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    Table of contents
    • When were stickers made?

    • What is the difference between labels and stickers?

    • How do I make my own labels?

    • What are the benefits of round stickers and labels?

    • How can custom stickers be beneficial for SMEs?

    • How can I prevent my stickers from wearing down or peeling off?

    • What are the six required elements of a product label?

    • How much do labels cost?

    • Where can I buy quality stickers?

    • Are stickers recyclable?

    • How do you re-label wine bottles?

    • How do you get labels off?

    • How do I make my own water bottle labels?

    • Where can I get personalized water bottle labels?

    • Why are warning labels needed

    • How to remove warning labels

    • What size are soap labels

    • What should I write on a soap label?

    • What is a clear label?

    • Can you print on clear labels?

    • How do I make my candle labels?

    • What should be on your candle label?

    • What is the purpose of food and beverage labels?

    • How many labels are in a roll?

    • What are kiss cut stickers?

    • Standard sticker circle size

    • What is the standard bumper sticker size?

    • What are the best bumper stickers for small businesses?

    • Conclusion

    • Resources

    The Ultimate Guide to Sticker & Label Printing

    When were stickers made?




    An example of Vintage labels that were used in the 1940s


    Stickers go back a long way.Historians say that some remnants were discovered by archaeologists in sites that date back to ancient Egypt.



    The debate rages on in the modern world over who should be credited for inventing the sticker.But Rowland Hill is one of the contenders for that title.In 1839 he invented an adhesive paper that was used as the first postage stamp.



    R Stanton Avery


    He was the founder and owner of Avery Labels.Many people argue that he should be credited with the invention of stickers and labels. It is said that in 1935 he invented the first self-adhesive label.He was also known by his nickname “Stan The Sticker Man”.

    Avery invented a die-cut labeling machine using a washing machine motor, parts of a sewing machine and a saber saw.Through this machine he made the first self-adhesive labels which were known as Avery labels.


    What makes the difference between the two?


    Hill’s and Avery’s inventions worked differently.For Hill, his paper was traditionally stuck to items using an adhesive.It could be glue, plaster or paste.Avery’s was different because his stickers were self-adhesive as those commonly used today.


    The self-adhesive stickers don’t require any additional adhesive so that they can be applied to surfaces.They come with a sheet covering the side with the adhesive which you peel off before you apply the sticker on the surface of your choice.


    The evolution of stickers over the decades

    Back then in the early and mid-1900s, stickers were made of normal paper.Nowadays, however, different materials like foil, vinyl, latex, paper, and plastic have become more popular.They also come in many sizes, colors, shapes and designs.


    The adhesive that is used has also changed over the years.It can determine whether the sticker will be temporary or permanent.The use of stickers has spread worldwide such that people in every country use stickers.This makes them some of the most universal and diverse products in the world.


    In the 1940s and 50s, the public started using stickers widely.Interestingly enough, at that same time there was a man called Forest Gill who is credited with creating the first bumper sticker.He combined self-adhesive paper and Day-Glo ink to make it happen.However, his stickers faded quickly due to the residue on the cars’ surface.


    A national advertising company partnered with him to create the first vinyl stickers with adhesive backs.These stickers would stick to cars without fading.

    What is the difference between labels and stickers?




    Roll stickers


    Stickers are made out of thick premium vinyl and are mainly used during promotions or in packaging.



    Labels, however, are made of a thinner film and are mostly used to brand food products because they peel off faster.



      Sticker Label
    Thickness 8.3 mils  
    Thickness with paper backing 15 mils  
    Adhesive Permanent Permanent



    Material Premium, thick vinyl BOPP Biaxally-oriented polypropylene
    Matte finish  
    Luster finish  



    How labels and stickers are similar



    • They are both sticky.
    • Often printed using similar equipment.
    • Both are often made from film material or durable vinyl and delivered on a paper backing to protect the adhesive.
    • They can come with either permanent or removable adhesive.


    How do I make my own labels?

    Using Ms Word

    • Go to Mailings and choose labels
    • Select options then choose a label vendor and product to use.Click OK.
    • If you don’t see your product number, select New Label and configure a custom label.
    • Type an address or other information in the Address box (text only).
    • To change the formatting, select the text, right-click, and make changes with Font or Paragraph.
    • Select OK.
    • Select Full page of the same label.
    • Select Print or New Document to edit, save and print later.

