Kids! Just… Stay in School… by Maria Helena Alonso


    Happy Friday 13th!!! Do you have any illustrations you would like to share with us? Make your comments below!

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