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    Buyer's Manual

    Nothing says "I'm thinking of you" like a custom greeting card. They work well for business and personal purposes, letting important people in your life know they're on your mind during special times throughout the year. From funny to holiday, to creative and whimsical, 4OVER4 takes care of all your printing needs.

    Infuse your personality into each card. Whether it's a birthday or fundraising event, greeting card printing gets your message out to all the people on your list without going over budget. These custom prints can be used to expand your marketing tools. Show your customers just how much you appreciate them with a personalized message and throw inside a redeemable coupon or discount offer as a gift.

    Where greeting cards are used

    Greeting card printing services have remained popular over the years because people still appreciate traditional methods of showing appreciation and making an impression. You could use greeting cards for almost anything you like or are passionate about. Particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the products that have been used to promote the stay safe message is greeting cards. Use greeting cards to let people know that they’re in your thoughts and that you care about them. 

    • Birthdays: Custom greeting card printing comes handy because some of the best celebrations people have are birthdays. Growing a year older is a great milestone that deserves more than a text message or email of good wishes. Celebrate the lives of those you love with beautiful birthday cards that you can personalize with a picture of them, a message that is sincere or sincerely funny. Whatever your personality is you can buy cards for kids, for her, for him, and even for parents/ grandparents.
    • To say thank you: We’ve all heard the saying that it’s good manners to say ‘thank you’. Why not take it to the next level by creating a physical representation of it with a thank you card? Whether you want to appreciate your teacher, your wedding or birthday guests, sending a personalized and hand signed thank you card is one of the perfect ways to make an impression that lasts. 
    • Events & Occasions: Personalised greeting cards are great for weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and new baby celebrations. Send your best wishes with a custom made card that you can personalize with your own words or photos. 
    • Thoughts & Feelings: Surprise someone with a greeting card letting them know you’re thinking of them. Make it funny, make it thoughtful, add a note or add a photo. There are so many opportunities you should consider for greeting card printing. It could be to congratulate someone for a major achievement, wish quick recovery to a sick loved one, express love to your partner or friend, apologize for a mistake or let someone know you miss them. 
    • Holidays: Holidays are a big deal depending on your cultural or religious background. Some of the biggest holidays when custom greeting card printing becomes popular include Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Easter, Kwanzaa, Yom Kippur, and the 4th of July.

    Top 10  popular types of greeting cards

    • Standard greeting cards: These are the basic types of greeting cards commonly used for both business and personal use. Whether it's a birthday or fundraising event, standard greeting card printing gets your message out to all the people on your list without going over budget. There are multiple paper types to choose from that can be folded  and matching white envelopes to go with them.
    • Spot UV coated greeting cards: Make your cards look extra classy with a premium coating technique that will highlight a chosen spot on your printed pieces. The result? A shiny effect that will enhance the quality of your graphics. Silk Spot UV greeting card printing part of our fantastic finishes collection, a deluxe print service designed to bring any piece to the next level. You can add the binding of the superior effect to one or both sides of your cards, printed on thick 16pt cardstock.
    • Raised spot UV greeting cards: Made with a beautiful and protective velvet lamination, raised spot UV greeting cards are the next step in personal and professional greetings. Elegant and instantly attractive, the raised Spot UV finish makes your greeting card stand out from the pile. The delicate velvet feel contrasting with the glossy spot UV combined with the relief effect, make raised spot UV personalised greeting cards a one of a kind visual and tactile experience.
    • Raised foil greeting cards: Sophisticated, shiny and fun! Raised foil online greeting card printing is one of the holiday favorites, whether you're giving a tinsel-touch to your design or setting the tone for a glammed-out season breaker, nothing says quality and luxury like silver and gold. True artistry goes into each of our raised foil prints, which are scuff resistant and made with 16-point stock as a base, and with a 1.5mil soft velvet.
    • 3D lenticular greeting cards: 3D Lenticular custom greeting card printing is the truth as far as engaging a customer, friend and family member  is concerned and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. With our 2 decades worth of experience, we’ve been able to lead the pack in using 3D lenticular print technology. If you want to have your cards made by people who know exactly what they’re doing,  you’re in safe hands with us. The greeting cards are available with minimums as low as 50 on 31pt lenticular lens paper.
    • Kraft greeting cards: You’re going to pick up your mail, and therein is this very attractive and inviting and well wrapped mail. It is the creatively designed kraft greeting card. Its beauty is untold, it blows you away, we can almost feel the smile on your face and the joy in your heart. Kraft greeting cards say much more than the written message, they say that you also care about both their feelings and the environment.
    • Velvet laminated greeting cards: With greeting card printing services you can leave a lasting impression when you say hello with velvet greeting cards; and add luxury to even the most mundane season to stay in the memories of your recipients for a long time. Sophisticated, soft, superior quality, unique and elegant, you will have a 16 pt card stock with 1.5 mil velvet lamination that feels as good and luxurious as it looks.
    • Christmas cards: The festive season is one where everyone puts their best foot forward- whether it is sending pretty postcards or making unique cards to share with colleagues, family and friends. Spare some extra time to come up with unique print items like flyers and cards made with the Christmas season in mind because you are sure that they will be appreciated. Holiday cheer is a big deal and so with the countless options of what you can get and what you need to plan for, don't let it go to waste. Order a batch of pretty Christmas items to send to your employees and their families so that you foster a great relationship with them and have them smiling over the holidays.
    • Hanukkah greeting cards: Our custom greeting cards online for Hanukkah are a great way to connect with loved ones, near and far! Beautifully-designed cards showcasing heartfelt messages let your closest friends, family, colleagues and business associates know they're in your thoughts. Send touching correspondence in style with custom Hanukkah cards! With over 40 design templates to choose from in our custom greeting card printing service, you won’t miss at least one that you love. 
    • Thanksgiving cards: Thanksgiving is not only a great time to give thanks to friends and family, but also a time to stop and thank customers who have helped your business flourish. We have a wide selection of Thanksgiving Cards to choose from from our greeting card printing services. Make it personal! 4OVER4 allows you to write your own personalized greeting and give thanks to those who have given so much to you. If you would like to add a photo, just choose from our collection of photo cards and upload your image.

    How to  print your own greeting cards at 4OVER4

    Our coveted custom greeting card printing service is available in a broad range of sizes, paper stocks and finishes to suit every need and budget. Choose from our selection of festive templates and add personal touches for a truly inexpensive custom card. You may also upload your own design files. Choose from 2 popular sizes. Available in gloss cover, and white linen and 2 types of environmentally-friendly uncoated covers.

     For additional luxury, order high gloss UV coating to WOW recipients. Optional scoring and folding as well as matching white envelopes are available. You can also get full color printing on either one or both sides. With a 1 to 5 business day print turnaround time before shipping and low 25 minimums, what’s not to love? Remember, with every purchase you will receive 4OVER4 rewards coins that you can use to redeem free business cards, purchase our print products or get amazing gift cards from other stores.