    Using Canva

    • If you are not a professional graphic designer you can use an online tool such as Canva.
    • Search for labels templates
    • Sort through the numerous templates they have and choose the one that pleases you the most.
    • Customize the label to your identity and liking.
    • Download the print as a PNG, PDF or JPG file.
    • You can now print it.

    What are the benefits of round stickers and labels?




    Premium stickers


    There is no specific benefit that is unique to round stickers and labels but here are some derivative advantages:



    1. Since the information is printed in a circular motion, visibility is clearer.
    2. They are eye-catching and attractive.
    3. They are cost-effective.
    4. They are also helpful in political campaigns.


    How can custom stickers be beneficial for SMEs?


    Stickers provide information- You can use stickers to give enough information about your business.They can be used to highlight a sale, advertise a location, launch a new product and so much more.



    Mobility- Stickers are very mobile.Especially bumper stickers.They open you up to a wide ever-changing audience thereby increasing your visibility.



    Versatility and multiple uses- Since stickers can assume many shapes and sizes, they therefore can be used as marketing tools to promote a business and create awareness.As such they can be applied to different surfaces such as windows, cars, doors, leaflets, brochures, flyers etc.



    They can act as business cards- When you go out to promote your business in trade shows and campaigns, stickers can help create a strong impression about your brand.Just ensure that they have a clear message and are creatively designed.



    They are affordable- Stickers are more convenient and cheaper than other forms of promotion.They make the work easier for your audience because they are not bulky.Therefore carrying them around is nothing near cumbersome.





    Die-cut stickers


    Can be both die-cut and kiss cut- Being able to assume a custom shape makes them attractive and irresistible.You can have them cut to the shape of your product e.g a burger, a pen, a football and others.



    Can be used as a long-term campaign strategy-You can have the same generic stickers for multiple campaigns.It will amplify the voice of your brand for the long haul.



    Call to action- Stickers are some of the best ways to get people to act.Use them as a direct call-to-action.


    How can I prevent my stickers from wearing down or peeling off?




    Cut-to-size labels


    • Ensure that you buy high quality stickers.Cheap stickers are made of cheap materials which are not designed to last.
    • Before you apply any stickers, wash surfaces and if need be, repaint them.Smoothen them to remove any dents.Ensure the paint dries completely and if you washed ensure there are no water residues.
    • Apply the sticker on a clean, smooth, rust-free, dry surface, even surface.Ensure that the temperatures are at room temperature so that they perform best.
    • Don’t expose the stickers to water or direct sunlight.


    What are the six required elements of a product label?

    Labeling is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration who mainly regulate the food industry.It is important to note that the FDA has so many regulations.Below is a summary of the guidelines provided on their website:

    The following elements must be present in a label unless the product is exempted by the FDA:

    • Statement of identity
    • Net weight of the product
    • The address of the manufacturer
    • Nutrition facts
    • Ingredients list


    If you are producing a single-ingredient product you don’t need to have an ingredients list.

    Nutrition labeling rules

    Nutrition labeling can be divided into three parts:

    • Serving size
    • Nutrients
    • Minerals and vitamins
    • Interestingly enough the FDA also requires the background and text colors to contrast sharply.This is to ensure that the information is visible and legible.

    How much do labels cost?


    Roll labels

    Labels Dimensions Quantity Paper Type Price
    Kiss-cut labels (Standard)- .5 Circle” 25 Standard uncoated label $19
    Any shape Kiss-cut labels 2” x 2” 25 Uncoated label $85
    Cut-to-size labels (Premium) 2” x 3.5” 25 Uncoated label $25
    Sticker sheets 5” x 7” 25 Uncoated label $165
    Roll labels 1” x 1” 100 White Gloss (Indoor) $234
    Custom shaped roll labels 1”x1” 250 White Gloss (Indoor) $243
    Standard jar labels .5” 25 Standard uncoated label $19
    Premium jar labels 3” x 5” 25 Uncoated label $21
    Roll jar labels 1” x 1” 100 White Gloss (Indoor) $238
    Round labels .5” Circle 25 Standard uncoated label $19
    Standard kids’ labels .5” Circle 25 Standard uncoated label $19
    Premium kids’ labels 3” x 5” 25 Uncoated label $21
    Roll Kids labels 1” x 1” 100 White Gloss (Indoor) $238

    Where can I buy quality stickers?




    Standard stickers

    In the first place what is a quality sticker?

    We first have to identify a genuine quality sticker because there are so many knock-offs and counterfeits.If you buy counterfeits you will end up missing value for money.When the stickers fade and tear off easily in a short time, you will have to buy additional ones and the cycle will recur.


    Here are things to look out for to identify quality stickers:



    1.       The material it’s made of.Commercial stickers are either made of vinyl or paper.Vinyl stickers are incredibly durable and don’t fade easily.That’s why you should use paper stickers for temporary projects such as time-bound promotions and marketing.Despite being made of paper, they also need a protective plastic layer to protect them from damage.


    2.       Legibility- According to Kelley Connect the quality of the sticker has a direct impact on its legibility and durability.Therefore stickers used as warning signs, or to give directions the image should have a clear image and legible text.If a sticker is not clear and visible, it’s not a quality sticker.

    3.       The quality of the adhesive.A sticker without a good quality adhesive is practically useless because it won’t stick for long.Pay attention to tack which refers to the stickiness of an adhesive over time.Permanent stickers usually have high long-term tack while removable stickers have low long-term tack.A high initial tack, however, is needed to adhere in the first place.

    There are different companies that sell quality stickers in the United States.You can have them printed  online or physically go to a company for your sticker needs.

    The following are a some of companies that sell stickers:


    • Moo
    • Sticker giant
    • 4OVER4
    • Sticker robot


    Are stickers recyclable?

    • Yes, they are. It depends on the material that they have been made from. Recyclable stickers are made from silicone-coated virgin paper liner. Another recyclable material is zero waste liner that is either 100% recyclable or curbside recyclable.
    • Kraft stickers which are made of 100% recyclable Kraft post-consumer paper and 90% post-consumer clear polyester facestock are also recyclable.
    • Other materials that are used for biodegradable stickers are
    • White, wood-free, elemental chlorine free, non-coated paper with a permanent acrylic adhesive.
    • 100% recycled paper materials.

    It’s important to note that vinyl stickers are not recyclable because they are made of non-biodegradable plastic.


    Wine labels





    Wine label

    How do you re-label wine bottles?

    • Buy a bottle of wine
    • Have your desired labels designed and printed.You can even do them yourself.
    • Remove the original wine label from its bottle.
    • Place the bottle on a place that it won’t roll over e.g repurposed shoe box or plastic wine rack, or wooden jig. You can also use your laps with the knees holding the bottle securely.
    • Flex the label gently until a seam opens at the back of the label.Peel the strip of protective backing away slowly.
    • Take hold of the label then align it horizontally to the bottle.
    • Apply the label to the bottle gently by pressing the back of the label, which is the sticky part, against the bottle. Remove the remainder of the protective backing and smoothen the label out from the middle to the edges.
    • Remove any air bubbles by flattening the label out from middle to the edges using your fingers.

    How do you get labels off?




    Premium labels


    Method 1


    Materials required: water, oxyclean or baking soda.

    There are two chemicals which can help you remove labels.They work by weakening the strength of the adhesive.Oxyclean or baking soda are powerful chemicals that will weaken the bond between the label and the bottle.

    Steps to follow:


    • Add a scoop of Oxyclean or 10 tablespoons of baking soda to a pool of water.
    • Stir the water vigorously and place the wine bottle in the water.
    • Soak the bottle for some time then remove it gently.
    • Peel the label away.If it doesn’t come off seamlessly, soak the bottle for an additional length of time.
    • Use a sponge to remove the remains then wash the bottle thoroughly to remove the washing solution completely.



    Method 2


    Materials required: Soap and water


    • In a bucket full of water, add a little soap or detergent.
    • Stir the water to dissolve the cleaning agent.
    • Soak your wine bottle in the water for 30-40 minutes.Ensure that the label you want to remove is completely submerged.
    • Scrape off the label once you remove the wine bottle from the water.If the label does not come off properly, you can use steel wool or a razor blade.
    • Remove the remaining adhesive residue by washing off the solution then dry it with a towel.



    Method 3



    Materials required: adhesive label lift, spoon or soft metal.


    This method is recommended for people who want to keep the label stored because it has some sentimental value.



    • Peel the paper backing off from the lift and place the adhesive sheet onto the bottle seamlessly.Remove any air bubble that might arise.
    • Rub over the lift  with a spoon or soft metal so that you press the adhesive evenly onto the label.
    • Start peeling the label off once the lift covers the label completely in a very gentle style.The label will come off easily.
    • Once you have the label, press the back onto the paper backing that came with the lift to protect it.



    Water bottle labels





    Premium water labels

    How do I make my own water bottle labels?

    • If you are not a professional graphic designer you can use an online tool such as Canva.
    • Search for water labels templates.
    • Sort through the numerous templates they have available.Choose the one that pleases you the most.
    • Customize the water label to your identity and liking.
    • Download the print as a PNG, PDF or JPG file.
    • You can print it out.

    Where can I get personalized water bottle labels?

    • 4OVER4
    • Bottle Your Brand
    • Amazon
    • Alexa Springs
    • Personalized water bottles
    • Water Depot

    Warning Labels

    Why are warning labels needed


    Warning labels are essential for different reasons.

    • They act as a caution- warning labels are used to show people if an area or product is dangerous so that they can be careful or handle it with care.A good example of  warning labels that help prevent harm is allergy labels as they help people know beforehand the dangers of consuming or using a particular product.They help customers decide on whether to use the product having the risks in mind or completely avoid it.
    • People's well-being- warning labels help people avoid injuries.Imagine being hurt or injured in a store due to something that could have been avoided by a warning label.I bet you will develop a negative perspective towards the brand.You also don’t want your business to be the one that customers have a bad experience in.
    • They help a business avoid problems with the law- according to For People For Justice, not having Warning Labels on Products Can Lead to a Failure to Warn Lawsuit.You don’t want to spend your time and money in court pleading your case for something you could easily avoid.For instance, if a customer falls and gets injured at your store, they might want to sue you but they won't have the grounds to do so if you had a sign with the 'slippery floor' warning label displayed.
    • They show you abide by the set government regulations- the government has staunch laws on having warning labels to prevent hazards and safeguard people’s health.If a business does not comply, it may be forced to shut down.

    How to remove warning labels

    Depending on where the label has been placed, there are different ways to remove it.For product warning labels, you can just peel them off but some leave a residue which you can remove by soaking a cotton ball in alcohol then rubbing it off.

    Soap Labels

    What size are soap labels


    There is no specific size that soap labels should be.It all depends on how big your soap is and the information you include.You can have a small label that is 1 x 1 inches or have one as big as 14 x 17.





    Custom Soap Label

    What should I write on a soap label?

    There is a lot of information that can be included in a soap label.

    • Soap name- what is your product called? This will help create brand awareness for your business and also help customers know what to ask for when they go shopping.When it comes to the name, let it automatically reflect what type of soap it is.For example, instead of having, ‘Cherry Soap’ as the product name, how about having something like ‘Cherry hair soap’.This will help people know at first glance what your soap is for and spark interest.
    • Ingredients used- it is vital to let customers know what you used to make your soap.This is because some ingredients you use may be harmful to people’s health or give them an allergic reaction.You can also state the net contents of your products.These are the measurements you used to create the product, eg 10 milliliters of animal fat.
    • How and when to use your product- not everybody knows when your soap should be used.Things like how to use it in terms of amount and how to apply it.Different soaps require different practices and listing them down will help customers enjoy your soap to the fullest.
    • Contact Information- what happens when someone wants to restock your soap and can’t find it at their local store? How will they reach you? If they need any clarification, where can they contact you? Always include ways you can interact with you directly.

    Clear Labels

    What is a clear label?

    Clear labels, just like the name suggests, are labels that are transparent and have easy-to-read text.These types of labels are oil and water-resistant which makes them best to use on products like body lotions, face oils, etc since they won’t easily peel off compared to other types of labels.

    Can you print on clear labels?

    Yes, you can.You just have to use adhesive label material coated especially for either laser printing or inkjet printing.


    Clear Jar Labels

    Candle Labels

    How do I make my candle labels?

    Making your candle label is an easy process.You can start by looking for free candle label templates that you can manipulate to your liking. The free templates are adjustable and will help give an idea of how your design should look.After you’re done you could ask a print company to print it out for you.

    What should be on your candle label?


    There are various things to include on any candle label .





    Custom Candle Labels


    • Candle name- This is the first thing that should always be included.Lacking a candle name throws your product off.A candle name acts like the headline of your product.This means it should be conspicuous and easy to read.If you have a company logo be sure to include it on the label.
    • Contact information- Many people tend to leave out the means through which customers can reach out in case they need certain clarifications.There is only so much you can put on a label about your products, that's why leaving your contact information is crucial.You can leave your number, email address, and website if you have one.
    • Ingredients used- Let customers know the type of wax you have used and the amount used.This will help avoid confusion in case of allergies and other side effects your candle may have on its consumers. 
    • Candle scent- There is nothing worse than making consumers second guess whether to purchase your product because you’ve failed to indicate the scent.Candles are sensitive and different people enjoy different scents.Indicating your candles’ scent can boost your sales.
    • Burn time- As much as many people think indicating your candles burn time is a risky move, it’s not.A customer should know how long the candle will last so they don’t  get disappointed if it doesn’t last as long as she/he thought.


    Beverage Labels

    What is the purpose of food and beverage labels?


    Adding food or beverage labels is important because they:



    • Help show the ingredients used in a product and their nutritional value- Showcasing the products used in making the product will help customers know whether or not to purchase your products.This is because some of the products you used might cause allergies to them.Also, as more and more people are opting for healthier food options, they are choosing not to consume certain products because of the ingredients used.





    Food Labels


    • Make your product stand out- You can use food and beverage labels to push your brand further.Having them customized will promote brand recognition and help consumers identify your products easily from a pile.The labels will encourage potential buyers to purchase your products.
    • Help customers know how to use your products- If, for example, you sell food ingredients, you may need to add a label that will let people know when and how they are supposed to be used.This will offer clarity to consumers and avoid confusion.





    Attractive Beverage Labels

    Roll Labels

    How many labels are in a roll?

    The size of the roll determines how many labels you get.You can get a roll that fits only 50 labels or a roll that fits 5000 labels. Different companies provide different roll sizes so be sure to consult before going ahead with the printing.


    Different Size Roll Labels

    Kiss-cut Stickers

    What are kiss cut stickers?

    Kiss cut stickers are stickers cut in any shape that have the vinyl part cut but the adhesive backing is intact.Kiss cut stickers normally have a square backing that is bigger than the sticker design and is easy to peel.


    Round Kiss-Cut Stickers

    Standard Stickers

    Standard sticker circle size


    Different shapes of stickers have different sizes.For circle stickers, they’re usually 3 x 3 inches in size but you can get really small stickers that are 1.5 x 1.5 inches in size.



    Standard Circle Sticker

    Bumper stickers

    What is the standard bumper sticker size?

    The average size of a rectangular bumper sticker is normally 3 x 11 and for oval bumper stickers it is 6 x 4 inches.


    Custom Bumper Sticker

    What are the best bumper stickers for small businesses?

    Any bumper sticker is great as long as it has the following details.

    • Business name- If you don’t put a business name on your bumper sticker then it’s not serving its purpose.Having your business name will spread awareness about your brand.
    • Clear message- I agree that you can’t fit a lot of information on bumper stickers; there is only so much you can write.In fact, with bumper stickers, the less information the better.Make it brief and clear.Ensure that what you have written is the intended goal for the sticker.If you are into flipping houses, just write ‘House flipping services’.Something concise and easy to understand.
    • Contact information- Remember you are marketing yourself to people who don’t know you.Providing your contact information will be a way for people to easily reach out to you if they are interested in your service.
    • Location- Where can customers find you if they need your services? Have it properly displayed.
    • Contrasting colors- The color of your bumper sticker should not be the same as your car.This is because you need it to be conspicuous so that many people can take notice of it and be able to read the information you have provided.


    Apart from the fact stickers and labels help you avoid any lawsuits, they are also helpful for your brand. They help create brand awareness and let customers remember or spot your company products from afar.

    For your stickers and labels to be effective, they need to be well branded to reflect best on your company. You also need to get them in the best quality so that your products can appear to be valuable.Work with a company that has excellent customer service, a team of experts that will help you all through the ordering process, and that offers different stickers and labels at a budget friendly price.


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